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In Topic: iCloud lock - Brainstorm with me

Yesterday, 02:02 PM

Maybe... or maybe it only makes the obscured id accessible.

For unique identification they'd need to use the IMEI since multiple devices could share the same email/AppleID account, so in theory they could just store the obscured email ID + a hash of the full ID.


Getting info on this, or anything complex Apple related really is a treasure hunt.  The fly-shit to pepper ratio of Apple information via searching on the net is about 5 times that of Windows stuff.


Luckily I DO know someone who works in Apple. In the Level3 support.

So perhaps I can get him to look for me.


We shall see. And I shall report back.

In Topic: iCloud lock - Brainstorm with me

Yesterday, 12:06 PM

The name might not necessarily be available without logging in.


To perform authorized login the phone would only need to send IMEI and the userid and password that the user has entered to the iCloud server.

Whether this is how it works, NFI.  But in a corporate sense its a friggen ridiculous way to run things.


From a quick look around it seems the general consensus is you can be SOL even if you know the userid but not the password.

And it seems there's plenty of scam sites around willing to take your moneys for no service provided in this area.


Isn't there sufficient control to change your Wifi parameters in the locked state?  Possibly you can get the IMEI details as well.


I can retrieve the password just fine, because I can tell it's one of OUR domain email accounts.

So I'll just put a redirect on, or take over the email while I reset password.

It's all above board; its not a personal device, its a company device.


Just that k.......@p.........au isn't enough to know. We have multiple users whos name start with K.

And knowing this is an old user, tons who also are now left.


to be able to show the 'K @ p .au' part, the email address MUST be in plain text.

In Topic: Who Are The Best NBN Providers?

Yesterday, 09:53 AM

If I had to pick someone, it'd be EXETEL.

They're cheap, but more importantly they're HONEST.

I was with them for years in ADSL2+ days.


I liked that they told you outright, "Our call center is in Sri Lanka, here's a photo of our staff, by name, so you know who you're talking to"

and all their support staff are Network Engineer qualified, which is nice.

Or at least, was 2 years ago.


I once called up, and My first sentence was literally;

"Hi, I have two questions, I'm seeing terrible latency to Asia Pacific servers, and my line speed seems to be woeful compared to my achievable SNR. Do you have an Alternate route you could apply to Asia Pacific? Also, can you lock my ADSL down to 9db SNR so I can do quality tweaking from my Billion Routers end?"


"Of course sir, one moment......... OK I have a custom route in place that should help, and your expected SNR has been adjusted, anything else?"


"UH...... no.... thank you!"


Never had a better ISP honestly.

Their billing is a little 'sketchy' in that they have a hard time reversing accidental 'double bills' when you FIRST sign up, but minor quibble really IMO.

In Topic: Who Are The Best NBN Providers?

Yesterday, 09:42 AM

I'm with iiNet so I don't get that proxy I guess. Geez I don't a want to use a proxy for my crypto trading.


I imagine that'd be HTTPS which isn't cached. Only the insecure elements, like pictures would be in the TPG proxy; assuming its still active :)

In Topic: iCloud lock - Brainstorm with me

Yesterday, 09:37 AM

I don't suppose it could have an "accident" and claim the insurance hey


Nah it's too old to warrant the premium.

I'm genuinely surprised that Police can't demand the NAME on the device.

I know apple can't decrypt things by force, or provide passwords;

But the name is CLEARLY in plain text somewhere (as it shows some of it).


"This device was recovered, who's was it?"

"Awwwwm we can't tell you, we're above the law despite having that info in plain text"