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Woo! Star trek Discovery! (spoilers, probably)

25 September 2017 - 11:48 PM

Hey folks, so, new trek, whats your thoughts?

Me? I've missed it a bit. This one looks rather fresh and JJ Abrams style, but aparantly from the original series timeline. I'd put forward that it may be it's own timeline, but who knows.

New Klingons! They do look a lot more beastly..

Starfleet tech looks nice too.. And the crack of the incoming warps was awesome.

Onto procedures tho, why is it always the senior staff/bridge officers who go on away missions. Surely with a complement of about 200 personnel on board they could have a dedicated assault team. Yes yes, I know, peace love and unity, thats the federation. But even tng had section 31.