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Blade Runner 2049

06 October 2017 - 08:27 AM

*** No spoilers ***

Blade Runner 2049 opened yesterday (well here in Melbourne at least). Being a big fan of the original I was somewhat nervous about the sequel. Let's face it, sequels are more often than not a pale imitation of the original, and when the original is such an iconic movie, the risk is greater.

Well thanks to Telstra cheap tickets, I went last night with the missus and I'm pleased to report that this sequel nails it. The balance between the old movie and the new is right, the cinematography is stunning and the sound is awesome. I enjoyed the story and thought the performances were strong and I'm especially glad they didn't lean too heavily on Harrison Ford.

It's worthwhile seeing this on the biggest screen in your hemisphere, I saw it at Vmax which was great.

For a taste you can view the trailers, official trailer 1, official trailer 2.


Also, they released 3 shorts that cover some of what happened between the 1st Blade Runner and the second.  Do you need to watch them before you see the movie?  Not really, but they do add a little insight into some of the dialog in the movie and they don't in any way spoil the movie itself so I'd recommend viewing them before you see the movie.  It's a little annoying that all 3 have the same intro and clips from the trailer, but you can skip past those.


Short 1, Black Out 2022 (anime)


Short 2, Nexus Dawn 2036


Short 3, Nowhere to Run 2048


Anyway, just go and see the movie :)


Oh, and it is a long movie, something that took me by surprise.  The running time is 163 minutes!

Same-sex postal survey is a go

07 September 2017 - 02:41 PM

The High Court has just handed down their decision to let the survey proceed.


The decision was unanimous.

Now that it's a go, I thought it would be interesting to get people's thoughts on what the Yes/No breakdown will be. No prizes for guessing right :)

EDIT : Oh, my guess is the result will be 58% Yes.

Barcelona attacks

18 August 2017 - 11:10 AM

There have been 2 terrorist attacks in Spain in the past 24 hours.

The first in Barcelona where a van driven along a tourist road, Las Ramblas, killed 16 and injured 100.


Just come to light was a similar attack a few hours south of Barcelona. In this case the van overturned as the terrorists tried to drive it onto a pedestrian mall. There were some injuries and it appears the terrorists in this case have been shot.


Obviously the facts may change as things become clearer.

My thoughts are with those killed or injured and their families.

My inlaws live 45 mins south of Barcelona and we have been over to visit a few times including last year. We staying in the Gothic Quarter and walked along Las Ramblas often to get around to various sights. It's a wide bustling road with restaurants and bars down the middle. It's usually full of tourists so it's easy to see how the injury toll was so high.

EDIT : The latest summary from the ABC -

  • 13 people are dead and about 100 more injured after a van mounted the kerb at Barcelona's Las Ramblas tourist strip
  • One NSW woman in serious but stable condition in hospital, two Australian men also affected, Foreign Minister says
  • Two men arrested in relation to incident, which is being treated as a terrorist attack, but police say neither was the driver of the vehicle
  • The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for the attack
  • Death toll expected to rise, official says
  • Five killed in firefight in coastal town of Cambrils, two hours' drive from Barcelona
  • Police say those killed in Cambrils were perpetrators of terrorist attack in that town linked to Barcelona van attack
  • Police say van attack appears to be linked to explosion at house in Alcanar in early hours of Thursday, killing one and injuring another

And the winner is,

16 August 2017 - 03:42 PM


For the 7th time running Melbourne has won the Economist Intelligence Unit Livability Index which takes into consideration stability, culture the environment among other factors.


Other Aussie cities of note were Adelaide(5th), Perth(7th) and Sydney(11th).


30 July 2017 - 12:18 AM

Given the amount of overseas travel and online stuff I do I'm surprised this hasn't happened earlier.

Just over four thousand dollars of fraudulent credit card transactions over the past few days. Got an email from the bank that alerted me of the problem(no, not a scam e-mail because it told me to contact the bank using the number on the back of the card).

And it wasn't the two big dollar transactions that they picked up on, it was the attempted zero dollar transaction. Fortunately it just looks like it will be the inconvenience of moving my Netflix and webhosting regular payments...