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...it's now over half the lifetime of Atomic ago.  And given the number of active accounts now, not much to worry about anymore.


Random thought: Atomic:not much left now... We're all decay products of an isotope with a halflife ~2 years.  Hot, hot, hot!



Halflife 3 confirmed

In Topic: A quick question about views

22 May 2018 - 02:09 PM



Nope no prize for you. Not a single statement in your post is true.


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spam bot


they just grab an existing post and post it,


see it happen a fair bit!



I can't explain how irrationally happy the irony of this 'stolen post' is.

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22 May 2018 - 12:59 PM




or Mokes, where the windscreen... really isn't.... )



Then that was an aftermarket job. My 1972 Moke had a safety glass windscreen, the sort that breaks in to little chunks. I was replaced with a standard laminated windows after a moron went past me at high speed on some road works and spat a rock in to it.


My girlfriend of the time bought a late 1970s Moke Californian which also came with a Laminated glass windscreen.


Of course the side and rear windows where soft plastic because of the fold down softtop, but the windscreens where definitely glass.



good to know, ty!

I expected it was aftermarket honestly, but with soft plastic side windows, and Perspex being the 'big thing' around its time, I thought it might have been factory.

In Topic: An FYI for any Glasses Wearers

22 May 2018 - 09:19 AM



Dunno, not a specialty of mine, but it could be as much language as anything else.


The aviation industry talks about "acrylic" but maybe they mean "polycarbonate. " It's not the same. Poly actually has a number of advantages, but acrylic tends to produce better visibility. In the few flight manuals I have un-boxed at the moment the mention of acrylic turns up in passing but not made a big deal of.




Yeah, no road legal cars use it though. (with the few exotic exceptions, like ex military, or Mokes, where the windscreen... really isn't.... )


They're all Glass|PlasticLaminate|Glass.


The speed that a plastic of any kind (regardless of shatter strength) would go cloudy thanks to natural roadway sandblasting would be phenominal.

Considering Glass windscreens ALSO already suffer from this problem over years.


The reason your pug feels good (my mother has one about the same age as yours IIRC) is because they have a weak polarised layer in the windscreen.

It's not full polarising (as that would lower your brightness by 50%) however there is some, glare is GREATLY reduced and if I tilt my polarised sunnies, you can see the slight effect.

Trust the guy with the eyes impossibly sensitive to light here ;)

In Topic: Anyone watch Supernatural? (spoilers)

18 May 2018 - 10:46 AM

So after all that, I guess that's a yes, I'm still watching :-D 


Haha, excellent.


I can't express enough how much it shit me off seeing Sam throw Lucifer back down, It's just not Sam.

Mr Siren humping, werewolf trusting, Lucifer hosting,  ol' Sam? The 'I Give everyone a 2nd chance' guy? I was literally disgusted at that writing.


Not to mention, as you did, the obvious no archangels left problem.

Well, besides the obvious (Jack).


AND the subtle plot point thrown in of "I hear your unbinding didn't hold" when Lucifer was taunting Rowena.

Nice lantern you hung there, I mean, she was a beast unbound, but in the mortal world, no more than she was before, really.

Look at someone, say a word, dead. You don't get more powerful than that on the mortal coil. You didn't need to subtly re-bind her with a plot point.


- Sam betrays Lucifer, CLEARLY making room for Jack to find out and go off the rails (new enemy to work out, ooooOOOOO, subtle.)

- Gabe dies, can Jack wake him up in the 'Nothing' again, like he did with Cas? I doubt it, but fuck, way to dangle the cookie only to rip it away again. It wasn't even much of a deus ex, because Cas had said again and again "Who knows how long he'll take to recharge", he was drained for years, they coulda kept him around at 'normal angel level' for a LONG time before he became the scape goat.

- Heaven is now basically 'empty', I'm expecting there to be a 'mass ghosts on earth' subplot at some point. Or perhaps just a "re released 5 million souls, it was too heavy for 5 angels to hold".

- OBVIOUSLY with archangels dead, Jack will be the one to sit the throne and stabilise heaven.


I mean, A+ for the 'Gabe drinks Grace, and burns the Demon' scene with Asmodeus being destroyed.

What happened to that, writers? Huh?

A near impossible scene, with a nice dose of "this Lore still works, Angel, smash the demon please".

It was still an Edge of the Seat moment, with Gabe weak, and still scared.


Eugh.... Maybe they'll save it, but right now, I can just see it all.


Lucifer and Michael get back to earth.

Jack find out Sam betrayed Lucifer.

Jack goes AWOL.

Lucifer tries to 'corrupt him'.

Jack is too sensitive for that. Freaks out, hurts people, hates himself.

Cas, or more likely Naomi, explains heaven needs a ruler, and he can't hurt people there.

Jack is removed from story line.


God I hope I'm wrong, but these writers are killing me....