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Attacks in Paris

Someone burned the croissants

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Posted 22 November 2015 - 12:44 AM

Somewhere in the 1880s in rural Ukraine there lived a young woman. Her name is not known nor what year. The Communists made sure of that later on.


She was a typical Russian speaking woman but atypically she was a jew and she lived in a jewish village not far outside Kiev. In 1881, rumours surfaced that the jews had killed the Tsar. The woman was raped, her home destroyed and she fled with her family to a little village also in Ukraine. Some of her family was killed, others formed Jewish defence units. Still more fled, mostly to the United States, some to Palestine.


In 1903-1906, another series of Tsarist-encouraged pogroms took place. The woman was again raped and this time her new husband was killed. He was one of 2200 killed that year. In those years, about 10,000 jews were slaughtered.


In 1917-1922 a wave of riots swept Russia, entreated by the crumbling Tsarist Empire as the civil war raged on. Tsarist troops, gangs and pre-fascist fascists recorded over a thousand pogroms. 50,000-250,000 Jews were killed in those years. The Communists put a final stop to that.


The woman did not survive the 1917-22 pogroms. Her children did though.


One settled in rural Ukraine, a dedicated Communist. He married a Cypriot or Turkish jew... hard to say, poor records exist, who was fleeing the same sort of problems unleashed upon jews in the Hellenic/Arabic world.


They had 5 kids between them. First came Tanya. Then David. Then twins Riva and Clara. Then little Ida.


They lived a happy sheltered existence until June 1941 when the Nazis invaded. The man packed his kids onto a cart and they headed into the interior, the kids watching in horror as bombs/mortars fell all around them, as did people. Everyone related to that family who remained was mopped up by the SS units at the rear who were under special orders to kill jews discovered. 2 or 3 of the family's relatives survived the war.


The family got to Stalingrad before the invading army.


David joined the ranks. Tanya worked as an army cook. Riva and Clara farmed in the freezing snow wearing ripped felts for shoes. The mother stricken with an illness, and no medicine, with constant shelling, swelled up with some infection and died while holding little Ida. Within a year her husband died too, from infected shrapnel wounds as remembered by Riva.


Little Ida was looked after by Tanya.


Eventually the war ended and David came back home from Berlin. He was the only survivor of his comms platoon which led the way, stringing up comms equipment for advancing soldiers. The young boy who left had a head full of jet black curly hair. He came back, still a young boy, but with completely white hair. To this day, in his home in Brooklyn in New York, he looks like he hasn't aged since he came back, according to Ida.


4.5-11m jews were exterminated in that war. Europe was almost jew free. It was proof that genocide works.


Ida was adopted by an aunt and uncle (second degree) who had fled eastwards in the earlier pogroms and arrived in Moscow, had settled there and created a reasonable middle class existence.


She had a reasonably happy childhood except for constant anti-semitism at school.


At the end of school she met a guy called Alik when she went back to the home village for a holiday. He was a jew from the same village whose family had left earlier. He too was there on holiday.


He was a kid with his head in the clouds (still is, aged 75). He saved her life when she almost drowned and they married in as jewish a ceremony as you could get.


He became an engineer and she a architectural economist. Neither wanted these professions but there were jewish quotas at universities and this was their best option. He had the head of an engineer and distinguished himself with 11 patents and was part of the team to build Sputnik 1's comms systems. She became pregnant and gave birth to their daughter Janna in 1963.


Janna excelled at school but also faced constant anti-semitism and was also denied entry to the university she wanted because it had a strict no jews policy. She had to settle for a lower ranked university which took her onto a trajectory where she met Misha, her future husband, who while born in Moscow, ahd lived his whole life in Ukraine.


In 1984, two years after their marriage, they had a son called Lenya.


In 1989 as the Berlin wall fell and Russia opened up, the economics worsened and once again, jews became the target. Grandmothers were killed in the streets for kopeiki (cents). Gangs beat up and raped jews. Some jews just disappeared never to be seen again.


In 1990, Michael and Janna woke up one day, their kid lying between them and decided that there was no longer any future. They applied to the American, Israeli embassies for emigration. On their way from the American embassy they saw a lit up board in English stating that Australia needed certain people with these following professions. Engineers (Misha) and teachers (Janna) were among them.


So they applied too.


By an absolute freak of nature, the Australian embassy replied first that they had a Special Humanitarian Program set up for Russian Jews fleeing the economic ruin and centuries of anti-semitism.


Misha and Janna packed and sold everything and got on a plane in November 1991. They arrived in Australia 2 days later, in Sydney, to be welcomed by a representative of the local Jewish community, and taken to Hotel Camelot somewhere in the Woolloomoolloo area. It no longer exists.


They slept on blankets for three weeks until the jewish community organised them a home.


For the first time in their genetic memory, since their ancestors fled Judea, Misha and Janna felt safe as jews.


They worked hard, Misha retraining recertifying until he got a paying engineering job. Janna worked odd jobs until they had another kid called Mark, at the insistence of Lenya, in 1993. Lenya was going to a Jewish school in Randwick called The Emmanuel School - it was the first time anyone in the family had had a formal jewish cultural education since at least 200AD.


At the time, Australia was a uncomplicated country. The Emmanuel School kept it's gates open, no CCTV, etc. People could walk in and out any time.


Lenya finished up at Emmanuel in 1996 and wen to Sydney Boys'. He experienced no anti-semitism. Again, the first in his family since 200AD. Then he went to uni, where he had the wonderful experience of being spat on by a member of the local pro-jihad chapter of the Palestinian Islamic Dictatorship advocacy group. For wearing a star of david around his neck. The funny thing was that until then, Lenya was a young socialist (much to the displeasure of his parents) who was all up with the Palestinian cause. It took just one asshole Muslim to show Lenya that the ancient hatreds hadn't died - they had just migrated West from Europe, East to Arabia.


Mark, Lenya's brother, experienced the same thing in Kensington Public and Sydney Technical College. From the same people - Muslims.


In 2011, Lenya met a Russian Orthodox girl on holiday in Thailand, and went back to Russia (against his parents' wishes) 6 months later to see whether she was worth it, where on his ride from the airport, he spent an hour listening to the cabbie explain why Putin was really a jew and how Hitler's only fault was that he didn't finish the job. The driver was an Azerbaijani Muslim working (probably illegally) in Russia.


Lenya brought that girl to Australia and they had a daughter in 2014. He named her after his grandfather from Misha's side who had passed away from cancer. Sofia.


Sofia's not a jew. She's got a jewish atheist father and a who-the-hell-knows mother who sometimes wears a cross around her neck but generally loves being inside a Buddhist shrine, and can't stand the Russian church.


Lenya occasionally drives past his old school as he lives in Maroubra. It now has armed guards, CCTV and plain-clothes jewish volunteers guarding it. Gates are closed and you need a pat-down to get in. Further down the road on his way to Bondi Junction, he drives past another Jewish School. This one's called Moriah College. It used to have a tall fence with posts between which you could fit a fist. Now it has armed guards, locked gates and the fences are covered with construction mesh to block site of the kids from the outside. The demountables that once stood close to the fence and are used as spill-over classrooms, are now further back from the fence and have had their fence-sides steel re-enforced.


Lenya and the entire Jewish community feel this country is less safe. For Lenya as an Australian and as a Jew. It is linked specifically to the rise of Islam as a political/social system and the growing savagery of Islamists as well as the increasing conservativeness of it's supposed "moderates".


Lenya sees news reports of Western European jews and Israeli jews being killed, abused, spat on, knifed, and almost always by the same people - Muslims.


If you ever thought Islamists may have valid reasons against the West, read this story again, and consider... after so much shit... would Lenya be justified in flying to Berlin, strapping on an explosive vest and going to a kindergarden for some explosive fun? Would Lenya be justified in flying to Russia and spraying a night club with AK-47 fire?


If you think Muslims are justified or have a reason, any reason, then you are a waste of oxygen because Lenya would never do such a thing to anyone and rejects that kind of reasoning. Lenya views the ideology of Islam as the problem that causes people to suddenly radicalise and believe in the master faith theory, just like Nazis radicalised over a short time and came to believe in the master race theory. All ideologies have this potential, but few have the political capital and the protection of the West's regressive leftists, quite like Islamists who by virtue of their brown skin are given a get-out-of-criticism card and people who want to have an honest conversation about identifying the fact that all Muslim terrorists are in fact Muslims reading the same Koran as so-called "moderates" are.


Lenya changed his name when he came to Australia. He became Leo.


Leo has every reason to claim he was disenfranchised and that his ancestors and people were killed and join a group that kills indiscriminately until all infidels become jewish.


But Leo is civilised, as are the rest of the jews who have never exploded in a German kindergarden to avenge the Holocaust, or sprayed a Russian nightclub with bullets to avenge the pogroms, or explode as suicide bombers in an Iraqi bus-stop to avenge the Farhud pro-Nazi pogroms there, nor have any jews knifed random Yemenis for that country's expulsion of almost all jews and confiscation of all property in 1948, nor have the Italians copped jewish terror for chasing them out of their lands as Romans 1500 years ago or killing 580,000 jews in the Bar Kochba revolt. 


That's the difference: civilisation. Jews have it. Japanese have it after being nuked (twice). Ukrainians have it after 5000 of them were killed in the last few years by Russian paramilitary forces. The Germans have it after 40 years of occupation. No Tibetan has exploded in a Chinese kindergarden despite 64 years of occupation, despite CHinese forced population transfer making Tibetans a minority in their own land, despite Chinese meddling in their religious affairs. No Cypriot has sprayed a Istanbul cafe with machine gun fire for the occupation of Cyrus. No Georgian has exploded on a packed train in Russia for Russia's two invasions and annexations of Polish territory.


That's the difference: almost all cultures are civilised and progressive, Arab Muslim culture is simply not with a few notable individual exceptions.


What we do with that fact is up to you.

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Posted 22 November 2015 - 01:16 AM

Nice story.  Hard to disagree with most of that.

Regressive leftists and get out of criticism free cards because you have brown skin... now there's keynotes to that post.


It's been barely a week but once the 3 days of mourning were over it seemed to be a case of Muslims being painted as the victims all over the media, forget about the real victims of the day.


I'm sick of hearing about the cunts.  Turn on the nightly news.  Drive by shooting, home invasions, brutal rapes in Sydney.  And in almost every single instance it's the usual suspects.

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Posted 22 November 2015 - 07:33 AM

And more on problem-reaction-solution......




Before the attacks, the EU could chide France for missing its budget deficit goals. After the attacks, the EU can try to chide them, but France can swat those concerns aside by invoking the EU’s own protective security clause.

Before the attacks, the French could protest a bill granting sweeping new surveillance powers to the intelligence services. After the attacks, the government can grant the police special emergency powers and amend the constitution to make those emergency powers permanent with widespread popular support.

Before the attacks, the British people could protest their government’s own Orwellian surveillance bill. After the attacks, Prime Minister David Cameron can suggest fast-tracking the bill to ‘protect the public’ from the terrorists.

Before the attacks, the British government could propose a drastic £1.9 billion cut to the police budget. After the attacks, those cuts are likely to be drastically scaled back.

paris-attacks-2Before the attacks, the largest political bloc in the EU Parliament could propose an EU army but no one would take them seriously. After the attacks, the European Commission president can call for an EU army and everyone is taking him seriously.

In the wake of the attacks Donald Trump can promise a total surveillance state under his reign and Hillary Clinton can admit that she’s owned by Wall Street because of 9/11, but before the attacks…well, OK, some things never change.

But you get the picture. The point is a simple one to understand: spectacular acts of violence can cause the politically unthinkable to become the politically popular. Let me point out that the UN’s own preferred definition of “terrorism” is:

    “Criminal acts intended or calculated to provoke a state of terror in the general public, a group of persons or particular persons for political purposes”

Well in the wake of events like the Paris attacks we certainly do have a general public that has been provoked into a state of terror. But whose political purposes does this terror serve, exactly? The Islamic State, who is now likely to be bombed off the face of the planet (and Assad along with them, of course), or the politicians pushing for increased budgets, increased surveillance powers, encryption back doors, new regional armies and the like? If the answer is that the terror serves the politicians, then doesn’t that make the politicians the terrorists by definition?




In recent years we have learned that the Gladio campaign never really went away, only morphed. Now instead of paramilitary forces in Europe the strategy of tension is maintained by Islamic radicals carefully shepherded, controlled and manipulated by NATO operatives. This “Gladio B” and its implementation in the mid-1990s just happens to correspond with the rise of the new Global War on Terror after the collapse of the Soviet Union (and a concomitant rise in military budgets to Cold War levels).

The strategy is remarkably simple. Provoke an attack, stage an attack, allow an attack to happen or simply capitalize on a spontaneous attack. Use the public’s own outrage to push through draconian new legislation, all the while pretending to be the saviour. And watch the public rally around the flag, begging to give you more power to keep them safe.



Links were in the original article.

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