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#1201780 NBN - Is it too expensive?

Posted by Nich... on 01 May 2018 - 12:37 AM

Convinced NBN I can actually get fixed wireless rather than shitty satellite - now I need to pick a RSP and convince the installer he may need more than a 3 metre mast to clear the road and gain LOS to the nearest tower :<

#1201709 Best cutscene?

Posted by Nich... on 25 April 2018 - 10:54 PM

Why is it obvious that it's from Heavenly Sword?

#1200319 Food Poisoning - Wouldn't recommend it.

Posted by Nich... on 01 March 2018 - 11:18 AM

Ah, but once you work out which bacteria and what food item it came from, you can then work back up the chain to see what else is infected. If your friend likes systemic fun, epidemiology is where it's at, not heart surgeon ;p

#1200290 Food Poisoning - Wouldn't recommend it.

Posted by Nich... on 28 February 2018 - 05:30 PM

How sure are you that it was food related, btw? The way you test it, BTW (apart from eating the food again to see if you get sick again) is have stool samples tested. Super fun.

Chicken and pork needs to be cooked fully as those meats can't be eaten partially cooked or raw like beef.


And cooked then frozen - I don't think that particularly helps at all. Bacteria and virus samples have survived journeys into space and back.

It's not about killing it all until no trace remains, just reducing the number alive to the point where it doesn't affect your body. Cooking/freezing/defrosting/cooking/eating can be a perfectly safe option, assuming you don't for instance defrost it over 12 hrs on your sink on a hot summer's day while you're at work.

Last time I washed some ice-cream down the sink was the last time we bought it. What went down the sink was not creamy melted ice-cream like you would think it should be.

Let me guess, you left it out to melt, and got a rude surprise when the stabilisers held room temperature sweetened cream in it's foam texture?

Likely they base the measurements on the food before it's cooked, treated, flash-frozen and otherwise had the goodness leeched out of it.

/eyeroll Snap frozen vegies are more nutritious for you than most other kinds of vegetables. The same with fish. Ignoring the fact that MS likes to ruin his food by overcooking it.

#1200230 I'm back

Posted by Nich... on 27 February 2018 - 06:32 AM

Oh wow, we're going there.

#1199643 "As official as it gets" Atomic Meet - 17 years young! Date-3 Feb 18

Posted by Nich... on 04 February 2018 - 01:51 AM

Good to say hi to everyone I could, sorry to the people I missed. Extra props to Chayos for a smoothly run event

#1199596 Ow my voice

Posted by Nich... on 01 February 2018 - 10:48 AM

Strictly straight edge (apart from the caffeine)?

#1199578 Ow my voice

Posted by Nich... on 31 January 2018 - 08:13 PM

Of course you'd compare eating vegetables to dying of skin cancer from sunbaking <.<

#1199548 FREEZE ISSUE....

Posted by Nich... on 30 January 2018 - 11:08 AM

I'm somewhat dubious of why a new - as in couple of month old - PC build is running a 5 year old OS that has a free upgrade path to windows 10

#1199360 Bitcoin trading.....

Posted by Nich... on 22 January 2018 - 11:07 AM

See most people would just use 'currency', not 'fiat currency'.  The people that like to insist on using 'fiat currency' tend to have kooky ideas about gold standards, and back in my days, and grand conspiracies.

#1199143 What's on your mind?

Posted by Nich... on 14 January 2018 - 11:37 AM

It's twisted logic to think you should be taking responsibility for Haiti, just because someone pointed out its fucked up history.

#1198920 Perth drivers - again....

Posted by Nich... on 08 January 2018 - 11:26 AM

where you can do 5~6 100kmph down to 20kmph hour speed changes within a 30 second period

That seems like one of those situations where someone asks why you keep going back up to 100 if you have to keep dropping to 20 so often.

#1198842 Perth drivers - again....

Posted by Nich... on 05 January 2018 - 04:18 PM

Phew, glad it's only an issue in Perth!

#1198295 Anybody know of a good piece of software for testing USB devices?

Posted by Nich... on 07 December 2017 - 11:12 PM

I mean, if you're going to try this kind of thing, surely you'd be not copy and pasting something found on half a dozen sites around the internet... straight after someone else has done the exact same thing?

#1198237 how crap is this government ?

Posted by Nich... on 06 December 2017 - 02:04 PM

They kind of have to, right? After they killed off all the nightlife?