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hi guys, i have question about Addict

06 June 2018 - 07:56 PM

Quick question for all : Are u moody when / if u can't game? Quick background on me and current situation as to why I ask. Missus kids and myself moved back to our home town about 6 mth ago now, the house we own here wasn't looked after by the tenant we had in it and in urgent need of Renos. The Inlaws made the offer to stay with them while working on the house and soforth. Unfortunately not a great deal of room in the house as is so the comp couldn't come, I've got it setup at a mates house and pop around when / if I can to get in what little gaming I can. I'm working 12 hr shifts 7 days on 3 off so I rarely duck around after work as I'm buggered. I noticed something this week though I've been continually getting frustrated at work and home, kids get on the nerves, co workers pissing ya off etc, until tonight I finally got to sit in front of my pride and joy and game uninterrupted for a few hrs. I didn't notice at the time, the brow uncreased, the frustration subsided, feeling nowhere as tense and coiled waiting to bite someone's head off. When the comps in the house work day or not I always squeeze in a few hrs so never really thought about it. I've now resided to the fact I'm a gaming junkie.... So what about you guys ......