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#1187571 how crap is this government ?

Posted by mickf on 21 January 2017 - 01:30 AM

God must have caught up with him posing as god? Michael Photius is pretty powerful too.Interesting?The plot thickens.Is there a spell check fixerupper on here as well???????

Sorry I meant to say thanks for the" imo'' explanation both of you

#1187070 how crap is this government ?

Posted by mickf on 10 January 2017 - 09:48 PM

As a pensioner I have had my pension just cut by a bit over $100 a fortnight because they are chasing the wrong people.People who get on TV and tell all and sundry they are not going to work just collect the dole should be the first to go.At 24yrs of age I lost everything,my house you name it, had to pay off a  $20000 debt to the warehouses I dealt with in business all because a prick did me out of thousands of $$$.I ended up in a mental hospital literally.After that I was on sickness benefits.I worked my arse of robbing banks,no seriously I did worked my arse off hay carting for $30 a day, 9 hr days brown snakes and all. I was then on the dole they told me to work that job and I did.Why can't they do that now,the poor bastards would keel over.They have not got the ticker in the CES OR WHATEVER THEY CALL IT NOW. They even could do voluntary work,put em in the Army get them off their phones and their computers and their arses.Lucky there is a phone book to look up jobs and apply for them NOT.They are the ones that should be getting the letters,PLEASE EXPLAIN,not how they are going about it now.Anyway then I worked as a labourer for 12 months.I applied for a job in my trade and had to leave town as I was successful in my application as a (lion tamer) only joking.Over the years bought a house had 5 kids,then bought an investment property,working up to 80 hrs a week.Work comes after success in the dictionary and in real life, is'nt it funny.You save up a nest egg and then get hammered by these politians when you have worked and paid taxes all your life.LIFE SUCKS in Australia.In New Zealand they seem to have these bludggers worked out and sorted out,pity Australia does'nt do the same thing?  

I have had my rant and I am not what you would call computer literate,this has taken since 9.30pm till now.Amen