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In Topic: how crap is this government ?

01 June 2018 - 06:34 PM

My pension got cut by $140 so it looks like they know that I am kicking the bucket soon,seeing the piddle Doctor tomorrow,blood in the urine.



I'ts only going to last me a few years {my super} with this shit economy,maybe some bastard been looking in my safe?



The way things are going I think I will be dead by 75,the bastards know everything,must be my meta data,pricks.



Last time i logged on i thought someone was complaining about my subject I was trying to explain, but it was my style of writing and I misunderstood.



I hope this passes the test??????????????  

In Topic: Needles .

01 June 2018 - 06:11 PM

I've got a flue shot coming hope I remember...??????

In Topic: Looking for new modem (possibly HFC)

06 February 2018 - 09:36 PM

My young bloke who is into computers has studied the modems and Netgear came up trumps.

 He raves about his, but no good if you want a landline home phone as well as I found it no go. 

But most have mobile these days, except some oldies like me have both.Brilliant wifi though.

In Topic: Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

06 February 2018 - 09:07 PM

If you have Steam or Origin it will install if you have the rego numbers for activation,no cost to join either.

Just a thought.