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Ban notice: codecreeper

18 July 2016 - 08:38 PM

This is a formality, because he seems to have chosen to leave anyway, but Codecreeper has been banned.  Making threats - on and/or off the forums - is seriously uncool.

Another parent kills a home invader

29 March 2016 - 10:24 PM

It seems to be all I'm 'discussing' on facebook today. Whether it's acceptable for a person to kill someone just for entering teir home at night. Or whether being a parent makes it more justifiable.

I'm reasonably familiar with the law, in Victoria at least, about what is required to arrest someone, what a proportional response is, and what constitutes self-defence.

I'm becoming reasonably familiar with just how rare this is, and I find it kind of creepy and reasonably scary just how many people think it's better to kill someone, to be safe, because they're breaking in and thus they're by definition a criminal and criminals aren't rational people that will act honourably.

Does anyone else find it depressing, in this modern day, that the law on this matter is held as so alien? That not being able to kill someone is somehow an impingement on their non-existent right to... freely kill people and call it 'self-defence'?

Personally, I think that schools should be teaching, formally, conflict de-escalation, right through the school system at age-appropriate levels, and that this would immeasurably help with this kind of problem. Thoughts?

Office PC - worth getting a NUC?

25 March 2016 - 11:54 PM

I have a dead office PC to replace in the coming week or two.

Replacing, essentially, an old E6600 with 2GB RAM and a 60GB SSD.

I'm aware I could potentially build something for a little cheaper, but if it's not much cheaper, I'd rather get a NUC because they're small and solid-state (mostly).

It really only gets used for online banking, MYOB, invoicing and printing, etc.

I have no idea how low spec a CPU I can reasonably get away with. I'd be moreso concerned with getting an older NUC for a lower end CPU and missing out on some features of the newer boxes.

Oh, and... the monitor only has a VGA D-sub connection. So I guess I'll be getting a dongle for HDMI?