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Today, 10:19 AM

fairly sure g\free syncs the frames when between the supported sync rate of the monitor for example 35-144hz while for v sync to work the fps have to be maxed out at the monitors refresh rate



So unless your GPU is struggling and dropping below your monitors refresh rate, it'll never become an issue.

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Today, 09:00 AM



It took me a minute to notice the watermark, and I for a minute I thought "Gee, he's actually really reasonable and light hearted about this whole thing, maybe it is the USA who's the worse of the two?" Then, parody.

In Topic: What is making my mac slow?

Today, 08:49 AM

Thanks to an interesting bug with firefox an extension I found the other month, I actually did have a scenario where my PC ran like shit because firefox would fill up all available RAM, and then fill up all available virtual memory, and only then do a garbage collection round that freed up SFA.

But it didn't make the computer freeze and hang and that's it. It just killed the runaway process - firefox.

I can't imagine that a system with virtual memory set to dynamic, and a full drive so it can never really create a swap file, might do some odd things. But probably not what the warning on the site says.


That's just the classic FireFox memory leak, its been present since the start, and there's almost no way to control it.

A lot comes from the way ads work these days, in that they're always  "updating" and the page 'grows' with each update.


If I leave my work browser open for a weekend, with about 20 tabs, when I get back to work on Monday it's taking 8GB of "Memory" up from 600mb.

This is normal behavior, even on a fresh install.


Waterfox is less of a culprit.


Opera is pretty decent too; while still being webkit.

In Topic: Pc build south Aus

Today, 08:41 AM

its a nothing thing

it will behave as a normal monitor would with no g sync or free sync just v sync until you upgrade to a amd gpu or nvidia stops forcing people to g sync



And unless you're playing a game that your GPU can't keep up with, you'll never need G\Free sync anyway.

In Topic: Pc build south Aus

Yesterday, 03:26 PM

thanks Nich thats what ill do ,Thanks Master_Scythe thats great advice but as i live in the north of Australia and shipping from south to there is over$100 ill order online and get me folks to collect me goodies,Cheers Guys

Mster _Scythe so by 1060 you mean vega,and yes ill only be gaming in 1080p


No, not at all.


I can't even find a Vega model with the number 1060