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In Topic: Pondering morph a HP Z620 workstation into a work / gaming rig

Today, 02:32 PM

that's a good point

aio have a bit of a buffer in there water that can absorb a bit of heat vs a hsf that doesn't but after that it comes down to which has the biggest surface area that allows for the least restrictive airflow

its the fans trying to force air through tightly packed fins and water channels that make aio louder

In Topic: Pondering morph a HP Z620 workstation into a work / gaming rig

Today, 09:59 AM

aio are still typically louder than custom due to the small rads with dense fins

although they do well in cases with crap airflow


big hsf like nh-d15 still hit the best balance for those wanting low noise decent performance for overclocking and reliability

provided the case has some airflow


MD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X 16-Core Socket TR4 3.4GHz Unlocked CPU Processor $1345 umart
Asus Prime X399-A AMD Ryzen Threadripp​er Socket TR4 $479.2 <futu online 20% off or just asrock x399 $499 umart and get them to build it

i dont know that i would recommend umart from personal experience but there cheap and those that deal with them in store instead of online seem happy enough

unfortunately they dont stock Noctua NH-U14S CPU Cooler (TR4/SP3 Edition) $115 yet but they do sell noctua products so maybe they could get them if asked


skycomp is in syd and has been good to me thus far when purchasing online

there is a good list of stores here with user ratings for them


In Topic: New Rig help please Budget $2000

17 October 2017 - 10:10 AM

civ6 seems to benefit from the extra cores\threads on amd cpu as the 1700 is faster than the 1600 when in most games the 1600 is faster due to its clock speed advantage


but the intel cpu dont seem to be benefiting with the 7700k and 8700k performing similar


ryzen also seems to be performing better when paired with vega than the 1080ti so perhaps the amd drivers are somehow better optimized for multi threading now

In Topic: New Rig help please Budget $2000

17 October 2017 - 09:42 AM

very true the i5 8400 can be ~30% quicker than the 1600 in cpu bound games that use 6 threads or less

In Topic: New Rig help please Budget $2000

16 October 2017 - 08:52 PM

for gaming i wouldn't both with the 8 core the extras don't really help games yet

go with the 1600x its cheaper and a fraction faster in todays games thanks to the higher clock speed


for mb i like this one having alc1120 audio it seems like decent value

Gigabyte AB350-GAMING 3 $155


2x8g ram

if you dont want to oc at all then 2400 is the go but if xmp 3200 proved stable it would provide a nice boost to cpu performance