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Aorus Gtx 1070 Gaming GPU

09 December 2017 - 08:08 AM

OK so i ended up with this beast of a card man this thing is large im glad i have a big case ,so I've got everything in just waiting on the AMD bracket for my H100i cooler to arrive then ill be good to fit the heat-sink and power this baby up.B


But i have one question theirs a power  socket for 8 pin plugs or for 6 pin theirs no problem with the cables i just can not find any info on what power socket to use i have 2 6 plus 2  .


Cheers Rob

Corsair Hydro H100i AMD bracket

04 November 2017 - 07:53 PM

Corsair Hydro H100i Ok Iam hoping that one of my atomican friends might happen to have a bracket to suit AMD as i had intel cpu i had no use for the amd so i have put it in a safe place ,lost it .I know i can buy a new one from corsair but to avoid ridiculous shipping fees im hoping someone on here might have the bits i need

Darwin Pc Build Techs

27 October 2017 - 12:19 PM

Anyone in Darwin that can build my new Rig pm me thanks 



Pc build south Aus

22 October 2017 - 10:39 PM

My folks are in Adelaide,we're is the best place to get PC hardware please ,T,I A

New Rig help please Budget $2000

13 October 2017 - 01:48 PM

OK I'm going for a massive rebuild.i have an ssd i have a barracuda hard drive to thinking ill just keep the ssd for windows 10 and a few games. The other barracuda for programs, your thoughts  ,i have a good case , ASUS MG279Q FreeSync Gaming Monitor ,PSU 650 corsair ,dvd drive ,  have a poseidon keyboard ,good headphones.


and thats it so i need a




Cpu Ryzen

Vipa Gpu



 I will not be overclocking ,my pc use is just gaming and the net thats it .


Im thinking the Ryzen 1700x but open to your thoughts  should i wait for the next Ryzen Im in no hurry