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#1190095 What car do you drive?

Posted by Master_Scythe on 20 March 2017 - 06:12 PM


- CVT's are proven to be a bad idea, yet most are CVT (and reports of shudder are EVERYWHERE).

what is 'shudder', and why does it happen?



Depends on the model and the type of CVT.


There is one successful type out there, it was a chain and sprocket type gearbox with a mountain-bicycle type setup. Catch is, this uses a chain, and chains can only be so strong and still be a reasonable size. It was 'clunky' when chaning gears, but still had many more than a traditional auto could ever fit.

I believe it was in a small Kei Car in Japan; small Mitsubishi ute maybe? I'd have to go google again.



Most these days use a belt and cone type setup. allowing a belt to slide up and down ridges on two opposite facing cones.

The two main causes of CVT shudder share a similar component, and the third is electrical.


First, the belt can stretch. pretty common once the car gets older. This causes it to slip or hesitate on one 'cone' and not the other. This slip-grip type behavior is one cause.

Second, is when the fluid is wrong, worn, or just 'poor' from design. This sounds unlikely but with our climate is SUPER common. Honda Jazz' for example offered free CVT gearbox replacements if under 150'000kms and experiencing shudder. This was because they decided there was no need for a special CVT fluid for Australian climates.

I love Honda, but sorry guys, you were dead wrong.


3rd is electrical. And it's not always the gearboxes fault, but is made evident by the type of gearbox it is.

If the gearbox stops reporting load, or a sensor starts saying "5% throttle, she'll be right" when really its 95%, then unlike a regular Automatic, it wont allow the bands to move.

You can imagine how two cones with a belt between them, so basically unlimited combinations of 'front cog' to 'rear sprocket' ratios; with absolutely no idea of real engine load, might become an absolute pig to drive.


Honda went back to traditional Autos.

Mitsubishi the same.

Toyota didnt even try bringing their CVT models to Australia.


I'm sure I could keep listing if I bothered to research a bit more; but its just one of thsoe things where you hear enough horror stories, and there is a better replacement anyway, you justy dont 'risk' the inferior tech.

#1189643 So far so good...

Posted by Master_Scythe on 08 March 2017 - 10:50 AM

I'm starving !


Day 2 of the five/two


Wait, day 2's now over.. yeah but I gotta go beddies first (I am nightshift) and it's currently 00:47.


Another glass of water imminent and maybe a dry Jacobs Cracker !!


1/4 of your usual energy\caloric intake, as I said above, can still be a LOT of food, just eat smart.


4kg of mushrooms.

6kg of celery

2kg of watermelon

5 whole chicken breasts.

Literally unlimited Shirataki Noodles, have 100KG of them if you want. > http://www.thekitchn.com/why-its-worth-getting-to-know-zero-calorie-shirataki-noodles-221166



take your pick.

All adds up to less than 600calories still :)

#1189641 What car do you drive?

Posted by Master_Scythe on 08 March 2017 - 10:47 AM

I like that it's "huge" and as of yet, had no mechanical problems. it'll be my first and last nissan though, not because it's bad, but because there are better vehicles out there.


Yeah, so it suits you, and no one needs to try and convince you otherwise, it's your car.


Catch is, it's how companies fuck up the branding.

- CVT's are proven to be a bad idea, yet most are CVT (and reports of shudder are EVERYWHERE).

- "Pulsar" is their small car, yet its almost the size of a Gen1 Maxima now. People shopping for a small car looked at the Pulsar and gave it the middle finger.

- The engine is notoriously under-tuned.  Since fuel is "already expensive" people pay for 95\98 ron as normal, thanks to the old myth that "you'll get more KMs". Because of this, people expect the extra performance of advanced timing, available only to 95ron or above.


And I'm sure I could easily come up with more.

In short, it was missing the "standard performance" people expect, and wasn't "a Pulsar" anymore. It got fat, and got boring.

Pulsars used to have SR20's tuned hard, and pulled like a freight train


That said, if you drive manual, or like CVT, you might not care.

You seem like a "newcomer" to nissan, so you don't already have an idea of "what a pulsar should be".

and since your last car was also a 91 octane tune, you probably don't notice the engine being 'lazy' compared to other 95ron tuned cars, like  Honda Accord Euros.


Which all adds up to a cheap car, that you like, and that's fine.

You're happy, and for you, that's all that matters!


But the above DOES explain why they nixxed it so soon, it, as a product to the general public, it was a failure.

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#1189595 Thank you Hospitals! (Sincerely)

Posted by Master_Scythe on 07 March 2017 - 01:24 PM

So I took a friend with some 'worrying' pain to the Hospital last night.

Basically existing (somewhat diagnosed) painless symptoms, moved onto painful symptoms within a week... random...

I decided a bit of a drive was in order, and went all the way to the PA outside Brisbane;

It's bloody great, my father has had a lot done there.


I know it hardly matters, but BOY what a good experience overall !!!!!


We were seen within two hours roughly, we had a VERY knowledgeable junior doctor (who told us he was 'junior' right away), who consulted with the Attending a few times with any concerns.

I was impressed when he would admit right away "I'm not sure, I'm still Junior, let me go ask my superior".

We had bloodwork taken and back within about 2 hours also.


Sure, it all adds up to 5+ hours at the hospital; but really, with the alternative being pay someone, then wait a few days for pathology to come back, and possibly need more scans anyway.....can't complain.


Turns out the pain is to be expected but no one warned my friend when symptoms first showed up.

At no point were we treated as if we were silly for 'worrying' about it, and after bloods came back to assure that the pain isn't a likely cause for concern, just discomfort.

So that's a relief.


I'm always the 'responsible one', none of my friends would look after themselves without me :P


About the only thing I intend to write in about, as a suggestion, is to hire "Comforters".

Like wardsmen, but Junior staff who's job it is to bring pillows, blankets, non-restricted pain killers, water, snacks, and so forth.

They had "Nurses" doing all that, and in a hospital, I'm sure people are aware a "Nurse" is as much a Doctor, as the Doctor is (just less University I guess).


Straight A's to the PA hospital.

If they can shorten wait times even slightly (4 hours instead of 5), and have basic needs covered, you're an A+.

Keep it up!


Anyone else have a "recommended healthcare place" around the country?

#1189410 So far so good...

Posted by Master_Scythe on 02 March 2017 - 03:18 PM

Without changing any other factors? Thats not a bad outcome man! good work!

I'm always interested in what other people are doing to control weight.

I lost 35KG when I was younger in 2006 but plateaued since then.


Man, if that trick works, I'm interested, keep us informed!


Ive started an intense weights regime, and moved as many carbs to protien as possible, without being 'atkins' obsessed or anything like that.

Lost 8kg in 3 weeks so far.


Hmm, 600 calories a day?

Man it depends what you eat for that eh, it could be a lot of food!

I mean, I don't know if I could consume 5 full chicken breasts in a day.

or a whole dozen eggs, or 2KG of watermelon.....


That said, my 1/4 would be 300cal a day, which is easier to eat.

My daily intake for the last 8 or so years is about 1000cal to 1300cal a day.

When I started weights, I HAD to increase that, but its hard to eat more after so long.


I'm intrigued though, I'm going to look into this, please do keep us informed!

#1189290 Rockin game soundtracks you listen to regularly

Posted by Master_Scythe on 28 February 2017 - 08:37 AM

UT... haven't played it or the sequels in years.  One of those rare games where you didn't turn down the music or commentary.


Something is odd with the sequels.

Either I magically went from Top 3 at lans, and finding 'Insane' bots easy, to being unable to beat 'normal' difficulty bots within a month; Or something significant changed in their engines that I just can't figure out.

#1188949 There are some things you should not tell your wife...

Posted by Master_Scythe on 21 February 2017 - 11:01 AM


I was in Doomadgee this week, and lets just say, if you weren't having about 3 break-in attempts a night, something was odd......



We are not that bad - had three in four years here, one that was a successful burglary, the other two including this am I've seen off.


Our problem is we are opposite a very under-used park and the dope smokers congregate there at night sometimes.





As much as I'm straight edge and anti-everything;

That won't be Dope making them try and rob you, It'll be ICE, or a shitty low grade version of it.

If it was /real/ ICE they'd probably see the knife and think its a good excuse to try smash ya.

#1188894 free shipping online stores

Posted by Master_Scythe on 20 February 2017 - 12:57 PM

Then yeah, FuTu, pickup at any Woolworths to ensure fast delivery :)

#1188878 free shipping online stores

Posted by Master_Scythe on 20 February 2017 - 10:34 AM

PC-Case-Gear is expensive for single items, but for multiple items is quite reasonable.


Otherwise I shop with Futu Online.

They're exclusively on EBAY, but hear me out.


They were the first store to be backed by both Woolworths and Ebay, for their "Pickup from Woolworths" program.

That was why I first trusted them, both Ebay and Woolies would need to be happy they were 'legit' and Australian as promised to offer that.


Since then, they are always included in the '20% off' ebay sales that are common, so it's really hard to beat their price on most things.

#1188494 A lament for Flash

Posted by Master_Scythe on 09 February 2017 - 01:25 PM

So I was showing a friend some old flash animations the other day.

You know, things we 'grew up with' being internet nerds.

From Badger Badger Badger, to StarWarz Gangsta Rap, to Shibby.swf, all the way to HomeStarRunner! you name it.


And it occurred to me (and I'll be writing a piece for this, for my upcoming blog), but we keep losing features, for the purpose of.... well absolutely-fucking-nothing.

(and I'm not going to miss the chance to bash on Apple as usual and point out their reservations to signing with Macromedia\Adobe on the portables is key here...).


There is nothing that can replace the fluid frame by frame line drawn flash.

Try watching a Flash you used to like on youtube, even at 1080p it's not even close. 1080p60 is close, but still not there.

Nothing else can offer clickable elements for 'eastereggs' in the same way.

Nothing I know can compress high quality animation to such low file sizes.

And nothing allows content creators as simple a way to create videos than Action Script.


Sure, there were vulnerabilities introduced because flash ket trying to "get bigger" and I can understand the need to lock it down a bit, but really, we gave up on Flash animations, without anything else offering anywhere near the feature set.


Could you imagine watching Strongbad and NOT looking for easter eggs?

Or trying to animate a wicked 'stick death' scene without Flash's Tweens?


I mean, It only occurred to me the other night. Nothing actually took its place, big brands just slowly hurt it more and more to the point that my pile of SWF's I used to enjoy on my Nokia's wont run on iOS or Android anymore.



#1188423 Pondering a workstation build to process astro images + occassionally play games

Posted by Master_Scythe on 08 February 2017 - 10:14 AM

unfortunately i have never had the chance to use more than a quad core 8 thread cpu so my experience is limited in that regard


rather than running one big expensive dual cpu system for processing how would it be to run a few 1-2k systems?

zen would probably be great for this option

maybe build a zen system for your main uses when its out then if you want some more processing power look at a 32 core naples later in the year running both at once should really crunch some data and may even fit under the 6k budget


I'm running a 6 core 12 thread 2011-3 system, and I'm yet to find a single software that actually ramps up all threads, unless it launches itself multiple times.


One such example is batch MP3 converter.

I wanted a few thousand MP3's dropped to 160kbps for car use (road noise hides quality).

I selected "12 threads", and bam, it did 12 MP3 tracks at a time.

Was rather cool actually, and the first time I've EVER seen software use all the threads properly.


That said, in task manager, there were 12X copies of the software running.... So even then it's not actually multi core aware, just able to use affinity assigning properly.



I've seen all 12 threads get use, don't misunderstand, but it's always a tell-tale sign its the Kernel doing it, and not the software (obvious because X threads jump to 100%, then come down a bit as the remaining Y threads take some load)

#1188413 Pondering a workstation build to process astro images + occassionally play games

Posted by Master_Scythe on 08 February 2017 - 09:29 AM

So what I am also researching is exactly how much faster a dual multi core multi CPU Xeon is compared to a high end I7. It is very interesting topic!


You'll find it's negligible.

DASA is more clued up on back to back benchmarks than I am, so listen to him if he disagrees with me, but in reality, a Xenon chip is basically an i7, with an ECC memory controller, and some more cache.


As for your software,

Depending how 'up to date' and IT-nerd-specific the programmers\marketing department is, "able to utilize Dual CPUs" can EASILY mean "Able to use Dual Core". In Windows, CORE == CPU (not for licensing, but for software).


Regardless, if you go with an ASUS board, they're usually REALLY good at extending CPU support to odd things; so chances are, once they're cheap, the 10core\20thread XEON chip will drop into your "desktop" board anyway.


At the end of the day, what you're trying to do is compute things FAST. Graphics, Physics (well, math) and Data, basically, you're trying to 'game' without playing a game. The requirements are much the same.

As such, the same smart buying rules apply.

Minor upgrading in 2 years, will always result in better performance than overkilling for today.


If you spend $8k on a server setup, that's it for probably, what, 5 years at least? Lets say new sensors or special telescopes come out and take even BETTER images again, or new software emerges. You have 0 budget for upgrades.

If however, you spend $4k now, and an additional $2k in 2 years, not only is it cheaper, but you'll have a more powerful system for longer.


Your money, ans I don't mean to be nearly as forceful as I'm sounding, I'm just trying hard to stop you making a mistake IMO.


From experience, one of my clients (architect) has learnt that even his $10k architect software, which is "fully multi core enabled" only touches his last 4 threads when windows makes it.

You can watch it happen. 1~4 ramp up instantly when rendering, but 4~8 only start seeing SOME load when windows starts handing tasks. Basically no software is good enough to calculate how much to throw at say, 20 cores..... and that makes logical sense. You'd have to be able to predict the future to know what tasks to send to which, absed on predicted time to complete, priority, and what data set it needs to interact with (in the case of Bulldozer CPU's with separate cache).

#1188342 I got windows 10 and it's not ok

Posted by Master_Scythe on 07 February 2017 - 08:38 AM



from windows ten to 4k monitors ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


You can't type that yet, only copy paste....

Your font betrays you :P haha.


ssh you see nothing :p



With a proper private key, I should see nothing over SSH



#1188276 I got windows 10 and it's not ok

Posted by Master_Scythe on 06 February 2017 - 08:59 AM

from windows ten to 4k monitors ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


You can't type that yet, only copy paste....

Your font betrays you :P haha.

#1188182 I got windows 10 and it's not ok

Posted by Master_Scythe on 03 February 2017 - 02:28 PM

nah you're not the only person.  If I had such a thing existed I may move to a large 4K screen instead of multiple 1080p screens.


Actually yeah, a 60" 4K TV split into 4x 1080p screens..... hmmm