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Gerry Harvey has got his work cut out for him

04 August 2017 - 11:33 AM



Gerry Harvey is talking gloom and doom.  I guess to some extent, he's got a good point, if the Govt can't force Amazon to pay their taxes, then the whole country loses out, but at least it'll shake up the local competition.

Making the world's biggest military even bigger, watch out China!

17 March 2017 - 12:54 PM

I was reading about how Trump wants to give the US Defense force a whole wad of extra cash, and I'm wondering, if they are no longer fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan, who are they going to war with?







President Donald Trump just released a budget plan intended to fulfill a promise to rebuild the military with “one of the largest increases in national defense spending in American history.”


Specifically, Trump wants to boost “base” military spending by US$52.3 billion to $574 billion, an increase of 10 percent over fiscal year 2016. Separately, he’s requesting $65 billion for ongoing wars.


Trump’s rhetoric aside, a 10 percent increase would not actually rank among the nation’s largest, as many quickly pointed out. But that exaggeration should not be the central concern for Americans as they monitor how Trump and Congress debate how to spend their hard-earned dollars. The real problem is whether any increase is justified.


South Australia to install new batteries!

14 March 2017 - 10:46 AM

In light of the recent energy crisis in South Australia, the SA Govt is set to announce new gas-fired power plants, in addition to a battery storage plant to moderate energy usage.




Elon Musk has offered to build the Battery Storage Plant within 100 days of an order, or it's free.  BUT, this appears to have sparked some local competition from battery companies here in Australia.




Not sure how feasible Pumped Hydro is, that would take a lot of time to implement.

Thanks Obama

02 February 2017 - 02:26 PM



Android Auto

27 December 2016 - 07:06 AM

After scratching my head as to why a 2015 car was able to exist without Bluetooth Audio Streaming, I had a look around at different options.


I didn't want a mess of cables in the car cabin, it looks ugly, and a potential area of failure. Utilising the existing Steering Wheel Controls (SWC) is important as well.


I've looked at the various Parrot options, but they are very dated, and don't offer SWC for my vehicle.


Most other options include plugging things into the 12V socket, of which I have one, and it's smack bang in the middle of everything (bad placement, it's right in the way of the transmission shifter)


I'd either need a 12V socket installed into the glovebox or the centre console, the centre console isn't very big, so the Glove box would be better.


Putting in a bluetooth-enabled head unit was another idea, you can get come capable single-DIN units fairly cheaply, but they can look garish, even when you use an appropriate fascia kit, but these days, on base model cars, they are easy enough to swap in and out, especially as you can get wiring harness adaptors (and SWC) for just about every make and model of car on the market.


I was thinking about navigation as well, but I've gotten used to Google Maps running on my phone, and the Navi head units are expensive and clunky and there's a lot of conflict between the brands.


So naturally, once I happened upon Android Auto, I thought I'd found the answer. But the head units were almost as expensive as the Navi units. Android Auto basically takes control of your phone (via USB), and displays it on the unit's screen, and gives you access to telephony, messaging, music and navigation, with the voice assistant, plus preserving or allowing customisation of your Steering Wheel Controls. You cannot access your phone directly while it's plugged in, which at first I thought was dumb, but then I thought, it's probably safer that way, as all the functions I need are on the head unit anyway, I can pop the phone away in the glovebox.


Then I found the Sony XAV-AX100, which is a fair bit cheaper (probably doesn't have all the bells and whistles) and it also has Apple Car Play for those so inclined. http://www.sony.com....ayers/xav-ax100 It also has a rear-camera input.


What do people think of Android Auto? There doesn't seem to be a better option for my money.