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Why do phones have so little internal memory?

13 July 2018 - 02:43 PM

If you can buy a 128Gb microSD card for around the $60 mark retail, why does my stupid phone only have 16Gb of internal memory, shared with the O/S?


I would gladly have paid an extra $60 for a phone if I didn't have a measly 5Gb of internal space left, especially when so many apps don't let you move them over the the external storage.

Start button and Taskbar missing on Win7

13 July 2018 - 02:16 PM

This isn't a big problem for me but it's gnawing at me that I can't figure it out.  (One of my work laptops is 5 years old and I just quit.  I'm pretty sure once I had it back they'll throw it in the bin.)


I hadn't rebooted one of my work computers in months so I finally cleaned it up and shut it down one night.  Restarted the next day - no Desktop!  No Taskbar, no Start button.


I'm running Window 7 and it had been working just fine and was fully updated.  Virus and malware scans have found nothing significant.


It still works just fine and all the data is still there (including the Desktop folder and contents).  I can login and run any program I want from the Task Manager.  I've tried running explorer.exe and iexplore.exe both with and without the full path, I've tried rebooting.


I found two bits of advice regarding Registry hacks but neither made a difference.


I thought the Desktop was part of Explorer - if Windows Explorer was running, the Desktop had to be running?


What gives?

Did I do the right thing?

10 July 2018 - 07:05 PM

Here's something you guys and gals are in a unique position to answer.  I've just quit my job and it's been gnawing at me whether I made the right decision.  Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


My company makes banking-type systems exclusive to North America.  They wanted to expand internationally, picked Australia, made two major sales here and hired me to do ... everything (except sales).  I'm the only employee outside the USA.  I was told they were going to aggressively expand into Aus/NZ and in 18 months hire a tech support team I would manage.  In the mean time, I was support, consulting, pre- and post-sales engineering, and the operations manager for our presence outside the USA (this happened to include Hawaii, Afghanistan and Iraq, but whatevs (the latter are still US soil as the systems are in the embassies).


Fast forward 3 years and I just found out they had actually given up on this international expansion and we still have only 2 clients in Oz, I'm still alone, and I do about an hour of work each day with no hope of any advancement ever.  So I quit.


Did I... crazily give up a full pay packet for almost no work where I could work from home and be as flexible as I wish or...


Did I make the right move so as not to invite dementia, and to move into something I actually want to do which is challenging and has learning opportunities?  (I decided to go full time in a teaching degree.)


I've already done the latter but I'm seriously worried that I'm f'en insane.  I mean, even if I get a job as a teacher I'll be taking a pay cut for the first 7 years.

Where does everybody live these days?

10 July 2018 - 06:53 PM

I'm wondering what my chances are of catching up for a drink with someone local.  I've just quit my job to become a full time student and while I'm not going to be too flush, I'll hopefully have at least a BIT of time on my hands for a change.


I'm in Sydney, BTW.


Cheers ;-)