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#1170743 After many years, I'm back! :-)

Posted by ArchangelOfTheLamb on 26 March 2016 - 04:20 PM

Hey everyone - some of the longer-term members may remember me from a few years back as Emperor_Matej_I. Due to a number of factors, I haven't been online much lately and certainly haven't visited At0mic for a few years.


Those of you who know me may be aware that I was practising as a solicitor in Canberra. Although I initially loved the work, a number of stressors arose last year which put me off the job. The crux of my job dissatisfaction is that lawyering involves dealing with a lot of negative emotions and negative people. Most of my work involved dealing with people who were going through difficult circumstances - they didn't call or visit when things were going well, but rather when there was a big legal mess for me to clean up. This took a significant toll on my mental health - I became very depressed and my anxiety levels were worse than when I was going through university exams.


My situation was not helped by the fact that I separated from my partner of 5.5 years. I had invested heavily in this relationship and not just financially. I looked after my partner and supported us both when he was diagnosed with cancer - this included spending about a month in Sydney whilst he was in hospital after major surgery and being the sole breadwinner for about two years whilst he recovered sufficiently to be able to work again. This relationship ended somewhat acrimoniously and my partner told me that he didn't love me for about the last three years of the relationship and that rather, he stayed with me because he needed a place to stay. Not only did this make me very angry, but it crushed my self-esteem and made me even more depressed. After the breakup, I realised that my ex had been even more manipulative and emotionally abusive during our relationship - I only knew about the tip of the iceberg due to his deceitfulness. I broke up with him on 13 February 2015 and I haven't really looked back since. I'm still single and will happily remain thus until I find someone that I can fully trust and that won't abuse me.


I started my own business (as a solicitor practising alone) late last year, mostly for lifestyle reasons so that I could have more control over my working hours. Although things started picking up earlier this year, I nevertheless became disillusioned with the law and the legal system generally. I saw first-hand the effect that the legal system had on many people who participated in it and just how much the law often destroyed lives. Furthermore, through my time in practice, I realised just how stupid many of our laws were and just how fundamentally flawed the entire system was. Running my own practice was a bit of a rollercoaster ride that brought me into contact with the good, the bad and the ugly throughout Canberra. It was a great learning experience, but it ultimately showed me that litigious legal practice is not for me. It is far too negative and far too dirty for my liking.


Furthermore, due to my mental health issues, my well-being spiralled downwards from last year onwards. I battled with depression, anxiety, psychotic episodes, paranoia, addiction and severe trust issues. I have been lied to, robbed and used too many times to count and as a result, I am very much down-and-out at the moment financially and materially. I basically have to start over from zero to rebuild my life. Nonetheless, I'm definitely on the mend and feeling a million times better than a few months ago. I recently read a book on mindfulness and living in the present which greatly helped my mental health recovery. I've also found God and have been re-reading the Bible. Many of you would remember me as a demon child that hated religion, but reading the Bible again after having the life experiences that I have now caused me to reconnect with the faith that I'd lost throughout my life.


Finally, I've decided to change careers and move into something a little bit more constructive. As such, I've enrolled in an IT certificate and am hoping to get into programming and software development. This has always been an interest in mine, but it's one that I neglected whilst I was with my ex because of the teasing I would cop when I did anything fun involving computers. That's why I've decided to create a new At0mic account and get back onto the forums. I've noticed a number of names that I remember and I'm glad to see that many of the old-timers in the community are still around. I hope you've all been doing well and that I'll be in touch more now that I've started getting my life back on track!



#1163350 Attacks in Paris

Posted by SquallStrife on 14 November 2015 - 01:07 PM

Codecreeper, for the love of god, please stop relying on Facebook as a news source.

#1165415 What's on your mind?

Posted by .:Cyb3rGlitch:. on 22 December 2015 - 07:08 PM

Management gave me an early Christmas present today in the form of a promotion! :)

#1160846 ABC

Posted by aliali on 21 September 2015 - 07:01 PM

Yep and all the roads should be sold as why should I pay taxes for all those roads I don't use. Same for all the hospitals I don't use and every other government service or GBE I do not make use of.

#1146325 What's on your mind?

Posted by komuso on 04 December 2014 - 11:01 AM

Just got an email of acceptance to do a PhD at Melbourne University. Now waiting on scholarship confirmation to see if I can put a cake under the cherry

#1152700 Finland considers abandoning subject based eduation

Posted by .:Cyb3rGlitch:. on 23 March 2015 - 01:17 PM

I like this. Learning isn't about exams and checking off dot points in a curriculum, it's about fostering the desire to understand more about the world/universe around us. Once you've inspired someone to learn, exams no longer matter, minimum schooling no longer matters, and highly structured subjects make no sense. I hate the idea that exams are "good" because they teach you how to deal with stress. What nonsense, and a kick in the head to those with anxiety problems. My job is nowhere near as stressful as any major exam that I've ever taken, and my skills were not in any way improved by all the stress.

#1151617 What's on your mind?

Posted by Cybes on 05 March 2015 - 09:00 AM

Had a bad night last night woke with stabbing pains in my chest ,so i had to walk around a bit. Neck is a bit tender this morning. Living with my elderly Father i try not to tell him what is happening. GP says it could be a neuralgia or even partially blocked artery.
Hate hospitals and seeing doctors this is why i will not seek help.

... Grow the fuck up.

No, seriously, grow up. "I hate hospitals" You fucking CHILD! Being an adult involves doing many things you don't like doing, because they have desirable outcomes beyond the momentary inconvenience. Think I *wanted* to spend more than a year (on and off) in wards filled with dying people? No! But I did, because that's where I could get treatment that might let me live a bit longer.

Now, I don't give much of a hoot one way or another whether you want to live or die - that's your decision. But you don't get to complain about dying if you choose not to try to avoid it.

#1151526 This week I went solar :)

Posted by g__day on 03 March 2015 - 11:15 PM

About two weeks ago my eldest son asked a simple question "Dad - why don't we go solar?".  Talk about an idea whose time had come.  We weren't financed nicely when the solar wave first broke - and you could spend $24K for a 3kilo Watt system that guaranteed your a 0.66 cents feed in from the grid for every kilowatt hour (kWh) produced.  It was an idea that has been at the back of my mind for some time now - but I had done no research on it.  But having three teenagers our annual electricity bill is around $3,600.  So I thought why not indeed?


I googled a bit and found the idiots guide to and how to get decent quotes and read Whirlpool's Green forum and came to a very interesting realisation - now's a great time.  My research basically showed electricity costs have pretty much quintupled whist solar cost had gone down by a factor of three, whilst capability and energy management systems had pretty much arrived.  This is the short story of how in two weeks we sized, selected and implemented a 4.94kW system that is monitors energy provision and you can browse the web any time to see how your house, or thousands of people all over the world are producing in real time.


The biggest learnings I got where


  1. There are a handful of tier one solar cells (Trina from China and Q-Cell from Germany) seem to be the best
  2. Inverter selection is critical - you feed all the solar panels arranged in identical rows (called strings) into one big, unintelligent inverter that will die in around 8 years or you go with intelligent, programmable micro-inverters that allow amazing flexibility but cost more
  3. You plan your system to cover your average Summer day time load (for me around 30 kWh)
  4. You consider a system that you can add battery storage to to better manage peak versus average day time load
  5. You reality check that you can consume at least 70% of the energy you produce rather than over produce and feed it to the grid for a pittance of a pay back rate.
  6. You select an energy monitor that displays not only what you produce but what you consume
  7. You seek to implement a solution with a four to six year payback over a likely twenty five year life (meaning it should save you tens of thousands of dollars)!

The first week was spend modelling how large a system we wanted, and coming to the realisation it should offset our minute by minute day time electricity consumption.  So after reviewing a few quarters of energy bills I was able to reasonably determine how much we use each day.  Next it was understand the tariff system - I am with AGL so it costs me 55 cents for peak power, 23 cents for shoulder and 11 cents for off peak.  I can earn a measly 8 cents for power we feed into the grid - even at peak times! This means you size your average hourly peak load, then double it to allow for semi-sunny days.


I did all this and arrived at 5 kW - which every quote I got confirmed my analysis.  But the biggest realisation on gear came from just how impressive a micro-inverter solution is and how intelligent they are, and how future ready they turn out to be.  A micro inverter is simple a small programmable inverter that sits at the back of each solar cells and is constantly talking to a gateway controller and from there to the web.  Enphase have a huge lead in this market and a stellar reputation.  It brought my costs up from around $7,500 to $8,700 - but it dramatically increases the life time value of my system.  Micro inverters have a few very cool advantages:


  1. There mean time between failure is 129 years
  2. If a micro fails the rest of the system performs unaffected
  3. If a cell with a micro under performs - the rest of the array is unaffected.  With string / central inverters if a single cell in a row under performs the whole row performs down to the level of the worst cell (shading one cell drops the whole string by this amount)
  4. If a micro performs out of specs it will generate alerts in real time - and your energy installer will notify you before you realise an issue is even begining
  5. Micro designs allow for any size, number and random type of cells to be placed anywhere on your roof
  6. Micro's are constantly tracked and reported for all systems installed world wide - they individually report to a gateway controller and you can use any smart device with a browser to see you energy creation history in real time.
  7. Micros only run low voltage (30 - 38 volt) current across your roof to the fuse box.
  8. Micros allow for later addition of battery storage (in pilot now and coming out later this year).

So I got three quotes for a 19 Trina cell (260W) M250 Micro-inverter second story roof install on a tile roof, with 7 cells placed facing North and 12 cells facing West.  North facing cells produce more energy during the day, West facing cells produce more energy at the time of the day when our consumption is at its maximum.  Solaray eventually beat Nicholls with a cheaper price and a much faster install.  Roof brackets, meter change over and internal wiring went up on Tuesday last week (then at 2pm the skies poured down).  The team came back and installed the micro inverters and solar cells on Friday afternoon and installed the gateway controller in the fuse box.  Finally on Saturday one of their head engineers came in a also installed a Wattson energy meter (tracking both consumption and provision of energy) and then told the gateway to switch everything on voila we were producing!  By Tuesday my systems exact configuration was loaded into their world wide web database and I could see everything it was doing.


The Wattson really helped me understand energy hogs.  The big ones we switch out of hours to off peak when we can (pool pump - 1.2 kW, clothes dryer 1-2 kw, clothes washer 0.5 - 1.5 kw). The other main energy guzzlers running during the day are a big ducted air conditioner - 3.5 kw and a big electric oven 2kw.  The Wattson sits next to our kettle in the kitchen downstairs and shows us moment to moment what we are drawing or feeding into the grid (and many other things).


Anyway if you'd like to see what we produce its here: https://enlighten.en...tems/LbBY574110


This shows how much energy we produce - by month, day or 15 minute intervals.  The System in a fully Sunny day should produce North of 30kWh a day - but so far we have had three half days were its done between 18 to 22 kWh.  At present we have created created 76.7kWh, of which 17 where exported to the Grid and the rest we consumed for our selves.  If we keep that rate up the gear will pay for itself in just over four years of its 25+ year life.


Hope this is very useful information to share.  I ponder how many other folk have gone solar and has it deliver, failed or exceeded your expectations.


Later this year I will consider sizing additional battery storage and see if its economical to store what we over produce and feed back in when our peak consumption - say 6 kWh for a few hours - exceeds what this system can do at peak 4kWh.  So if I desire a 5 - 15 kWh storage solution is this economically sensible or should I just buy excess energy from the grid.  All up I hope this solution will at least hlaf my bills going forward - if not better if I can use it wisely!





#1148247 Need some relationship advice about a friend and her boyfriend. How to save her.

Posted by MrFriendly on 07 January 2015 - 02:37 PM



The only person who can really save her is herself, for the most part. Abusive relationships can do really weird things to people, especially if they're not in a good place to start with. It's easy let yourself get trapped in the familiar.


Short of you forcibly removing her from the situation, all you can do is offer to be there and support her if and when she builds up the courage to leave him and his bullshit. It's important that she realises the world won't fall apart if she walks away from him.


It's extremely hard to watch, unfortunately it's extremely difficult to save people from themselves.

#1142352 Got my black belt today :)

Posted by g__day on 18 October 2014 - 10:18 PM

Well its been almost 5 years with this martial art - in a hugely fun and talented club, but to day I successfully graded for my first black belt ever with a good mate also grading successfully!


Half way thru my training I had a major outage for 2-3 months due to cancer which lead to a jaw re-build and having a bone and artery removed from my leg to replace the bone taken out.


So I am stoked that I made it - fairly long and gruelling grading at Mac Uni Sport Centre - on the slipperiest mats I have ever trained on - it was a bit like ice staking.  One technique where I was pulled forwarded saw a 25 foot slide ensue!  But it was all great.


Contratory to what folk might otherwise understand, black belt is the end of your basic training and the start of learning the deeper meaning and form of your chosen art - its just the begining really.  Here's to the next 10 years!




If anyone is interested in learning Aikido - the gentlest martial art - please feel free to have a look at the grading photos of Shodokan Aikido Sydney Facebook page https://www.facebook...277400435724594



#1140244 Now they want to shut down 4chan

Posted by Oracle X on 25 September 2014 - 12:01 PM

First they came for the /b/tards and I did not speak out because I was not a /b/tard. Then they came for the Furries and I did not speak out because I was not a Furry. Then they came for the lulz and I did not speak out because I was not a lulz. Then they came for you and I'm never going to give you up, never going to let you down, never going to run around and desert you.

#1137484 Fajw Banned.

Posted by .:Cyb3rGlitch:. on 27 August 2014 - 12:41 AM

Fajw has been banned for repeatedly ignoring moderator requests to halt spamming antisemitic conspiracy. While we welcome a diverse range of opinion, we do not tolerate copy-pasting the same conspiracy ad nauseam. In fact, we don't tolerate copy-pasting anything ad nauseam. 


So yeah, don't spam. Kthx!

#1137151 " Waiters Feeling The Pin-Ch As Tipping Dries Up,..."

Posted by .:Cyb3rGlitch:. on 23 August 2014 - 01:43 PM

These people should be being paid enough without tips.

#1136497 Video proof that Noddy bangs like a belt fed mortar.

Posted by Juggs on 21 August 2014 - 12:45 AM

Released only a few hours ago.

#1135829 Atomic 3.14 Changelog

Posted by Nich... on 19 August 2014 - 02:17 PM

Welcome to the latest version of IPB!

As part of this upgrade, a few things:
  • We have a slightly shinier theme.
  • There's now a real mobile theme.
  • We have a slightly consolidated sub-forum index.
  • In the technical (and feedback) sub-forums, the OP can now select the 'best answer' to their question. (I've made this thread an example of the feature, if you're curious what it looks like)
  • Youtube embedding is now done with a plain URL, rather than [youtube] tags.  Embedding will also work with vimeo and some other sites.
  • Gravatar is enabled (previous avatars (mostly) did not make the transition)).
  • You can now hit 'like' on posts you want to +1.
  • Some extra formatting options, both in .sigs and in posts
  • Notification centre now tells you about things!
  • A maximum of 30 images can be shown in a single post
  • Post below if you find other new things you think are worth making note of for new/returning users!
    There are some new BBCode tags to play with and discover.  For editing posts, one of my favourites is the [ hr ] tag, which puts in the above horizontal line. If you're using actual code in [ code ] tags, try using [ php ], [ sql ], or [ html ] for some syntax highlighting.


    When you're looking at an index page full of threads, if you scan over to the right - right of the thread title and who started it, but left of the last person to have posted in it, it'll say how many replies and views the thread has. If you click on 'x replies', it brings up a window showing each user who has posted in the thread and how many times. (I don't remember this happening in 3.0, but it's not something I remember checking, either.)

    Reputation has been expanded: while there is still the 5-star system on profiles (where you vote for the user), you can now also upvote and downvote specific content in threads. See link on how to not vote like a reprobate.

    Relating to the Youtube embedding mentioned up above, URLs from these sites should now auto-embed without needing to use [media] or etc tags: Youtube, Google Video, Myspace Video, YouTu.be, Flickr Image Set, MP3, Vimeo, GamesTrailers

    Users on the Lurker rank will have no ability to vote in the reputation system, and also have URLs and images turned off in their sigs until they hit 16 posts (Quark).

    Animated GIFs are currently disabled pending discussion. That being said, they can be used as your avatar: they'll be static everywhere except your profile.

    If you haven't noticed, little grey down arrows appear on threads rows on index pages - clicking it will give you a preview.

    If you click on the number of replies in a given thread, while on the index, it will show you which users have posted ordered by number of posts within.


    By the way, polls can now be set so the results show which users voted on what options. There's a clear option showing when this is enabled by the OP, and it can't be edited in after the poll is made. See here for an example.


    Taptalk integration should now be working.


    There are other features floating around, here and there. Please use them responsibly.

#1188488 A bit about me

Posted by hulkster on 09 February 2017 - 12:44 PM

Its been awhile :)

The last couple of years have been full on to say the least.

I walked out of a 20 year marriage. Tough thing to do. Sold our house had had to start everything afresh. Most of our friends dumped me because I was the one to leave but thats ok.


I have since bought myself a little place and have been renovating it slowly. Just me and my dog. I have had 2 relationships in the mean time, last one cost me money I dont have but a lesson learnt (again). I was to move to Queensland but that was part of the ploy.


I still have my EK Holden but sold the charger and HG ute I was restoring.

I mainly stick to myself nowadays, dont socialise too much.

I was diagnosed with Bi-polar which wasn't a surprise. There was a reason I was like I was and that was good.

My son just got his Ps ( more worry lol) and my daughter is kicking arse at Uni.


So, I'm ticking along nicely at the moment.  :)

#1174489 Where are they now and what are they doing?

Posted by Chaos.Lady on 11 May 2016 - 06:47 PM

Lost SEVENTY EIGHT kilograms?
Jesus H Christ in a chicken basket. That's really impressive.
Nice work.
You must feel like a different person.

Lol. Yep. Seventy Eight. I'm still on my way to the last 15kgs I need to lose.

And yep, I'm able to do much more. I'm weight training with a PT to build my strength and muscle, learning free weights as well as the machines. Bushwalking and dance classes are also fun. I've also reversed my diabetes, and lessened the symptoms of my other autoimmune conditions. Which are mainly why I had to lose the weight in the first place. I went from a size 24 to a size 12.

It's awesome.

#1152360 how crap is this government ?

Posted by TinBane on 18 March 2015 - 09:43 AM

This doesn't surprise me. 


Hockey and Abbott think that allowing gen Y to dump their super into their housing, is going to improve affordability, rather than driving up prices. It sounds like they are too cowardly, to address some of the fundamental issues. Watch monday's Q & A, to see Hockey held to account by someone whose actually qualified to give advice on this area. Hockey spews so much bullshit, it's like he's the last link in a human centipede made up of the state real estate bodies, and the HIA. He's happy to tackle soft targets like the 0.5% of residential property owned by foreign investors, but fails to see how hypocritical it is to warn us about the future pension burden, at the same time he tells people it makes sense to invest all your earnings in real estate, because what you need when you retire, is a one easy to access basket, with whatever is left of your eggs at that point in time. Maybe they'll be double, maybe they'll be half, lets just put all the eggs, everyone's eggs, in that one basket and hope for the best. At least Turnbull has the two brain-cells required to understand why removing diversity from a long term investment is not a great thing to gamble the nations future pension bills on.


Then we have possibly the worst piece of human excreta to grace the front bench since the 1930s, Christopher Pyne. Sure, he backed down, with all the grace, sophistication, and mannerisms of Tom Cruise standing on Oprah's couch. But he completely failed to understand that using Australia's research funding as a bargaining chip, in itself, has a huge impact. It's really really hard to retain great scientists in Australia. They sure as fuck don't do it for the paycheck. And when you tell them that in less than three months, they might not have a job, you know what they do? They take the open positions overseas. Some of these scientists, have standing offers from multiple institutions overseas, with perks and a pay rise built in. If you threaten their jobs, with less than three months potential notice, as a bargaining chip, some of them leave. At the end of the day, the government was holding a paltry $150 million back, what they didn't tell us was that it cost us skilled, trained staff who could probably get paid 30% more than they currently are, and are running, maintaining and utilising billions of dollars of investment. 


It's like quibbling over the cost one headlight bulb on your car, and losing months of use of your paid-up vehicle. It's hard to even work out an appropriate metaphor, because it's so stupid.


The current government doesn't have the vision to fix the problems we are in. They don't have the maturity or guts to deal with the root causes, and they sure as hell aren't trying to understand what they don't know. In the lead-up to the spill attempt, the Australian Chamber of Commerce revealed that no offers of assistance to the government, in forming policy have been accepted. Now, that's pretty unprecedented. Is the government going to pretend that the ACC is infested with pinko-commie unionist types? Or is there a more simple explanation? Is the "north shore forum" supposed to supplant independent business interest groups, to allow you to the opportunity to push your case for special snowflakedom, with benefit to the Liberal party coffers?

#1146251 The night my father died.

Posted by smakme7757 on 03 December 2014 - 03:08 AM

Quite a few of you know I live overseas, all the way in Norway for those that don't.

Two months ago we flew out to Australia to see the family. We fly out every 2 years, although it's been more frequent now my grandparents are getting older. I'm by no means a "family guy", but I do appreciate the time I can spend with my mum, dad, brother and grandparents when we visit. We stayed with mum and dad this time.

Unfortunately this trip didn't turn out as planned. On a Monday night, about 4 days after we arrived, at approximately 03:40 am, mum came in screaming that something was wrong. Dad was dead. No pulse, no breathing - Just dead.

I started CPR immediately. Having had no formal CPR training I had to wing it for 12 minutes until the ambulance arrived. I was so calm I felt absolutely at ease while doing CPR on my father. I have no idea why. Maybe it was the adrenaline or focusing on the task at hand. I was practically emotionless. It didn't sink in that dad was dead until after the ambos arrived and got to work. It was then, looking at dad on the floor that I got this intense feeling that he was gone. I was certain he wasn't going to live through this.

  • Dad had a cardiac arrest.
  • Wasn't breathing for nearly 20 minutes
  • No self sustained pulse for over 20 minutes
  • What's the chance we were there when it happened. We visit once every two years.

They did however get a pulse and after much debate wether or not they should chance it, they got him to hospital. After 3 days in a coma and 1 week in hospital he was discharged with broken ribs. He survived. I was almost certain he was going to die. I thought no way anyone can survive being dead so long. I was wrong. Thankfully.

I guess the morale is, don't give up. Just keep up CPR until help arrives. I'll admit that after about 10 minutes I thought it was all over. I'm glad I just kept going!


*Credit to my wife who called 000 and made sure the ambos found our place,

*Credit to mum for keeping a cool head and getting all dads info on his medications when the ambos arrived.

*Credit to the 000 operator who was very good at his job!

*Credit to everyone at the hospital for acting very professionally


While he was in a coma I read lots of articles about out of hospital cardiac arrest. Almost everything pointed to heavy brain damamge or death. around 90% of people who have cardiac arrest never make it to hospital. Of those 10% that do only 20% of those actually make it out of hospital alive with varying degrees of disfunction. So he was extrmely lucky.

#1145134 So pretty..... Stress relief after dodgy day

Posted by AccessDenied on 18 November 2014 - 10:14 PM

Had crappy day.  Then I found this beaut website.




The link should be a good hint.  "Fluid experiments".  And no urine involved.


It's a fluid dynamics 'simulator' in your browser.  Click your mouse and drag.  Create ripples.  Spin.  Twirl.  Cross the streams.


Very pretty.  oddly relaxing.