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Yesterday, 03:34 PM

So I was curious about that range at SuperCheap, they stock a range of paint called 'ColorSpec', which is a mix-to-match paint system, provided by CONCEPT paints.

The confusing part is that their range specifically says to use ACRYLIC topcoat ONLY.


After some research, I managed to get a look at the paint codes on the bottles and gave Concept a call.

All the tinters started with E (E-18, E-26, etc)

Basically, there was no 'E' series on Concepts website, despite them making the paint. The hell?


I decided to actually make a phone call!


Turns out the 'E' stands for economy; same match accuracy, just less pigment in the economy range (so more coats needed).


Super Cheap Auto = Economy range

Autobarn = Normal Range

Auto1 = Normal Range.


After a quick chat, the economy range is sometimes good for 'fading' a blend, because, less pigment, means an easier fade; otherwise, the 'normal' range is better.

I also confirmed that all the 'NoMix' paint range (which is Concepts) is 2k compatible, even this 'Acrylic Only' ColorSpec stuff.

Same system, all the same paint, just different name.

Hopefully that's useful to someone!

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Yesterday, 01:29 PM





What is it with oldschool flash animations and ending in violence..... ah well. Memories from my youth.

In Topic: Automotive Paint Technologies

Yesterday, 01:25 PM

Damn you to hell, I'm now curious on this "...moisture cured acrylic..." stuff.


Quick troll with Uncle Google - most of the hits seem to point more towards flooring even boating, but this one explains a lot (!) of the technical differences in paint tech that you might be looking for.


Although by the end of it I had to uncross my eyes and stop my brain from hurting....


Look into KBS Diamond Finish


That's about the only product using this tech marketed as 'paint', and it looks bloody cool!

In Topic: Upgrading RAM, keep Dual Channel?

Yesterday, 10:26 AM

Thanks for the info. I didn't consider the single/dual channel affecting the CPU itself and the tests I saw showed only a small difference, but the more, the better.


Also, Super Hero, my OS is pretty 'tidy', however, both Chrome and Firefox can each easily get many GB (highest I've seen is 6GB for Chrome itself) and some games (like GTA V) like to use over 12GB of RAM causing the game to crash once its minimised and no longer the priority (Windows closing it, not the game). As I mentioned, I usually have Chrome and Firefox running as the computer is shared and it is far easier to have 2 browsers than it is to constantly log in/out of chrome/google.



Thanks Again


I spent ages trying to find what on earth the "Super Hero" OS was, hehe, then I realised you were speaking to someone.

That's his custom title for being a bloody legend :P His Name's Dasa.


There are ways for both Firefox and Chrome to have max memory limits applied, so rather than having to swap out other tasks, it'll just reload the tabs you dont look at often.

Also, consider moving to Waterfox (C++ compiled Firefox) and Chromium (The spyware-free, original, version of Chrome).


More interestingly, nothing should crash at all even when you're out of ram, it should just start swapping to disk, which is painful slow, but shouldn't cause crashes.

Unless you have virtual memory turned off?



ps. Welcome! You're new and a genuine user\not a spammer!

Hang around talk some IT, talk some trash, just post anything on your mind :)

And don't worry if a few of us seem 'harsh' we've all been 'hanging out' for about 17 years together;

As such, there is a lot of what might feel like attacks on each other which is just people who know each other and can chat candidly without the sugar coating.

It's fun here though, pull up a chair; and as they saying goes, if he ever comes back online, ignore Takoma.

In Topic: The GeForce Partner Program

22 March 2018 - 01:49 PM

No argument that it's a stretch though.


*snip* deliberately trying to undermine a branding partner.


is it though? really?

It's bloody borderline, but did they cross it?



John Teeple, Director - "Partners continue to have the ability to sell and promote products from anyone."


I know what they expect when you read between the lines;

But since this is corporate:corporate, no 'ethics' or 'feelings' involved, it feels to me like it could (legally) be twisted that way.