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School shoting in Texas

19 May 2018 - 12:02 PM

Oh no, not another one...


The reports are a bit confused but seems like 10 dead, several in hospital, some critical, the culprit in custody.



Just when is the U.S. going to address its gun issue ?


Trumps ridiculous proposal to arm teachers doesn't exactly help, the again I wonder if dear Donald would know one end of a gun from the other these days.


A mass amnesty to return guns is probably not going to work in the U.S the way it did, to a degree, here, they have a gun culture based upon the obsolete amendment and not just the NRA but the massive gun production industry wants to just accept that guns kill people now and again - what a load of rubbish.


I can accept guns in the military, rather uncomfortable about cops having them, most of them don't really understand guns at all.


Security guards, no way, never met one with much in the way of intelligence.


I get somewhat conflicted because I do own guns, but only for paper punching really and little of that these days, most of mine are not even in Australia any more and never will be.


But America is not Australia, never will be, when an American casually chucks a .38 in the glove box to go shopping, something I've seen a couple of times, you know you are not in a sane society. Being English by birth I'm familiar with a society that has very few guns in it, although that has weakened over the years.


I can even understand the interest in guns, I used to spend more time cleaning and modding mine than I did firing them, there's an analogy somewhere there to how we are with computers, but computers rarely kill people.


But school shootings are out of control, America needs to tighten up its laws so a kid can't "borrow" his dad's legally owned gun and go kill his classmates, but I doubt they will until or if there are some radical changes in Washington. Even then it will just cause uproar in many if not most States because the U.S. is not as "United" as its' name suggests.


 Impossible situation and getting worse, no idea without being draconian of how to resolve it.



New Glasses

18 April 2018 - 01:01 PM



A bit of a backstory - I had both my cataracts fixed end of last year/beginning of this, very successful but not quite 100% vision restoration so still need glasses but just single focus, two sets, one for close work, one for distance.


Delights of getting old. :)


Having moved house I went to a different optician, the one whose initial are SS.


Biggest surprise I've had in several years of eye treatments now. They did a very thorough eye test, agreed I didn't need much and multi-focals would be a waste of money, just new frames and new lenses.


Then came the biggest surprise - I'm used to paying silly amounts for frames that never last but after picking them out and passing over my Healthcare card the total bill came to $39...


Picking them up on the 30th - can't wait, struggling with generics at the moment and not driving until I get them, sort of doctor's orders. That's ok, sharing with a couple of guys one of whom is happy to run small errands in his car.


Now I have to go back once I get them and get a flight med update for re-certification, but pretty sure that will be fine, a lot of older pilots wear glasses and the distance pair are perfectly ok for the job in the types I typically fly - far enough from the instruments to be able to read them fine.


I think I've being going to the wrong opticians for years... Will certainly be going back to these guys :)







a little "conversation" with a so- called watch service centre required...

11 March 2018 - 11:28 AM

;( I have a Rolex GMT Master, have had for decades - great watch and well looked after.


About a year ago on the recommendation of a local jeweler I took it to a "service centre" who claim to be "Swiss trained," worst thing I ever did for it.


For near on a year it has repeatedly stopped, never did that before, then the spindle fell out, they charged another$300 odd dollars to replace it so the service was now up to $1,300 but it still stopped when it felt like it.


Then last night the spindle fell out...


So now it has stopped, can't be adjusted and is sitting very sad on my desk.


I'm not even going to bother to ring them, going straight there tomorrow morning and will wait to have it properly fixed, partly because I plan to be leaving in a couple of months maximum and partly because I'm livid...


This is not a cheap watch, has been valued at upwards of $10k, they've made it less reliable than a $20 Timex...


Words need to be had...



New 'phone

23 February 2018 - 03:09 PM



On the advice of my  carrier I just had an oppo CPH1719 delivered, it's on charge right now must have been completely flat, which with LiPO is probably not such a bad idea, so have to wait for it to charge up before it will boot but thus far rather impressed.


The specs go far beyond what I tend to use a phone for, send/receive and SMS 90% of the time.


Yes, I know, Chinese phone but it is likely I'll only use a fraction of it's features anyway and they get a good rep. not read a bad review yet and it was by no means expensive.


We'll see once it charges and I swap sims but liking it at the moment.







I'm back

20 February 2018 - 08:54 AM

Well. sort of.

I had a move forced on me, new owners, perfectly nice people but they wanted to renovate and move in so had to move. a whole 4 streets but the most disastrous move ever, this from someone used to moving around the world rather often.

My wife had enough, is in a refuge, we'll sort it out, talk nicely every day, but we needed a break, my family, who have been fantastic want me in SA for a bit so as soon as I have this mess I'm living in in storage " I'll be "Leaving on jet plane" not sure when I'll be back again but it wont be long, my wife needs me and we hit restart.

My ISP for the first time ever let me down, 43 days of no net, not good for a net junkie like me, 4 streets but went from NBN to ADSL and they messed up the DSLAM, finally sorted yesterday. T$, not the ISP.

To top it all Off I have some rare, supposedly temporary medical condition that messes with my balance big time so I can barely walk and they do not want me to drive so I'm housebound. The last time I did some idiot bumped the back of my car - Perth drivers... Not going to help the resale value of a car I need to sell, but it's not serious, I'll get rid of it and move on.

Of course as a result I'm stone broke and no way to get work in my industry but friends and family are helping there.

Lastly Centrelink wont be giving me any more money, I'm of pensionable age so need to move to that but they messed up getting the paperwork to me, should arrive today then I have to get to them, apparently it goes fast from there but I might need some emergency help, they messed up, so hopefully they will assist.

What a tale of woe, but I'm still laughing, so long as you keep your sense of humour you are still alive :)

Look after yourselves,We'll get there, just wont be overnight...