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#1203578 sennheiser 175 wireless headphones

Posted by Rybags on 17 July 2018 - 12:40 PM

Could also be a problem with surround sound.  I've had similar when streaming local videos with 5.1 audio to my Bluray player - often the result is no audio at all.


Try the Info button or equivalent on your remote - usually it'll give you a bit of stream information such as stereo, dolby surround etc.

#1203559 sennheiser 175 wireless headphones

Posted by Rybags on 16 July 2018 - 08:00 PM

Movie channels?

Are you talking the free to air ones or something else like streaming or satellite?


I'd have to have a look but there's different codecs in use as of a couple of years ago.  Legacy DTV is somewhat like the old DVDs being Mpeg-2 and usually AC3 for the audio.

To fit more streams into the bandwidth, Mpeg-4 video is used on some stations now and I think that they're probably paired with AAC audio which might be the problem.


Though like you've said - the usual is that digital audio gets piped around the home theatre devices as PCM anyway so source format shouldn't matter.


But a fix might come down to playing about with audio formats of the devices in use.



ed - I just checked a recording of 9HD, it's AC3 but that would likely be to retain legacy support as the SD version of the channel would be sharing the audio.

Will have to look for a unique channel that uses the setup I suspect... likely one of the crappy shopping channels.


ed2- strange.  9Life is a H.265 channel in SD and uses MP2 audio.  Maybe it gives better compression at the shitty bitrates they'd assign to the minor channels.

#1203473 Why do phones have so little internal memory?

Posted by Rybags on 13 July 2018 - 07:09 PM

The NRL app refused to update one time, would just hang.


From memory I just uninstalled and took the SD card offline while reinstalling.


The ADB stuff - you do it when the phone's new or freshly reset - just normal ADB shell stuff which requires the shell and relevant phone driver installed on the host.

#1203463 Why do phones have so little internal memory?

Posted by Rybags on 13 July 2018 - 04:31 PM

Flash aint flash.


There's NOR and NAND (which is generally cheaper and slower).  And you can have serial or parallel (like RAM) access.  NOR flash can generally have a program run in place where removable/NAND you generally just use as a storage device.


But I somewhat agree - why not have a tablet that lets you do RAID using Class 10 microSD cards - so you could have like 40 Meg+ per second access, 64 Gig for about 40 bucks extra.

The obvious answer is that there's no money in it for them - just look at the price difference between a 16 and 32 Gig model of the same phone (esp Apple) vs what the wholesale of the storage chips would be.


There's tricks to get external storage to be usable for apps.  In some cases you need to mount it as "internal" rather than storage (it'll be an option somewhere in the settings).

On my phone, I issued an ADB command sequence before using the card - first up to partition it then allow it to be "adoptable" which in essense has extended the internal storage onto the SD card.

But it causes occasional problems though I've overcome it.

#1203364 don't want to make you paranoid, but...

Posted by Rybags on 10 July 2018 - 09:53 PM

One country isn't going to dictate such standards.


And if there was a standard it'd be something that'd be affordable, so for a rich place like here we'd probably end up with something like chest X-Rays being stored as 1200x800 JPGs @ 70% quality which would be a joke.

As mentioned too, there needs to be standards for culling and summarizing the data as well.


Whether many or any of these and plenty of other things were considered, who knows?

The other thing is you have a big variability in the amount of technology in use in private practices and the efficiency of it's use.

Lowest common denominator bullshit can keep the system decades behind where it should be.

#1203309 Life gallops on

Posted by Rybags on 09 July 2018 - 04:27 PM

Welcome back & congrats on the news.  Hang around some more.

#1203295 What's on your mind?

Posted by Rybags on 09 July 2018 - 09:54 AM

NBN now connected.  Ran a few Speedtests and seem to be getting what I paid for - Telstra Sydney 11 ms ping, 44.10 down, 19.2 up.





#1203220 BASTARD CHILD Member Since 10 Sep 2008

Posted by Rybags on 07 July 2018 - 04:25 PM

Found one of his Photobucket Libraries - I found another linked from a Dudeworld post yesterday but it's a private library.




#1203171 BASTARD CHILD Member Since 10 Sep 2008

Posted by Rybags on 05 July 2018 - 05:17 PM

RIP mate.  You were a legend with the PhotoShop and quick with the humour.


Somewhat sad, I don't think he was all that old either.


Re the membership - I think it was actually substantially longer than that - the September 2008 date got assigned to anyone who was around when the forums went to Invision.

#1202986 Sony NW-A45 Walkman & Sony Noise-Cancelling headphones

Posted by Rybags on 24 June 2018 - 04:16 PM

OK, it's sort of something like this (I think BigCliveDotCom on YouTube explains it somewhere).


USB (forget 3.x here) uses 4 lines, + - and the data lines.  + - carry the power.

A device can identify whether there's a computer at the other end or just a "dumb" power supply by fact that the data lines should be grounded if it's a power supply (or the other way).

But bottom line is that a device can identify what's at the other end and e.g. request more than 500 mA from a computer, or take more from a power supply.


The recommended thing for L-Ion type batteries is something like test extra amperage @ charging voltage until the wanted maximum is found provided no great voltage drop occurs.

Then charge at high amps until almost full.  Then trickle for the remaining few %


Anyway - something like that.  Some devices have good smarts and can just regulate what's coming in and cope with a meaty 2.5 Amp 5 Volt external battery.

Others are lesser equipped (maybe like headphones) and might only want 800 mA at 5 Volts max for the entire duration.


I suppose there's ways you could do a bodge - like make a dongle with current limiting resistors so a 2 Amp supply is reduced somewhat.  Of course if you use a single resistor you're probably going to have heat issues.

#1202907 Oppo R11s without the iphone style?

Posted by Rybags on 20 June 2018 - 07:47 PM

The easiest way to change the look/feel of Android is with an alternate launcher.


A launcher prettymuch takes over management of the desktop, icon placement, presentation of the app drawer and docked icons.

My previous phone was a Huawei from ~ 2015 and it had the horrendous EmotionUI that did the iPhone tryhard workalike thing.


Nova launcher to the rescue.  First thing to do is stop every app from being on the desktop.  Next thing was to change the ridiculous layout that presented something like a 4x6 icon layout that looked like it was taylored for someone with failing eyesight.

Other nice features is stuff like shortcut gestures and customization of how the app drawer works, and even stuff like transitions when you swipe from one homescreen to another.


An app I use today that makes my current phone more livable (or should I say Android itself) is Home Launcher.  Instead of that annoying Google app/search thing that appears when you swipe up from home or hold the home key, it presents a customizable quick-launch system that you can populate with commonly used apps or shortcuts.

#1202888 who else has a solar powered shed?

Posted by Rybags on 19 June 2018 - 10:42 PM

On the subject (sort of)...


Not far from where I live there's a favourite place they'd often put a mobile speed camera van.  It was practically a weekly affair on the 2 km stretch of road and of the 3 or 4 usual places along the distance this was the most common.

For whatever reason there's now a solar powered affair with a dot matrix sign, one time I drove past and saw a bunch of shiny-arses doing the wax lyrical wankfest over this thing.

If you drive past it and are under the speed limit you get a green smily face.

If you drive past in over 60 you get "SLOW DOWN" in red text.

No camera.  And for whatever reason, probably to "save money" it's a standalone thing that's self powered.


Now the problem here - the solar panel (all 400x400 mm or so of it) is static, pointing roughly north.  But we get shitloads of cloudy winter days not to mention a static solar panel usually being pretty poor to catch the low winter sun anyway.


The wanky sign, probably installed at great cost, barely works, no doubt thanks to not enough jiggawatts.

And the other problem - when it does actually work, the smily/slow down message appears when you're about 5 metres away - so if you do concentrate on reading it, you're sufficiently distracted to cause a dangerous situation regardless of speeding or not.

#1202868 how crap is this government ?

Posted by Rybags on 18 June 2018 - 05:09 PM

The issue I have with politicians is the free ride the cunts get for the rest of their lives once leaving the job.

#1202829 Far Cry 2 pics, videos, custom

Posted by Rybags on 16 June 2018 - 07:18 PM

Hey, thanks for increasing my YouTube stats by reposting my thread from 10 years ago  dick-knuckle!

#1202654 My pc is dead?

Posted by Rybags on 07 June 2018 - 12:51 PM

It's probablyfuckedyoushould buyanewone.