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Happy Easter!

14 April 2017 - 11:47 AM



 Since no one else seems to have mentioned it :)


Weirdest religious holiday of all in my view, today we eat buns emblazoned with a cross and eschew a good steak for over-priced fish, tomorrow is sort of back to normal then Sunday we risk diabetes on masses of chocolate, Monday we try to recover. :)


We'll take part in some of it but there won't be much chocolate, not a huge fan. :)








29 March 2017 - 02:30 PM

I've been having physio the last couple of weeks, did make a bit of a mess of my legs with the crash-dive under the SUV to rescue the kid, not something someone my age should really be doing but at least the government gave me five free physio sessions.


I've had three so far and the guy seems more intent upon testing than treating, that and giving me exercises that are things I've done for years. However last week he added one to my regime that I struggled with for three days but by Sunday I had to give it up it was giving me so much lower back pain that I was close to tears and I'm no stranger to pain.


Saw my doc on Monday, he took one look at me and handed me a script for Tramadol. I don't like pain-killers at all and especially one as strong as that but it has helped, just need to be careful, I'm not going through another withdrawal, morphine years ago was quite enough for one lifetime...


So I was pretty relieved in the session today when he suggested some hydro, week after next for my own reasons.


It should help or at least I get a couple of free swims :)


I'm a little amused though that in trying to deal with one issue that is well on the mend he's gone and created another :)


Anyone else have to do physio ?


It's been a lot of years since I had any, my body tends to self-heal but it is not getting any younger...









W.A going to the polls tomorrow

10 March 2017 - 01:30 PM

Interesting, they've added several voting options that I'm pretty certain were not there before.


Being neither my wife nor I are in the best of health at the moment we were a little concerned since it promises to be a scorcher of a day and our usual polling booth, whilst nearby can be a heck of a walk.


So I go onto the WA Government website and discover there is a drive-through option but no real explanation of what that actually entails, so I called them.


A very helpful guy tells me I can vote on-line and save the bother, not sure we have had that before either but it was an easy registration process and my vote is now in, so all done and avoid the scrum tomorrow.


I don't think it will make a lot of difference, most of the state is sick of Barnett but it doesn't hurt to make sure he is kicked out although if a Labor government will be much better remains to be seen.







There are some things you should not tell your wife...

21 February 2017 - 10:37 AM

...About 5am this morning I get woken by my cat having a hiissy fit at the back door. Thought it was probably the rat we had a few days ago but got up anyway before the cat's noise woke my wife.


No, some probably drugged up idiot was trying to break in...Saw the situation, grabbed a very large knife on the way through the kitchen and had a few words, very few because as soon as he saw the knife he was gone - fuckwit...


Fed the cat and went back to bed.


Should not have told her about it, now she's all stressed.


It's a strange suburb sometimes, mostly fine, but a bit of a drug culture with the teens.


I never worry about it, I'm not one to fuck with, but she stresses...






03 February 2017 - 05:02 PM

I've been a but distracted the past couple of weeks, may even have been a bit short tempered, which is not usually me, but the reason is one of my sisters has been in a rural hospital in S.A. and yesterday the diagnosis came back as both ovarian and bowel cancer and neither operable.


Chemo is her only choice, but I dunno, I' m not hugely hopeful, that's a bad mix.


We basically never get cancer in the family and a couple of us, me included have spent a deal of time in carcinogenic environments, I'm not aware that she ever has, just worked retail so it was a bit of a shock.


We'll have to see, the treatments get better all the time, but she lost her husband to the big C about a decade ago and that sure smashed her around whilst at the same time I'm sure preying on her mind at the moment.


Not going to be a good few weeks whilst we find out what they can do....


A big chunk of the family are with her at the moment which has led my two brothers and I to decide not to jump on 'planes just yet - gets to be death-bed stuff if too many turn up - I call her most days, that she appreciates, but waiting game just now...