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In Topic: Being forced to transplant!

Today, 11:33 AM

1050ti is about on par with the 960

for pubg you really want a 1060 or 970 to run higher detail settings


maybe wait and see if prices drop a bit if your gpu is still going

this mining craze has to end one day putting a bunch of used cards back on the market

In Topic: Tight fisted VR upgrade suggestions

Today, 09:07 AM

i believe a gpu upgrade will get you there

drop your res right down and see what fps you get as this should reduce\remove the gpu limitation and pass it to the cpu so if your fps are fine at a low res (90+) they should be good at higher res once you get a new gpu

if you just want a little more try oc your ram even 1866 with tightened timings could boost cpu performance by around 5% with a little luck

you can find info on ram stability testing here http://www.overclock...tability-thread

best to start with booting into linux to run gsat so you don't corrupt your os if that passes move on to hci


i just picked up a osvr hdk2 headset and found the image quality is unplayable although it may be ok in anim games with not texture detail how are you finding yours? from what i have read there isn't much difference between them image quality wise

In Topic: Being forced to transplant!

Yesterday, 09:26 PM

gtx 670\960 will perform about the same

gtx 770 similar to 7970

In Topic: Being forced to transplant!

Yesterday, 01:05 PM

with psu that shut off the fans having it facing up allows heat to rise into the case which is better for the psu or in cases with good positive pressure it would help keep it cool

i have the psu fan on my tj08-e facing down (top mount) to take out heat rather than up being a strong positive pressure case

having the fan facing in also helps slightly with noise although not so much with a mesh case


dam that hs is a mess thanks for the pics


if this is anything to go by gtx 960 would struggle maintain 80fps in wot at 1080p max detail


its only ~20% faster than the 7870 while the 7970 is ~30% faster

In Topic: Arma 3 Crashing "STATUS_HEAP_CORRUPTION"

21 August 2017 - 06:37 PM

memtest isnt likely to find much its all but useless these days unless there is serious instability

use to be great


which test did you run? multile instances of hci is good for memory controller issues and probably good enough for ram if run overnight while the linux test is excellent for ram and if it doesn't find anything you can rule out the ram as a problem