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It's the zombie apocalypse again - what would you miss?

13 February 2017 - 07:50 PM

I can be a creature of habit, sometimes. Whilst I can be fairly easygoing, there are certain things I've come to really like and appreciate. As The Walking Dead returns from hiatus, watching it often gets me to thinking...


In the zombie apocalypse, what things would I miss?


I'm going to skip the really obvious things (access to hospitals and medicines, infrastructure, cars, loved ones, etc), because what fun would that be? Some of the things it occurs to me that I'd quite miss would be:


* My blender. I love my blender :-) It's a Vitamix and I use it everyday, sometimes two or three times a day. And I love smoothies and smoothie bowls :-) 


* My hair. I've always said, in a zombie apocalypse, I'd have to chop my long hair short. It's just practical. My hair takes ages to dry, and the risks associated with it being snagged or caught up in an inopportune time would be too high. But I love having long hair. I've had waist-length hair most of my life. Short hair would feel weird.


* Photos. I know this is the digital age and a lot of photos don't get printed, but I do like having a few special photos printed and in my space. I'd miss not being able to casually see my wedding picture, or my daughter's toothy smile, whenever I want.


* My plants. I'm super-duper interested in permaculture, and even though we live in a unit with balconies so permie's a bit off limits at the moment, I've cultivated myself a nice little collection of happy little pot plants. Some herbs, some strawberries, some ferns, some general green things. I like my plants, and I like just being around them :-)


* My collection of Ian Irvine books. He's my favourite author. When we last moved, I discovered I have enough to fill at least one full box, and then some. I'd miss not being able to re-visit my books anytime I wanted to.


* My jewellery supplies and jewellery. I make jewellery. I've got quite the collection of gemstones, silver and tools. With a toddler at home, I don't get much time to play with this stuff, but it's nice just knowing it's all there. It took me years to collect them all, and I still remember some of the designs I'm yet to make. And I doubt I'd have much time or space to have the luxury of picking what jewellery I want to wear on a particular day in the zombie apocalypse, so that's out.


What about you? Come the zombie apocalypse, what things would you miss having around?