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In Topic: i see dead people

Yesterday, 07:54 PM

RIP.  They had a story on the news, way too little though.  ACDC owe their existence to him, and he did various behind the scenes work for others.  And a legend in his own right with The Easybeats.

In Topic: Phones (not mobile) in cars

Yesterday, 12:48 PM

It's the method of use that matters.


Mobile sitting in the console, Bluetooth handfree kit in use is OK.

Mobile sitting in a dash mounted cradle as a GPS device is OK.

Mobile tethered to cig lighter for power being used by hand isn't.


The contentious issue though is 2-way radios.  You can actually do phone calls by an intermediate service using 2-way radio in some remote areas.  So really the main difference is in simplex vs duplex communication.

In Topic: Phones (not mobile) in cars

Yesterday, 12:30 PM

The network tech is irrelevant really for the user experience beyond the fact that phone is duplex but CB is simplex and that mobile digital will usually be much better quality at short ranges.


Also you could in theory have the same physical user experience with either.  Like a mobile handsfree kit with handheld mic or a CB with fixed mic and talk button on a stalk or something.

Whether a handheld mic is allowed for a handsfree phone, NFI.

In Topic: What's on your mind?

Yesterday, 11:42 AM

Gives them built in lag, probably a week minimum.  Plus some people just lose them.

In Topic: Phones (not mobile) in cars

Yesterday, 11:39 AM

They likely predate laws on not using phones in cars.

Also I imagine the majority of them would have been old analog technology so not working for about the last 10 years.


I doubt the fact they're built in makes any difference.  There's provision for phones in holders that can be touched to use the GPS function.  Of course an older phone won't have that anyway.  It's sort of like DVD players.  Some cars have them built in but in Aus and many places it's illegal for the driver to be able to view footage while the engine's on and that applies to aftermarket self-installed or portable as well.