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I'm back

20 February 2018 - 08:54 AM

Well. sort of.

I had a move forced on me, new owners, perfectly nice people but they wanted to renovate and move in so had to move. a whole 4 streets but the most disastrous move ever, this from someone used to moving around the world rather often.

My wife had enough, is in a refuge, we'll sort it out, talk nicely every day, but we needed a break, my family, who have been fantastic want me in SA for a bit so as soon as I have this mess I'm living in in storage " I'll be "Leaving on jet plane" not sure when I'll be back again but it wont be long, my wife needs me and we hit restart.

My ISP for the first time ever let me down, 43 days of no net, not good for a net junkie like me, 4 streets but went from NBN to ADSL and they messed up the DSLAM, finally sorted yesterday. T$, not the ISP.

To top it all Off I have some rare, supposedly temporary medical condition that messes with my balance big time so I can barely walk and they do not want me to drive so I'm housebound. The last time I did some idiot bumped the back of my car - Perth drivers... Not going to help the resale value of a car I need to sell, but it's not serious, I'll get rid of it and move on.

Of course as a result I'm stone broke and no way to get work in my industry but friends and family are helping there.

Lastly Centrelink wont be giving me any more money, I'm of pensionable age so need to move to that but they messed up getting the paperwork to me, should arrive today then I have to get to them, apparently it goes fast from there but I might need some emergency help, they messed up, so hopefully they will assist.

What a tale of woe, but I'm still laughing, so long as you keep your sense of humour you are still alive :)

Look after yourselves,We'll get there, just wont be overnight...


mygov seems to be down - at least in W.A.

16 January 2018 - 01:35 PM

Being all and I mean all, of the government phone lines are coming back "busy" I assume it is not just me...

I really do not understand "Mygov" we built networks and distributed servers decades ago to provide resilience, now they want to stick it all under one URL.. really smart... not.

We are at the mercy of idiots...


Damn I hate moving house !

14 January 2018 - 08:20 PM

We don't have an option this time, new owners with some very strange ideas about this place and apparently no idea of how to read a calendar.

However we are now locked down to the 19th, next Friday, and still a stack of packing to do, but we are getting there, one of my daughters is coming by on Wednesday to assist, she's very good so that will help. Neither of us are terribly healthy at the moment and the heat has been oppressive so no fun at all.

We'll get there, but no fun at this time of year.

I just hope it's a long-term rental, do not want to do this again in a hurry...


Perth drivers - again....

05 January 2018 - 02:14 AM

I don't really drive that much these days, we are bedded down in an area that has everything in easy reach.

But the last couple of weeks I've had had some idiot yelling at me on what are really just side roads: The first was "get off the road!!" I was doing 48 in a 50 k zone but I saw him surge off into the distance way over the limit and promptly tailgate some other driver and I assume abuse him/her as well.

Then a couple of days later I get called a moron for doing a perfectly legal U turn.

I'd had enough, the next time he mouthed off at me and let's understand, I alternate driving two different cars so it was not vehicle recognition, i think the moron just abuses everybody.

The next time I happened to be in the Pug, so I simply downshifted and blocked him then got out for a "conversation."

I don't think the little turd expected that, he tried to back up but funnily enough there was a car behind him who was in no hurry, turned out he had been abused by the moron as well.

I don't recall the exact detail of the conversation but i think I called him a few very uncomplimentary names, offered to kick is head in and assertained he had been driving for a whole two years..
I received a lot of white faced apologies - I guess he wont be doing it again, but if anyone should be off the roads it is morons like him...

If anyone knows me I might be 65 but I'm still 6 foot of trim muscle and as my wife says I can have steely grey eyes that say "Fuck with me and I'll kill you."

Probably not what moron was expecting, I guess he wont do it again but I have his plate number now, very conspicuously caught on my phone cam that I'll pass to the local cops, most of whom are good mates.

Driving in Perth... one adventure after another...

Now that is off my chest, I'l go get some sleep :)


Our Government and living in a city designed by Mr Scribble...

02 January 2018 - 02:58 PM

Long story but I'll make it short.

I'm applying for some very temporary bond assistance on the basis that it is on offer so why not ? Our estate agent actually recommended it.

However the department overseeing it is in the oddest hard to get to location and has absolutely no published guidelines but insists you attend in person. Given I am still suffering walking problems that is not the easiest thing in the world but there are a lot of helpful people out there only too willing to assist.

So I go there today, to run into another road-block caused by their lack of guidelines and will need to go back tomorrow.

I leave, a bit annoyed, and being where I live is rather asymmetrical, you can't always return the way you came, I'd checked Google maps and it SEEMED I could loop around the block and be fine...


The map must be out of-date, I was forced to basically get lost for ten minutes in a tangle of one-way streets before I was able to re-orient myself and get home.

I've had better days...