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In Topic: "As official as it gets" Atomic Meet - 17 years young! Date-3 Feb 18

30 November 2017 - 07:34 PM

Alright youngun's, gather round. In the before times, Atomicans came from all kinds of different places in their lives and interests, gathered around the Atomic flame. Magic happened. That magic still binds some of us together even now in the OMGISTHATTHETIME!? Sometimes we would have a gathering, to share space and brews in the reelworld. Some folks would come from faraway, others from downthestreet. Some would arrive the day before, to share special time with special friends. Others would arise early on THE DAY and meet in smaller mobs to do geek in their own peciliar ways. Most would just hope there would be somewhere to sit when they got to the watering hole we'd fooled into giving us access for the night.

Why don't we see if we can bring back something of that spirit, and that magic?

In Topic: Confessional seal of silence.

19 August 2017 - 11:42 AM

Working in the Children's Ministry with my church, I'm a mandatory reporter, it's part of our duty of care. We're all required to have our Working with Children numbers on record. We don't practice secret confession, if someone tells us they've committed a serious crime we report it. God forgives, the state punishes.
The seal of confession crap is reasonably recent RC procedure which needs a fairly simple change - if you confess to an actionable offence, there is no seal.

In Topic: Atomic Games Workshop Crew

19 August 2017 - 11:26 AM

Hector - your painting and basing talent shames me, as does my small hill of unpainted and unbuilt models. The battle above looks great, but what was the play like? Did the Orks win?? were the evil Tau driven from the board in shame? How did your ex-smurfs turn out after their long-delayed cleansing????