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Test my PHP app

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#1 mwd



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Posted 10 March 2012 - 08:59 AM

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in testing my PHP application? It is a IT CRM, support ticket, asset management and invoicing program.

I would really like to get some feedback on it.

You can download it here:

System Requirements:
PHP 5.2+
MySQL 5+
ionCube Loader
Apache Recommended

#2 SledgY



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Posted 12 March 2012 - 12:49 PM

Can you provide an installed version? Is this software license open source? Not really interested in giving you free testing for commercial software.

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#3 Girvo



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Posted 12 March 2012 - 03:32 PM

Using the ionCube loader, I assume you're not releasing this as Open Source? Sorry, I won't contribute my time to testing a commercial application for no gain of my own.

#4 mwd



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Posted 14 March 2012 - 08:20 PM

Hi Guys,

Sure there is a paid version but the version linked above is free (not a trial, a free version). I thought you guys might be interested in a free app that can do invoicing and IT CRM. If not then there is no need to reply. I am not forcing anyone to do anything.

The guys over at overclockers were much more interested, I gave away a number of free copies of the app to people who gave me their time & feedback. In fact the guys over at overclockers were really awesome, you can read it here if you wish: http://forums.overcl...ad.php?t=956305

Sure it is commercial i.e my company is selling it (who has 1 employee, me). I would love to make some money with this application, so you know, I can pay rent etc.

I am sorry you guys feel that it is such a waste of your time.


I have an online version here:

Client URL: http://support.dalegroup.net.au/demo/
Admin URL: http://support.daleg....au/demo/admin/
Documentation: http://support.daleg.../documentation/

Username: admin
Password: ocauadmin

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#5 mwd



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Posted 14 March 2012 - 08:49 PM

SledgY and Girvo if you PM me I will give you both a full unlimited license key.

#6 boyter



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Posted 15 March 2012 - 02:10 PM

Not a big fan of how the buttons line up on the dashboard or in edit mode. They don't line up and the effect is jarring. This was almost enough for me to stop using within the first 2 minutes.

I poked around a bit and it seems a lot of functionality is broken, EG Logging in as admin searching for computer "test" and trying to assign a key left me on a page without the ability to add one (URL http://support.daleg...mp;company_id=1 )

The attach a file was a little confusing. Tried to attach it a few times till I realised I needed to upload a file on another screen then attach it to the item I was looking at.

Had an attempt opening a ticket, but none of the text was clickable. Took a while to realise I had to click on the image that's close to the same colour as the background to do so.

Lot of small quirks with the design where things don't line up or textboxes overflow the container etc... Try using your application in a small window.

There is a lot of functionality here, not sure if you are trying to boil the ocean with this though. You have a lot of things listed that you want it to be. Perhaps a cut down version which has each piece would be a plan? After all lots of companies make a lot of cash selling just invoice software, just a bugtracker etc... You can just have a way to enable them all and since you seem to want to charge have a package which adds functionality.

Just some thoughts. Hat's off for creating such a large application though. I would consider submitting it to news.ycombinator.com for feedback as they usually come up with some good feedback for things like this.

EDIT - BTW make the Logo clickable please. It should ALWAYS return me to the first page I see when I login. I still curse Google for removing this from Gmail.

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#7 mwd



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Posted 15 March 2012 - 06:46 PM

Hi boyter, Thankyou for taking the time to have a look. Please PM me if you would like a license key for your own use. 1) Dashboard interface. Yep I agree, this will all be updated when I get the new theme (same as the client side) done. 2) The reason you cannot assign a key for that machine is that the License Key and Computer are each assigned to a different company. The idea is that you would have license keys setup for each company to use. I use this application everyday, so I hope that I would pickup any major bugs, if there is anything else please let me know. 3) I agree, I want to add a file upload option without needing to leave the page you are on. This will be fixed in a future version. 4) Yes at some point I will offer versions with only certain functionality enabled but while the app is new I think that when purchasing you should get access to everything. The admin user account is actually restricted, but if you had a full admin account you can disable each section with custom groups for different users. The reason the app has so many different features is that I use it to run my business, so I try todo everything within one application. 5) I will make the logo clickable ;) Again thank you for your feedback, it is much appreciated. Again if you or the company you work for would find this application useful I would be more than happy to give you a free copy (and access to the code if you sign an NDA). "Had an attempt opening a ticket, but none of the text was clickable. Took a while to realise I had to click on the image that's close to the same colour as the background to do so." Sorry I am not sure what section you are talking about here. Is this from the admin or client side? Do you mean getting to the add ticket page or "Add" button? Thanks again.

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#8 boyter



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Posted 16 March 2012 - 01:44 PM

Hey mwd, 1. Cool. 2. Hmmm sorry but "I use it everyday" doesn't cut it. Look to Apple and the principle of least surprise. Let me know why I cant do it on that page, or better yet don't let me get in that situation. Its this sort of polish that takes you from a functional product to a great one. Its hard to do this yourself, perhaps get someone you know try some basic tasks and see how they go. 3. Cool. 4. I still think this could be a good selling point. People don't want the kitchen sink solution. They want what solves their needs now. Up-selling additional functionality could be a good revenue stream for you. 5. Good. Its the one thing I expect of all websites these days. About the ticket, I meant that I was trying to open one (not sure which view) and had to click on the edit icon on the far right of the screen. It was hard to see and goes against Fitts's law when it comes to usability. Just an observation is all.

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