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In Topic: NBN - Is it too expensive?

14 August 2017 - 10:40 AM

FTTB isn't something to be angry about.


It's fairly trivial (by comparison) to have faulty copper replaced WITHIN a building, as opposed to out on the streets.


Also, very short runs.


It's FTTN that relies on outdoor copper, and medium-long runs that are a brain fuck.


Even if I paid for it, I'd be reliable 100Mb connections over FTTN setups would be near impossible.


If they're not... well... kudos to engineers much smarter than I.

In Topic: Windows 10 Pro crash - BSOD DPC - suddenly and consistently after months of b...

14 August 2017 - 10:37 AM

Will try that next.  Just turned caching off on the SSDs - that's just a shot in the dark,


If I can't debug it I might try to evade it.  Maybe a program I hear like move mouse might trick WIndows into never going into BSOD mode if it never thinks its idle?


If you think it's a power related thing, a lot of event timers and such are reliant on monitoring C states.

See if you can turn off some of the more 'agressive' C states in the BIOS and see if it continues to offend.


Tons of devices wont 'sleep' unless the computer is low C

In Topic: Buying Windows 10 from an online store

14 August 2017 - 09:04 AM

I take back what I said about buying from computer dismantlers.

Be careful.


My Windows 10 Pro on my MBP is going fine.  But this morning the Windows 7 Ultimate I activated around 2 months ago suddenly became invalidated.

I went through the MS automated phone process and eventually ended up with an operator, he tells me the key has been reported as pirated.

Just what the deal is, no idea.  I suspect that the key has probably been sold multiple times and picked up and invalidated by MS.


So, I suppose now is as good a time as ever.  My main desktop is important so I think I'll just commit to an install with a new licence.


Ahh, yeah, you see, there's the catch. Most people are using those 'invalidated' licenses (before they get flagged) just to upgrade to 10. That's all.


Sorry to hear man.

In Topic: This week I went solar :)

10 August 2017 - 04:39 PM

Yeah, they're getting greedy....

When you don't have a family to support, living cheap is easy. But add in little ones, and ouch!


As a (mostly) single guy, I try not to cook at home. I take my meals to work and microwave, or eat out.

When you live alone, or as a couple, the amount of food you go through is so small, it's often actually cheaper to eat out at budget restaurants.


Charge the laptop and phone at work, or off the solar phone charger\battery I have.


I'm lucky enough to have gas heated water.


Thinking about it, the only power use in my house each quarter would be: Fridge (on warmest setting), File Server, PC, and a TV.

Occasionally on weekends, an air compressor to run the rattlegun.

As I mentioned earlier, if my quarterly bill is above $200, something is wrong.

I'm also with the most expensive provider out of pure lazyness. I should fix this.



 But there are so many people out there these days who cannot afford to heat their house in winter.


Wow, you know I never even thought about that?

I guess I've taken heating for granted, as my hobbies tend to make heat (computers).


When I lived at home, we had a potbelly stove that we used as a fireplace, kept everything cozy.


And since I've moved out, I've always had a PC, and a Server, both of which, once again, keep everything cozy.

When it gets cold, begin the crypto currency mining, and soon a nice 80*C heater is blowing in the room (and earning me money! Well... offsetting).

On the really cold nights, a couple of candles get lit to help keep the chill down. (people didn't believe me that this makes a difference till they felt it!)


And in summer, it's always been pedestal fan, and iced water in a spray bottle.


I guess having grown up without an electronic HVAC system, it never even crossed my mind that there would certainly be people out there who consider it to be a necessity.

0 judgement, I just genuinely never thought about it.

In Topic: Secure Erase an Android Device?

10 August 2017 - 12:05 PM

Hope the replacement isn't a lemon like this one.



The Australian release has been nearly flawless.

We got extra glue on the screen, we had (nearly) even keyboard lighting, so on and so forth.


This isn't a common issue, it's a freak once off.


So yeah, I don't see reason to worry about the next one :)