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In Topic: I'm back

20 February 2018 - 03:02 PM

Thanks guys, it all helps :)


Not exactly a situation I'm used to.


As for the awful Russian crash, pitot tube freeze ups are not exactly unusual I've had it happen to me once in a light aircraft whose pitot heat had gone U/S but nobody told me that. As a general rule it's one of the first things you switch on, I did, but of course it wasn't doing anything. fortunately it was just a Cessa, I was able to roughly gauge my speed and call a mayday for a long strip of concrete.


Having flown a little in Russia I would not trust their maintenance much although their pilots are pretty good, it sounds to me like a harried air crew flying for a fast turn around airline forgot to flip the switch.


I found a picture of the cockpit for the aircraft type, the switch is in a bit of an odd position, it looks as though it would be the co-pilot's job and I doubt the Captain could actually see it very well - strange design but we will have to wait for the accident report.


I am due a smallish Military pension from the U.K, but not yet, I only officially served a short term commission so it wont be much. I'm also due some U.K pension but that is not very easy to organise so I haven't worried yet.


In other news i'm a bit annoyed with my doctor, my brother called him yesterday and in my opinion he told my brother more than he should have, basically said I was drinking too much. He also wanted to blame that on my balance problem but this is the same doctor who told me it was a cerebellum issue after glandular fever and the same doctor who told me not to just stop drinking so my faith in him is a bit shaken. Regardless if the family are worried then I will just stop and see how it goes but my brother is over-reacting and talking detox - the hell with that, I can look after my habits myself.


My wife and I are sorting things ,out, going to take a while but we talk most every day and no acrimony, we both just need a bit of space, in my case in S.A.



In Topic: What's on your mind?

18 January 2018 - 09:33 AM

Tennis matches played in Aus.that begin at midnight EST. :\  ... how crass.

Yeah, even with the time difference to W.A. it became too late for us to stay up watching for too long.


In Topic: mygov seems to be down - at least in W.A.

16 January 2018 - 02:21 PM

...That's the problem Ry, my details are saved as well, today it does not want to know me...

Sorted it out via interminable phone calls but essentially it is useless.

68% MS ? Geez, if I ran servers that bad I'd be kicked out the door, and deservedly so, 99.9 is what I aim for, and usually achieve it.


In Topic: Damn I hate moving house !

15 January 2018 - 06:45 PM


I've no real idea how many times I've moved, just in the UK before I emigrated it was about eight but since then here in Australia I've moved at least ten times and then there have been international moves as well.

The problem for me is I stopped doing that around eighteen years ago, and then you accumulate..stuff...I have been amazed at the amount we have, and the things I can't find, like my world-traveling suitcase - it's here somewhere, so is my trolley, but damned if I know where...


In Topic: What are you reading?

14 January 2018 - 11:28 PM

I've just finished The Junkyard Druid series by MD Massey.  Actually not bad at all.  Kinda Jim Butcher in feel but slightly lighter and with a much more readable main character.  Recommended for an Urban Fantasy reader or someone Urban Fantasy Curious.
I've decided to re-read Tad William's Memory, Sorrow and Thorn again because revisiting old friends that you haven't seen in ages is what you do sometimes.  So, I'm about 1/3 way through The Dragonbone Chair now.  I'm also reading AJ Lee's Crazy Is My Superpower: How I Triumphed by Breaking Bones, Breaking Hearts, and Breaking the Rules which is a damn good read on the autobiographical shelf.
I've tried to read Night Angel a couple of times and never managed to make it past the first half a book.  I'm not even really sure why.  I'll try again at some stage, but I have found it hard to wade through.

:) Some books are like that Chaos, I had to take myself to a beach to complete reading "Zen..." not the easiest read, but worth it :)

I'm having a huge fight with my "library" trying to be ruthless about stuff I'll never read again, not working very well :)