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So was Broome - I'[d actually forgotten that until the anniversary this week, but I'd not get stressed, you don't think the U.S. doesn't look after the forces up there ?


You'll be fine, trust me :)



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Today, 02:54 PM

*Shakes head*


You just don't get it, I don't deny Joyce has turned things around, possibly more by luck than judgement, but that profit figure does not allow for repayment of past bank debt nor does it necessarily include aircraft leasing payments.


The reason for that is quite simple, the aircraft manufacturers do not want those figures available because every airline is a different negotiation.


Qantas are in a way a bit ahead of the game at the moment - they actually own quite a portion of the fleet, but by no means all and the 2nd hand selling market at the moment is rubbish.



In Topic: This is why the world of humans is becomming a nastier place ... In my honest...

Today, 11:30 AM

i don't quite understand "the cost of no shows" given that if you hold a ticket and don't reschedule, you lose the price of the ticket


so realistically, the airline gets to load less baggage (passenger +/- luggage), and thus the fuel cost of transporting the load is less, but they get paid for supplying the opportunity to travel anyway



if the airline overbooks, they reap the non-refundable non-starters, and the ones who show up, so on my estimation if they overbook 10% then they get 110% of the full plane fare for nor disadvantage to the vendor, or risk if they can simply "de-plane" over booked cattle



the obvious solution would be to offer upgrades to those who would agree to wait for the next (less full) flight, or partial refund - the time rich, $ poor traveller might happily take a morning off to be offered a free airtrain ticket back to town with entry to the latest art exhibition while their luggage is safely minded, or be given a free room with netflix to have a powernap till lift off


in light of overbooking, no wonder stand by is not a thing - back in the day it was still feckin expensive compared to pre-booking well in advance; before the interweb you'd have to go to a travel agent to get a seat



 Not really the way it works mate - fuel in particular is unbelievably complex but also if you happen to have a bit of hold space you just upload freight from backload, the only really reliable part of the business and believe me there is always backload :)


Fuel... oh God, four years or so ago I had one of my very infrequent these days charter jobs,  just told the client here's the cost of the 'plane hire and associated fees, here's my rate, bring your card and I'll beat the best price out of them for you - he understood, so should anyone who drives a car...



In Topic: This is why the world of humans is becomming a nastier place ... In my honest...

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What on earth makes you think airlines do not run on a shoe-string ?


An efficiently well run budget airline, Jetstar actually is a good example, is operating on a margin of between 4 and 6 % in a good year.


Would you run a business on that basis and have that one bad year that sends you to the wall ?


I wouldn't.



In Topic: This is why the world of humans is becomming a nastier place ... In my honest...

Today, 07:20 AM

Well, I've spent far more air time at the controls of hot jets than I have anything commercial but a number of my friends fly for various airlines around the world.


The best comment I ever heard was from a now deceased - of plain old age I hasten to add, senior captain who said "I don't care what the SLFs (self loading freight) paid, they will always get a safe trip with me, because if they don't I'm going to be the first one at the accident."


I think that comment should be handed out to every prospective pilot, and that's coming from a now quite ancient wild child who probably took a lot of risks when solo but never when carrying passengers.