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DIY coolant liquid

26 October 2016 - 04:50 PM

I'm going to give this Thermaltake Bigwater 760is that came with a Core2 system a bit of a whirl.

Sadly the mounting bracket only goes up to LGA775, I assume that there's one available for later socket types if I happen to want to use it elsewhere.


So far as the coolant goes, I've had a bit of a look around and don't want to fork out the ridiculous bucks they want for dedicated fluids and don't give a crap about UV lighting or what it looks like.

What I have found is various bits of advice relating to using automotive coolant and mixing with distilled or demineralized water.


The plan I have  - I've got some half decent coolant that I think is 20% ethyl-glycol and also has the corrosion inhibitors.  I also just bought some demineralized water for all of $1.70.

So, mix the 2 together probably with a ratio of 2:1 coolant/demin water.

More water = better cooling ability, the corrosion inhibitor should still be sufficient ratio and with the ethyl-glycol it's not really needed and is worse for cooling but does have the benefit as per cars in that it helps keep the corrosion inhibitor stable and should also help to keep any organic growth to a minimum.




Project Binky

23 July 2016 - 11:33 AM

Rather than let it get lost in the 'What did you watch lately?' thread, this is deserving of it's own topic.


Project Binky - ongoing project by Bad Obsession Motorsport to transfer the running gear from a Celica GT-Four into a classic Mini.

Huge thanks to Outcast Aussie for bringing this series to our attention to begin with.


Episode 13 is out now!



And while you're at it, if you like cars, building cars, modding cars, whatever - just add their channel to your account:



I've got the latest ep downloading now in 720p to go with the remainder of the collection.  At 20+ minutes apiece, definately worth playing on the big TV.


To download YouTube videos can be a hit/miss affair at times.  Currently my best solution is a Firefox extension called "Download YouTube Videos as MP4", it puts a download button on each video's page which gives drop down options to save in whatever resolutions are available.

Another method is to visit a site that does the work for you, in my bookmarks are two which work sometimes but more often just don't:

VideoGrabby: Youtube Downloader

YouTube Downloader


Today's plan for me - watch ep 12 to get back up to speed then watch the new one (I've watched the entire series twice already).

Then come back later with comments.


Also, the guys were at this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed.  There's numerous videos around for each year's event, though I don't know if they get any mentions.

Axl Rose to front AC/DC

18 April 2016 - 10:23 PM

I assume it's just temporary.  Brian Johnson suffering hearing problems so has to take a rest from touring.
Of all the possible substitutes, have to say Axl is probably by far the most qualified.
Here's hoping they do some recording with him or at least get some decent DVD material from some live shows with him.
And here's hoping Brian makes a recovery and gets back to performing.
Extract from http://www.9news.com...C-as-new-singer

AC/DC confirm Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose as their new singer for US and European tour dates
Australian hard rock legends AC/DC have announced Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose as their new singer, while longtime frontman Brian Johnson suffers hearing loss.
AC/DC confirmed the move hours before Rose was to take the stage with Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash at the Coachella festival in California, as part of a reunion after more than two decades.
AC/DC, who broke off a North American tour last month after saying that Johnson was at risk of permanent hearing loss, said Rose would make his debut with the band on a 12-show European leg starting on May 7 in Lisbon.
Rose - known for his soaring range and raw emotion - will then return to North America for the arena tour of the reformed Guns N' Roses, with the 10 postponed AC/DC dates in the United States to be rescheduled later.