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In Topic: Updating current PC?

Today, 11:47 AM



A GTX970 is somewhere between a GTX1060 and GTX1070 (closer to the 70).

gtx980 actually sits around gtx 1060 reference so the 970 is a fair way behind the 1070 which is over 30% faster than a 1060 oc



af doesn't have much of a performance hit these days and i have never liked the image quality below 8x af

aa however can have a massive performance hit for minimal gain although it can be nice to have

some games need aa\af more than others



Oh shit, you're right! my apologies. I was running off memory.


But we're almost agreeing (not entirely on the AF, but still).

"Any AA and AF is usually enough"; if you can use it, that's what you need :)

In Topic: Home Automation - Anyone in to this?

Today, 09:48 AM

Heating is one place it kind of makes sense, because it can take half an hour for changes to take effect.

So you can do it while you're out.

Also hackers can't set your stove on fire or some shiz


The main issue I have with home automation (outside of things like Mycroft) is that it's quicker and often easier to do it manually.

If I was to put WiFi on my bedroom light for example, I'm not one to use my phone in bed much, I use an ebook, or watch some TV.

It'll ALWAYS be quicker to jump up and hit the switch, than it will to open an app, and interact with it.


Clapper, maybe.

Voice activated, sure.


Perhaps I'm just app adverse since it involves looking at a small screen, and you know, my eye thing...... phones, yuck.

In Topic: Opinions are like arseholes,

Today, 09:22 AM

The funny thing with unique opinions is that it can be hard, near impossible, to get those opinions across unless you're especially gifted with the gab.


Without being specific, there have been tens of things in the recent years where I've said "They're missing the big picture, XYZ will end up true".

And I've had hundreds of people violently ream my assh...opinion... because I was the only one who 'noticed the truth' before it became undeniable.

I can almost literally feel the parts of my mind 'linking' and 'talking', sharing information and calculating a logical rational reason. A mix based on Agenda, personality traits, and lateral thinking.

And the best thing? I always eventually get to say "See! Told ya" which I usually get attacked with 'You were guessing, you can't have known'.... well, I wasn't and I did....


The entire problem at the moment is Humans are corrupted. There's no decency left in the grand scheme of things, politicians will lie, doctors\science will take payments to ;technically skew' results. etc etc etc.


For someone like me, a lie is literally the worst thing a human could do. I'll never trust again once I've been lied to (deliberately), so it genuinely blows my mind as to how so many people continue to get mislead. Or people in leader positions continue to lead (in whatever their field).


It's probably why I enjoy listening (not agreeing, per se) to Pauline Hanson.

I'm certainly not a supporter of her party, but to her credit, She's blunt and brutal.

You know where she sits.

And It's my genuine opinion that she exaggerates for impact (but not many notice that) Since people don't notice the failed attempts at attention grabbing, they then won't accept the near instant back-pedaling like those who do notice; oh well.

In Topic: Updating current PC?

Today, 08:56 AM

Or i could go ham and buy an 8 gig card and save what money i am given per week and buy an  SSD and CPU Cooler in the very near future. 


Also with all the many varient GPU's for GTX 1070, Could i have al ink on what you guys specificly would chose in the range? Im not sure what cons there are for certain GPU's. 


It depends what you play.

a 1060 6GB will play all current titles at max quality. Looking at about $350.

You might not be able to max out AA and AF, but most people I know agree with "If it's better than 'off', it's good enough". Even when I'm sitting at the top, I still only 2X AA and 2X AF.


Get the 256GB SSD, and with those, while you can read reviews all day, money is tight! Buy the cheapest name brand. (It'll probably end up being a Sandisk, which I've had GREAT success with!!!!)

The speed difference between a Hard Drive and an SSD is so mind blowing, absolutely indescribable, that you wont notice the difference between 100X your current speed, and 105X.

Benchmark differences might look dramatic, but real world 'human feeling' is nothing.


It just depends if you want to spend the whole budget.


If you do, a GTX1070 and a 256GB Samsung SSD; it'll be about spot on $700


If you want to only spend about $500, so you can save that for the "big bang upgrade" later, then GTX1060 6GB, and a 256GB Sandisk; which should be just shy of $500.


If there's an MSY near you, or a uMart, shop there.

If not, look at FUTU ONLINE on Ebay; I know ebay sounds risky, but not this time.

They're the first store to be backed by Ebay and Woolworths for their click and collect (so there had to be trust!), and I've personally ordered a LOT from them in the past.

Time it with a good 'ebay wide 20% off' deal and you'll get some real bargains. (think there's one on now? Check OzBargain)



And please don't be scared of overclocking.

If you follow a guide and play in the shallow waters, your chance of damaging something is so close to 0% it's hardly worth mentioning.

Even a 5% Overclock is at least something!

And since your architecture is so many years old, pure Megahertz grunt will be required to make up for missing instruction sets.




A GTX970 is somewhere between a GTX1060 and GTX1070 (closer to the 70).

You can see at a very easy, very safe, 4.5GHZ you're seeing quite a frame rate advantage.




This guys resolved thread looks fairly safe. Voltages are a LITTLE high, so see if those can stay down a LITTLE more, but really, it should be fine.

His final settings are in his original post :)

What does a CPU last? 20 years? 50 years? Even if you halve it's life expectancy, you still have a bloody long lasting computer.


Just disable turbo and get anywhere above 4.1ghz (your turbo speed), 24/7.

Worth every second.

In Topic: POTPLAYER Set Up 5.1 Audio to receiver amp

21 June 2017 - 10:05 AM

Thanks again everyone for all the very helpful advice


No problem.

Stick around and hang out :)


Just a heads up, if something seems 'harsher' than it should be in general chats, it's because this community is 15+ years old; a lot of us know each other in real life, and there's always a chance that an "F off" means "Damn you're right" and we're just used to each other :)


Always nice to have a new face about the forums :D