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In Topic: Get the Hell Out !

Yesterday, 09:02 PM

I started leaving home at around  I4 guess, not because I don't love my family, I do, immensely, but I needed to go see the world, a hunger that had been growing for a while.


I don't really understand guys like this, it seems they don't really want to grow up, but there are a lot of them around these days.


In my family we were all out before 18, with frequent visits, but to give our parents back their space - after raising five kids I think they deserved it, although without kids I suspect they would not have lasted the 56 year marriage until dad died that they had.


Other than family visits, sometimes a few days, I've never been back to live, frankly my mother would drive me nuts anyway :)



In Topic: how crap is this government ?

Yesterday, 03:39 PM



What happens if you don't show ID to the airport Stazi? No idea, they are still writing the freaking laws according the police who are .. working on this



Overall it's pretty painless in Australia, the States are much more authoritarian about it. Some years ago now I was doing an extended charter run in the U.S.rather wealthy family and the wife seemed to have packed her entire wardrobe. At every single airport they went completely through her bags - interesting mix of lingerie and other bedroom stuff she had ;)


China is probably the worst I've experienced, guilty until proven innocent attitude.



In Topic: My leg and the last 2 months

Yesterday, 08:58 AM




 He sort of runs a bake-shop, I think I went there once, but long before I knew of him on here but reasonable chance someone is looking after his food needs from the shop - I hope so anyway :)



It's common-bloody-knowledge he owns and runs a bakery in Ballarat ( and his fav-hobby is pinball machines ) :\  how could you think we, or I did not know that ? ... sheeesh !


I would like for him to be eating for his health and well being particularly at this time .




 Get out of the wrong side of the bed today Ev ? :)



In Topic: School shoting in Texas

22 May 2018 - 11:33 PM


If you don't arm your police with anything more than a truncheon, and even now in the main that is how it is in the U.K. then keeping guns off the streets is a good idea if you want people to decide to join the police force...


The U.K. has never been much of an armed society at all, the U.S ? They hide behind the second amendment and watch far too many westerns and cop shows...




You mean movies like John Wick as well ...




I don't know those, had to look them up.


Not quite my idea of relaxing viewing but then again despite my very large DVD collection I don't really watch many movies anyway.



In Topic: A quick question about views

22 May 2018 - 10:26 PM

It messed around with a lot of members sign on and view counts, me included, but in the end who cares ? those of us that are still around still chat happily :)