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Vivaldi browser

21 April 2017 - 04:32 PM

Anyone using this?

I've been looking to change browser lately as Firefox just slows down too much with the extensions I have to put onto it to make it work the way I want (and older versions did what I wanted with about 4 less of them).

The two biggest interface items I want are customizable gestures and the tab bar vertical on the left hand side.  I tried Chrome and Opera to get both, the gestures part is pretty easy but the vertical tab ability requires extensions in both cases and the ones I tried all have their annoyances.


So, a bit of research later - it turns out Opera has been Chromium based for a while and in fact there's other browsers that use the engine but present their own look and feel to the application side of things.  Vivaldi being one that seems like it was almost built to order for me.


Vertical tab ability built in so no need for an extension there.  Gestures likewise although the built in ability isn't to my liking in some regards so instead I've disabled it and using "Clean crxMouse Gestures" instead (the browser can use Chrome extensions).


Still wanting in some areas but extensions have covered a few of the bases:

- themes from Chrome are ignored, you can use built in themes or define your own but they're very basic with only a few colour and transparency options.

- bookmarks.  I like the old way where they just have an entire pulldown menu devoted to the overall tree structure of the things but it's a case of either use multiple clicks and moves or add an extension which gets you part the way there.

- undo close tab with history.  With FF I have it in the tab context menu but Vivaldi has the rubbish bin icon with recent history where you can restore closed tabs.

- I like the traditional pulldown menu style and it's still an option, the main problem being that getting to bookmarks isn't quick enough.


So far I've noticed it runs pretty quickly but one alarming thing is that the memory usage seems to be huge, even worse than Firefox.  Generally I've needed to shut down my FF session once it gets a bit "old" and I'll generally clear recent tab history, close anything not needed then stop/start it with about a dozen active tabs which usually reduces the memory bloat from ~ 1.3 Gig down to about 350 Meg.  I noticed that from initial start with the same assortment of pages Vivaldi would be using about twice that.

DIY coolant liquid

26 October 2016 - 04:50 PM

I'm going to give this Thermaltake Bigwater 760is that came with a Core2 system a bit of a whirl.

Sadly the mounting bracket only goes up to LGA775, I assume that there's one available for later socket types if I happen to want to use it elsewhere.


So far as the coolant goes, I've had a bit of a look around and don't want to fork out the ridiculous bucks they want for dedicated fluids and don't give a crap about UV lighting or what it looks like.

What I have found is various bits of advice relating to using automotive coolant and mixing with distilled or demineralized water.


The plan I have  - I've got some half decent coolant that I think is 20% ethyl-glycol and also has the corrosion inhibitors.  I also just bought some demineralized water for all of $1.70.

So, mix the 2 together probably with a ratio of 2:1 coolant/demin water.

More water = better cooling ability, the corrosion inhibitor should still be sufficient ratio and with the ethyl-glycol it's not really needed and is worse for cooling but does have the benefit as per cars in that it helps keep the corrosion inhibitor stable and should also help to keep any organic growth to a minimum.