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#1191683 Righteous Rep Request

Posted by Ratticus on 16 May 2017 - 11:14 PM


Hah heh ... with the swiftness of a Chanel boomerang ! ... straight to the back of the stars :P~~

My point exactly.

IMO, it's kinda a dumb system, anyway. If the votes are one-off, one asshole can skew a result. If I they accumulate, as small a cabal as two can just upvote each other into godhood. If they're one-off buy expire, either everyone ends up marked as average, or people are enslaved to forever refresh their personal list of votes.

And does it actually matter anyway?


Wait what.

This isn't a cumulative average of my quantifiable social value on this forum? It is a new, unique variable with every interaction?

Well, looks like the only way to resolve this based on the deeply complex social considerations is to have a mechanism that checks that I have five stars, and if not ensures I receive them with expediency.