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God of War 2018 (PS4)

26 April 2018 - 09:39 AM

So, anyone played much of the new God of War (2018)?


I'm having a lot of fun with this.



PlayStation VR Price Drop AU$419.95

29 March 2018 - 09:38 AM

From April 2, the price for PlayStation VR Starter Pack will be reduced to AU$419.95

I assume this is probably the new model which is slightly redesigned from the release version (HDR pass-through and headphone jack relocated to headset)

Starter pack includes PlayStation VR, PlayStation Camera and VR Worlds (Redemption code)



Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018

26 March 2018 - 02:16 PM

I'm officially volunteering at the Games this year, picking up my uniform and accreditation tomorrow. I'm a Fleet Driver, part of their booked-car/driver service for Games Family.


It's during the school holidays, which I have off, so I don't have to worry about leave.


Is there anyone else on here that's involved in some way?

Gerry Harvey has got his work cut out for him

04 August 2017 - 11:33 AM



Gerry Harvey is talking gloom and doom.  I guess to some extent, he's got a good point, if the Govt can't force Amazon to pay their taxes, then the whole country loses out, but at least it'll shake up the local competition.