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In Topic: This is why the world of humans is becomming a nastier place ... In my honest...

Today, 01:21 PM

Well that's why you're not making profits like this:
Remember, when you're talking BILLIONS, hell even MILLIONS, 1% is a LOT of profit.
Profit is listed after paying things (people included).

Why run the risk of a business for 1% when you can put it in the bank with zero risk and make more? While the figures are big 1% profit is not sustainable.

EDIT : Oh, and as for the 'bumper profit', how about this bumper loss : http://www.abc.net.a...results/5702174

In Topic: This is why the world of humans is becomming a nastier place ... In my honest...

Today, 11:07 AM

Im of two minds on that one.
Traditionally, you're totally correct.
But in the world of 'yelp', and newspapers loving things like 'customer relations stories' and the fact that they ANNOUNCE IT OVER THE SPEAKERPHONE..... I'm inclined to disagree.
I think being able to advertise "Never leaving a passenger behind" would be much better overall marketing than "Free headphones and extra staff".

If 99% of passengers in Australia never experience being booted off a plane because of overbooking you'd be advertising a benefit of zero perceived value. It would be like advertising "We guarantee you won't be attacked by a llama on any of our domestic flights!"

And the only reason they overbook is to cover the cost of no-shows.
If they can cover the cost elsewhere, it just seems like a poor business decision.....
One unhappy facebook user can cause a genuine riot these days.

It might seem like a poor decision to those of us outside the industry, but airlines are VERY sophisticated in their profit/loss management of every flight.

For an individual flight there may be as many as 30 different ticket classes all with varying profit levels. The airlines are able to model each flight so they know how many of each class they can sell and maintain the level of profitability they want.

Sure, social media means that every problem is shared with more and more people and when this starts to impact their bottom line they will change their models, but until then...

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Today, 10:02 AM

Australian consersative party to merge Family First.
Waiting for this to merge with White Nation party.

I think it's great that all the parties I disagree with most are merging making it easier for me to focus my disdain. Thanks wankers :)

In Topic: This is why the world of humans is becomming a nastier place ... In my honest...

Today, 09:58 AM

I disagree, we're paying the lowest fare because it's the lowest markup, they're not operating on a shoestring here.
I'd sacrifice cabin staff and free headphones, before I sacrifice seat space and reliable boarding.
I wonder who they polled to decide "Nah, overbook them, but be sure to include free headphones..."

I'm not sure what you mean.

The markup to the consumer is irrelevant, it's the overall cost that is important. As for not operating on a shoestring, you're right, however they are in a cut throat business which is why so many go to the wall or need bailing out.

As for overbooking versus headphones, think about it. If you provide headphones every customer sees that. If you oversell, very few customers will experience it. Some here have, but in hundreds of domestic flights around Oz I haven't seen it once.

So on one hand you've got a benefit that every customer will see and on the other you've got cost cutting that few customers will see...

In Topic: This is why the world of humans is becomming a nastier place ... In my honest...

Yesterday, 09:46 PM

And that wont happen because there will always be people who buy the lowest fare.

Exactly.  Collectively, we're permitting this policy.

I'm not sure if that's the case in that we don't act collectively, we act individually in such matters.

We buy the lowest fare because we feel we are entitled to, but we don't expect any negative consequences to happen to us, that's supposed to happen to other people.