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In Topic: What's on your mind?

Yesterday, 08:55 PM

To my surprise enterprise Trump is doing ok, if more aggressive - we shall see...

Doing ok?

His budget is a joke and will never pass. It won't even pass his own side of politics.

He is happy that a foreign power interfered in their presidential election, because it benefited him, and he just signed a massive arms deal with an appalling regime.

Yeah, doing ok....

In Topic: What's on your mind?

Yesterday, 11:33 AM

Ahh well. She wouldn't be there being stylish if the Pres. was Obama ... or Hitlery ... we'd have a clear lack of individual style foolishly strutting around instead ;)

True, but Michelle was a great First Lady imo. Someone real with substance. The current mob, well yeah...

In Topic: how crap is this government ?

26 May 2017 - 10:10 AM

The quality of staff at one nation has much to be desired.

on par with their representatives don't you think?

In Topic: What's on your mind?

26 May 2017 - 10:00 AM

Sitting at the airport waiting for my now delayed departure, I decided to check which Aussie airlines had the worst departure record. My experience with Virgin has been poor, but it turns out they are actually the best.

Most airlines were similar when it comes to on time departure, except one.

Jetstar was easily the worst of the lot.

I'm flying Jetstar :(

In Topic: What's on your mind?

25 May 2017 - 08:24 AM

I use fb, I don't want to bombard this forum with that stuff

Well Gee ! That's what this Room was and is ( by the skin of it's teeth ) for isn't it ?! People came here to bombard us with their concerns, happy events, everyday life stuff ...
I don't know why Mac Dude thinks it's a joke to see this forum finish :\

*rolls eyes*