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In Topic: What is making my mac slow?

Today, 11:27 AM

That's not the classic firefox memory leak, it was a specific bug with a specific extension and specific websites.

I know because apart from the bugzilla ticket, the issue disappeared as soon as I stopped using that addon with buzzfeed open.

Also because I regularly have hundreds of tabs open for weeks at a time.

In Topic: Pc build south Aus

Yesterday, 06:07 PM

There won't be a clash per se, you just can't use gsync on a freesync screen, so it won't adaptively change refresh rates.

In Topic: Phones (not mobile) in cars

Yesterday, 12:50 PM

Do the laws define what a mobile phone is?

Because cars are mobile too right.

In Topic: Pc build south Aus

Yesterday, 12:48 PM

You have internet?

MSY have a website and email.

All you need is someone to pick it up for you - or just order it when you're closer to coming home and presumable prices go down.

In Topic: What is making my mac slow?

20 October 2017 - 08:11 PM

Thanks to an interesting bug with firefox an extension I found the other month, I actually did have a scenario where my PC ran like shit because firefox would fill up all available RAM, and then fill up all available virtual memory, and only then do a garbage collection round that freed up SFA.

But it didn't make the computer freeze and hang and that's it. It just killed the runaway process - firefox.

I can't imagine that a system with virtual memory set to dynamic, and a full drive so it can never really create a swap file, might do some odd things. But probably not what the warning on the site says.