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Yesterday, 12:55 PM

Thx Dasa, it has to be something with that. I installed Ryzen power plan last year and when I looked it wasn't even there anymore but there has been some major updates lately. When I re-download it, it wouldn't downclock the cores on either Ryzen balance or performance modes. Only win 10 balance would drop the clocks down when not being used. Looking at resource management I do not have any parked cores. I ran out of time but it just seems like poor optimization on Futuremark side but to be fair it's been out a long time now. Looking at all the charts if I put parked at 50% it should yield better results... I need to read more since I'm still confused on how it work and why.

In Topic: Atomic 3DMark & Game Benchmark Rankings

Yesterday, 02:22 AM

Currently, at 2933... Looking at previous scores I remember saying "I dont know how I got this score" with the RX 56 as it was much higher than most of my other scores even rerunning over and over trying to reproduce.  But, my combined score was high and other runs it was low...  strange stuff, Ill dig in more soon.


Yea will update sig now thanks for the reminder!

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16 January 2018 - 03:13 PM

Maybe because yours is running 800mhz higher... Still piss poor combined score for sure. There's a bios update for my board but they took out OC option for some reason and supposed another bios coming to fix vulnerability.

Edit: Found this similar setup, combined score looks much better than mine but looks like he/she ran near the same clocks but higher ram frequency... Maybe I'll try to flash the bios on mb again, possibly it didn't take well. https://www.3dmark.com/fs/13060141

In Topic: Atomic 3DMark & Game Benchmark Rankings

16 January 2018 - 12:27 PM

So, I sold the RX 56 only because of the crazy prices they are going for used.  I bought a Asus Strix GTX 1080Ti OC from that which was nearly a wash, I think I paid $10 bucks after fees on ebay.   Few results below, I dont have my cpu clocked up but at my daily 4ghz.  There is one bad, well kinda strange thing about this card... It clocks without changing anything up to 1924-1949mhz at stock.  If I up the power limit to 120% it stays closer to the 1949mhz and if I up the voltage all the way up to 1.093v it usually is around 1962 to 1949mhz.  Great right, should OC like a boss?? Nope!  I can only get about +20 from there and will not hit 2000mhz.  Now, I really dont mind since it is a high OC right from the box without having to do anything but its strange that I cant really push it anymore and really it is not even worth running it at +20...  The cooler is unreal though.  It runs up to 40% at the highest I have seen, cant hear it at all and has not hit over 69c yet even when gaming or benching.  Still playing with the ram but it hit 12000 no problem and wanted to run some benches.  I dont think Ill be able to catch Mark84 :( even if I push the cpu and ram more but still happy with the results over the RX 56..  Still looking at Dasa scores its hard to believe he pushed his to those great scores too considering its a GTX 1070.   Ill probably try to up the cpu some just because Id like to hit 20k/10k in FS/TimeSpy. 


FireStrike:  19606 - https://www.3dmark.com/fs/14708608

TimeSpy:  9837 - https://www.3dmark.com/spy/3146034


For those curious on Superposition, I ran this with the RX 56 and RX 64 bios for the below:


Performance - 1080p Extreme preset - DirectX

RX56:  3299

RX56(RX64 bios):  3809

1080ti Ram OC:  6052

1080ti:  5840

In Topic: AMD RX Vega announcement.

11 January 2018 - 04:23 AM

I just sold my RX 56 and it covered the price of a new 1080 Ti that I ordered.... basically a free upgrade, might come out ahead with a few extra bucks.  I have a love/hate for miners, cant believe what the RX 56/64 are going for used.  Wish I would have bought more of these when they were released!  I thought I might as well sell it before the bubble pops, maybe I should have held on to it longer but was happy to get 30-40% more gaming performance.