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16 July 2018 - 02:56 AM

Nice! I'm sure fan will help cool things down.  I like the heatsink mod too.  If gets noisy maybe try placing on the other side of the desk or floor. 

In Topic: AMD Zen

14 July 2018 - 05:05 AM

nah, I agree with you!  It was the only board I could get when Ryzen was first released, there was a huge shortage with weeks of wait time on mb's.  They gave a free m.2 sata 240g drive with it, good price and had really good vrm setup.  It's the bios releases that is a pain when you hear of other mb getting releases quicker.  It's a good board just I really like Asrock for price/performance.  Also, at the time my old system was dead and was already waiting for AMD release as I wanted to go back to AMD.  I kinda wish I waited but oh well, all is running good now after tweaking ram and really the 2600x is a good chip all around.  I really cant wait till next year's Ryzen refresh, might upgrade my mb too then :)

In Topic: AMD Zen

10 July 2018 - 01:40 AM

Yea might not be worth it, whats the temps when stock with prime?  


I contacted hci_memtest to see what they recommend for testing, below is their answer:


"100% catches the easy errors, 400% to catch intermittent errors."


Im testing hci_memtest 16-16-17-42 CR1 and seems to be good @ 3200 with 1.47v.  This didnt really improve my scores though and latency is nearly the same but Ryzen really like Ram speed it seems.  Even though during games like bf1 my cores are usually around 4ghz (I ran 1700x at 4ghz on all cores) and boost up some from there, it just feels smoother.  I dont know why but there is less micro stutters and such.  

In Topic: AMD Zen

08 July 2018 - 04:19 PM

They have some cool delid kits now.  I did the razor way, it was stressful and took me forever as I was scared I would hit the core :) Would you do direct die or put ihs back on?



Ebay has cheaper prices and different types. Maybe some grizzly. Haven't had a look but wondering if others with 6700k gained good temps from it. 

In Topic: AMD Zen

04 July 2018 - 04:35 PM

Playing BF1 for 2hrs... you can see where it boosts above 4ghz (all core are at 4ghz when gaming and goes up from there at times) as the temp goes to 62-64c, then drops back to 54c.  I turned my fans down to 1000rpm and pump is around 65%.   Some false readings for the Max clock speed for sure.  TMPIN0 is 20c below always vs Package temp.  The Biostar comes with a heatsink for the m.2. Before I ran the m.2 with the heatsink off since I didn't know if it would work like last year.  Noticed it ran 60c and up to 68c but after putting on the heatsink, it is sitting at 39c right now, so It's doing a great job. I have my games on my Vertex4 so not sure why it goes up, possibly from the gpu dumping heat.   Keeping Ram at 3200 16-17-19-53 CR1.





Looks like just giving a bit more volts to the ram I can run 16-16-18-53 CR1 and get just under 70ns at 69.4 :)  Only tested for an hr but will run it thru the longer tests soon:


3200 @ 16-16-18-53 CR1

read:  47176mb/s

write:  45045

copy:  40467

latency:  69.4ns













Well it was just driving me crazy why nothing seemed to work for OC.  I can see all the cores in light loads over 4100mhz.  I was for some reason thinking llc was lvl 1 was the highest and it is actually lvl 6.. dunno what I was thinking.  Few other things, before to get to 1.4v for the 1700x using adaptive at +.095, but for this chip it is +.205v which is much different.  Other issues is that it does not down clock the volts or clocks at all, even with llc off.  Still don't really fell it is worth it to OC since even at 1.408v it fails one worker p95 within 5mins @ 4.2ghz. The 1700x at 4ghz would downclock both volts and clocks... Probably my bios, will revisit on next bios update.