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Blu-Ray on Windows 10

03 September 2017 - 05:07 PM

Not for me, I really don't care much about movies on PC but I've been cleaning up a machine for a friend and he sort of neglected to tell me that when he said his optical drive had a problem he meant it doesn't play Blu-Rays.


I just upgraded VLC but it does not seem to have made any difference, driver-fix.com seems to have a solution but I'm wondering if anyone else has had success with this ?


It's now on Win10 Pro but it seems MS just have no interest in supporting the format any more.


I don't really have a lot of interest, we have a few but hardly ever watch them, but he goes to the mines often so streaming is not much of an option, anyone solved this before I go have a hassle with driver-fix.com ? :)



Sometimes I'm convinced my fellow pilots are idiots...

26 August 2017 - 01:23 PM



I hang out on PPrune a bit, a pilots rumour site, more to see what is going on and if any old friends crop up go have a chat.


There is a discussion running over Qantas wanting to do Oz to London non-stop - they have been doing it out of Perth for years. I've used it myself a few times. Ever since the 747-400 came along with a light load it is not a problem.


How does that happen ? Circle routes, Qantas often rotate aircraft via Perth back to Europe, not expecting to pick up a lot of passengers but often do get a lot of freight and if they can balance a load to operate direct they save on interim landing and handling fees - Perth is pretty inexpensive in that regard.


I've no idea if they are doing it at the moment, I've not had to go to the UK for several years but when FIFO was at its peak over here they could fill a 747 from the east coast very easily. Then they would pick up a load and whatever passengers, a lot of English folk here so always get some, and re-position the aircraft to Heathrow for probably neutral cost and have a profitable load-out for the return.


Amazing but a lot of commercial pilots really do not understand the economics of the industry.


Sydney to London direct, bit of a different story, Perth really is a lot closer and the climate conditions are usually more friendly for at least a part of the trip.


I'm asking some friends at Boeing but on paper even the 777ER could not do that, at least not legally.


I can't be bothered telling them, they never really listen anyway :)








Geez Trump - every day you reveal yourself as a bigger dickhead...

24 July 2017 - 03:28 PM



That carrier is not even vaguely ready for service, those "catapults" just do not work as they claim, but that is the least of it:




I know guys who are considering early retirement rather than winding up transferred there.


Trump also does not seem to understand that carriers hardly travel alone,  a carrier group is the norm, so first over the horizon is not likely to be the carrier, in fact it will probably be F-18s, or maybe A-6s in low to scope things out.


In other words the "CinC" does not seem to understand what he is in charge of....


Of course I've spent the past several years wondering why the hell they would call a carrier after the most useless president who ever in my lifetime wound up in the Oval Office, and I do include Nixon in that line-up:)




Well, that's wonderful

11 July 2017 - 11:41 PM



Was absent for a few days week before last, second opinion for my doc with a hospital stay but had the full grease and oil change anyway - six days until I said "look, I feel like a charlatan, in this four bed ward there's two guys dying of emphysema heading towards lung cancer and one with liver cancer whilst here I am fully dressed sitting on my bed reading and all that is wrong with me is that I'm not steady on my feet, You need this bed for other people, I'll go rest at home."


Then they confirmed my doc's diagnosis, Cerebeklar Ataxia - not fatal or anything but messes with your balance - big time, so walking is not at all easy - getting more difficult actually.


Apparently there is no known cure, it gets better or it doesn't.


You CAN get it from excess alcohol, but that was eliminated through blood tests, I drink far less than I used to. Best guess is head trauma from somewhere in my overly adventurous past.


So now I have the after affects of Glandular fever, CFS, hypertension and now this - think I should trade this body in :)


Oh well, with mobility aids I can still sort of get around, for now, but not much chance of working much, so have had to apply for a disability pension, not exactly what I was hoping for in 2017...


I can still drive, fine once behind the wheel, dunno about flying though, probably not, but the jury is still out on that.


Bloody nuisance, but can only wait to see how it pans out and take lots of vitamins, Thiamine especially, either it gets better or it doesn't but my doc suggests many, many months at a minimum - I'll be drawing an old-age pension by then...


Great year again - not...





What are you reading?

29 June 2017 - 06:14 PM

I'm sure we have had this thread before but damned if I can find it.


Courtesy of a short hospital stay, nothing serious, more observation but it gave me a bit of time to catch up.


"The Last Man on the Moon" Eugene Cernan, is well worth a look, the title is a bit of a misnomer he covers the entire U.S. space programme from Redstone through to Apollo 17, never quite read about it that way.


I happened to be in Florida when 16 went up, made it to the beach in time to see the launch - utterly awesome is the only way to describe it.


Then I switched tracks and grabbed a thriller, "Kilo Class" Patrick Robinson - pretty good, only about a third through at the moment.


I get home and realise I'm deep into the "Clancy" latest, True Faith and Allegiance" but forgot to take it with me, so now, as is my usual thing I'm reading more than one book, plus magazines, never bothers me.




Air &Space




Whatever IEEE sends me


APC ( most months)


Scientific American, really must get a sub, the ad hoc price is scary :)


Nexus (I don't mind their content, many seem to - does it influence me ? Probably not, but an open mind is one way to stay young ;) )


So, what's in your pile ?


Oh, I didn't get to that yet :)