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Car AM/FM aerials

11 October 2017 - 10:08 AM

I'm looking at why my car has awful AM reception, and thinking it may be an issue with the aerial or the active amp attached to it.

It's an '06 Kia Rio, but I'm struggling to find anything about the specs of it, like what kind of power it should be running on, in order to diagnose if it's dead, before ordering a new unit.

I know a few people on here are gearheads - any thoughts on places I can look?

What are your favourite audio player visualisations?

28 September 2017 - 02:41 PM

What seems like a long time ago, now, I remember Winamp being relatively new, and it had a bunch of visualisation plugins.  Milkdrop was fun for shits and giggles, but my favourite was always the spectrogram, and I'd just sit there and watch songs playing, trying to track specific instruments to their changes on the screen.


A while back, this winamp plugin stopped working.  Because winamp development has been dead in the water for a few years now, this week I started playing around with foobar (after having meant to do so a decade or more ago), and I was pretty thrilled to find it has a spectrogram plugin, too.


All day I've been listening to Mogwai and Godspeed you! Black emperor, with the spectrogram full-screen on my second monitor.


I'm not being very productive, today.  But I am enjoying it so much.


What are your favourite visualisations for music?

Home Server advice

19 September 2017 - 10:56 PM

I've now spent two years umming and ahhing over the best way to build a home server.  I was initially waiting for the next gen of HP's microservers, but they have been in limbo for over a year.


My latest thinking is perhaps to get a current-gen Intel NUC, for both the built-in h.265 support, and TB3.  Run the NUC as the heart of the operation, with an external enclosure for storage running over TB3.


Has anyone had any experience with this?


I understand the NUC is an expensive option, but the main features I like about it are it's size, it's low power usage, and it's ability to not get bogged down with filesystem and encoding/decoding type tasks all happening at once (which is an issue I've seen happening with a friend's older AMD-based HP microserver).


I was going to originally have a home server sitting up with the networking rack in a closet, but if it's something like a NUC, I'd probably  have it sitting under/behind the main TV and connect to it directly to act as a HTPC, rather than streaming from it via a chromecast.


As far as external drive bays go, I'd probably be looking at something in the ballpark of 4-5 bays, and a handful of 8-10TB drives.

GPU suggestions for 1080p TV

07 August 2017 - 09:32 PM

A friend is looking at building a desktop gaming box to replace his laptop for those duties, but due to the nature of his apartment and limited space, is happy to use his TV as a monitor.


Is it worth spending extra for a 1070?  Is a 1060 likely to last a few years at that res?

PAX Aus 2017

04 August 2017 - 04:46 PM

I have a three day pass, and hopefully will be able to use all of it.


Anyone else going?  Can maybe try to organise something social in and around it.