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RARE Korean RPG Game

medieval RPG Korean 1990

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#1 Myeoh92



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Posted 26 September 2017 - 05:56 PM

Hi All,


Anyone know a medieval fantasy RPG game mostly developed by Korea which is around the early 1990's to early 2000's.

I believe the name of the game is eclipse (memory is a bit fuzzy) and most likely developed by Korea as i got this game though my cousin that give me two games which are the aforementioned: eclipse and the Korean strategy game: legends of dragon island. 


I am still searching this game since 2008 as i play it during 2002-2004 (cant remember) the details.


the game as per my memory are as below:

-a knight, sword and a shield and it ability is to strike the ground with his sword that releases wave of fires

-a mage (female) with a fire ball looking staff: can spit fireball to enmey

-Ronin: strongest character in the game as per my memory and can strike enemy by creating copy of himself towards the enemy

-2 archers (longbow and crossbow, male and female)

-other characters which i don remember quite well.


i remember that i didn't finish the game properly as i was stuck in a town that is at stage 13 to 14? 


if anyone can tell the name of the game, publishers and developer, that would be great


P.S: i have search blog like hardcore gaming korea 101 and try to find pictures but so far, i dont have a instant light-bulb moment when i scroll though the pictures given. the closet i can get is elixir by esofnet. 


if anyone can share and know the game im talking about, please do share :) 

#2 Cybes



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Posted 26 September 2017 - 06:43 PM

Anyone know a medieval fantasy RPG game mostly developed by Korea which is around the early 1990's to early 2000's.
if anyone can share and know the game im talking about, please do share :)

Sorry, Myeoh, but that rings no bells for me. I'm an RPG tragic, but it's all been typical Western fare.

I wish you luck in your search! :)

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#3 @~thehung



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Posted 26 September 2017 - 10:56 PM

i enjoy challenges like this.


but please try to be extra clear about which things you are 100% certain of, vs which things you are greater than or less than %50 sure about.


Google Fu is all about nailing down the right key words.



here are some questions:


- what platform/s was it on?  PC only?


- was it a single/multiplayer RPG? was it an MMO?


- the artistic style?  eg. cartoonish and colourful, dark and serious, 2D sprites and backdrops or 3D characters in a 3D world...


- did it look like other more famous games? 


- is "elixir by esofnet" close because it starts with an 'e', or is it similar in some way -- what way?


- did it look "OLD AS FUCK" at the time?  because if it was made, for example, as early as 1994 you probably wouldve noticed its age in 2004.


- was the perspective isometric, top-down, a platformer etc?


- was it "medieval fantasy" with a strictly western style, or with a strong Asian influence, eg. manga-like Mongols / Samurai / Chinese dragons etc.?


- was there English text throughout the game? 


- was the knight character definitely called a "knight", or could it have been called a paladin or some other thing? 


- same goes for "mage" etc, and especially the "ronin" character -- was that some kind of badass samurai?

no pung intended

#4 Master_Scythe



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Posted 27 September 2017 - 11:32 AM

I don't think it's Korean, but it might have just been ported?


But it sounds at least a little like Gauntlet Legends, by Midway.


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