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Domain Choice

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#1 glitch



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Posted 10 May 2011 - 12:12 PM

Hey Guys

I am in the process of going from a "Business Name" (GD studios) to my name "Luke Farrugia" thus I am changing domain name but I am having trouble deciding what to go with. Ordinarily I would use my name but my name may be a bit long and difficult to spell for many, thus the other options. What would be your choice?


#2 Hubbo



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Posted 10 May 2011 - 01:34 PM

I would recommend using a keyword in your domain if possible, as it can greatly assist in getting traffic to your site. Really depends on what the site is for and how you want to use the site.
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#3 glitch



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Posted 10 May 2011 - 02:31 PM

sorry, i should have been clearer... this is me at the moment http://www.gdstudios.com.au/ but it is getting old and is no longer a good representation of me, or my services

I am a freelance web/graphic designer, the site will be my portfolio/business site.


#4 clockworkman



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Posted 10 May 2011 - 03:14 PM

just register all 5 actually no, you cant to have a .com.au you need a business registered with the same name as your domain

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#5 kikz



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Posted 10 May 2011 - 05:55 PM

just register all 5

actually no, you cant
to have a .com.au you need a business registered with the same name as your domain


actually, I find it a little amusing that a web designer has trouble picking a good domain name. I'd have thought knowing what attracts customers to a site is a skill you'd need. :)

Why not just revamp your existing site? What you're saying is you want to completely rebrand yourself. I guess you did explicitly say that, because it doesn't suit the services you now offer. Does it matter? Why not just put an announcement on your current site?

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#6 h3viw8



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Posted 15 May 2011 - 11:09 AM

lufa designs lufa inc the last few domains i've bought for my self and others have not been actual names, but usually out there kinda names, ideas. using numbers in place of letter/s, using a thesaurus helps. my 2 most recent domains [not live , just in the wings waiting] urbanecompositions.com (professional portfolio/work), and fracturedpsyche.com(personal gallery/portfolio) they have nothing to do with my name, but are more a representation of me, what I do, if you're rebranding yourself go all out, totally new. don't rush into it though, spend some time, long names suck, my friend and I have montvillemediasolutions, his choice, but now it's just a hub page, we have hosting and so far like 5 sites coming off that.
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#7 harhis23



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Posted 29 November 2011 - 02:17 AM

the shorter, the better. Maybe your initials will do. Or, why not use your full name? If you want people to remember you, using your full name would be a good start. Since you are a freelancer, using your name would send a good signal to your clients that you're not a scam.

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