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'Droid: Imaging\Enterprise Managment

28 May 2018 - 12:05 PM

So, a lil help if you'd be so kind my friends!

My place of employment is looking to distribute Android Tablets to Rural Queensland.


So first, is there an imaging or ninite style installer for Android tabs?

That first one is a simple question, there must be some way to mass deploy tablets.


We're looking for a security solution that will let us:

Lock down the tablets. (no settings menu, except certain things, like wifi)

Manage them from a web portal. (wipe, reset passwords, etc)

and NOT lock us out of the device, if the user tries to set passwords and such. (google accounts are not the best, they're TOO secure, we want a self managed web portal if possible, or just a more friendly Cloud Management portal)


Ideally, we'd like to be able to 'push' apps to the devices, disable the play store (at least, from a user level), and such like that.

I think a few antivirus vendors may offer this?


I'm just finding it really hard to search for this information and a lot more of it is from 2012~2015, so there could easily be a lot more out there I don't know about.

Can you guys suggest any sort of remote management on Android?


The upper management doesn't want to go the iPad route, because in Rural locations, while all of them are steal-able, there's a prestige to i-devices, that make them much more theft friendly.....


Thanks guys!

Anyone watch Supernatural? (spoilers)

17 May 2018 - 12:17 PM

That last episode shit me off.

The writers of this show only have 2 switch positions, emotional drama, or mass death.


We just learned that a personal favorite of mine (Gabriel the 'mischievous' Archangel) is alive,

Then 3 episodes later, they outright kill him, in a way that it looks like he can't possibly have been a 'hard light clone' that he likes making.

Angel wings burnt into the ground, he's dead.


Bunch of other side characters dead.

Sam goes and does something COMPLETELY uncharacteristic Mr "I give every monster the chance to prove themselves" throws Lucifer back after his fight with Michael, making the OBVIOUS future breakup between him and Jack.

It just feels like every time there's a conflict, they go and cause 5 or 6 major events that leave you feeling like shit, often out of character, and then spend the rest of the season having that character 'make up' for their mistake.


I liked it when it was 'Monster of the week'.


Anyone else still follow this series?

An FYI for any Glasses Wearers

16 May 2018 - 11:10 AM

Do NOT, and I mean under (almost) ANY circumstance, pay for Thinner lenses.


My whole life, with my "Strong prescription" (around the -4) I've always been advised to go with a High Index lens.


Since I found eyebuydirect (I'm not affiliated with them, but if someone is getting glasses, I'd love i you hit me up for my referral code)

I've been able to get these 'expensive thin lenses' for only about $150, to my door, not $600 locally.

I had every pair checked on the machine at the local optom, they're always exactly what I order.


Anyway, since they're affordable now, I never hesitated to get the thinnest I could afford....


Then a whole list of education kinda chanced upon me at the same time.

First, Youtube suggested  something I'd never have looked up, one of those "Heal your eyes naturally!" type videos.

It was all bullshit, but one part made me google more.

It was something along the lines of "We're starting to learn that minor aberrations and interaction between reflections at the edge of an object are a key factor.... yadda yadda yadda".

Hmm... ok.... Google google google, yep, all checks out.... Previously expected the brain was able to correct minor aberrations, but now for people who don't have perfect eyes, maybe not.... ok.... yep....


Then I dug further. (In ABBE charts, the higher number, the better)




That article is from 2015, the importance of abbe has been speculated to be even greater recently.....


Hard Resin - is Index 1.5, normal 'plastic' lenses.  CR-39

Yes, the ones with the best visual clarity are the cheapest.

The ones people 'scare you away from' as being big and heavy...

Yes, they ARE thicker, yes they ARE heavier, but we're talking single grams, and in a -3.75 Cyl prescription, less than a 1mm thickness change (using a ruler, not a vernier)


To my knowledge (I emailed EBD), 1.55 is still a form of modified CR-39 which is why it's abbe value is still 'OK'.

And Trivex is just stronger. (read here if you want; https://www.allabout...es/polycarb.htm)

But I wouldn't bother with this 'sacrifice' in clarity unless you're over a 5.0 prescription. (I'm not an optom, just very experienced in glasses by this point).



People will tell you they're thinner and more delicate, and OK, so they do scratch easier.

For people with only readers which spend most of their day on their shirt, rubbing on things, maybe the scratch resistance is worth it.

However, if you wear them all day, I don't scratch my eyes with sharp objects... I'm sure you don't.... it'll be no harm.


I used to use GLASS sunglasses, never once broke a pair, and I was rough on them. CR39 is MUCH stronger than Glass anyway.

I've asked my 2 local optoms, I can't find a single instance reported of plastic lenses 'shattering'.

Cracks? In extreme cases yeah, but never dangerous, no shards in the eyes, just broken glasses.



With my 1.7x lenses, which are polycarbonate, I honestly thought I was going colourblind.

I wouldn't get things wrong, but they'd 'flicker' before my eyes, and rotating my head slightly would clear it up.

My 1.6 Lenses were 'better' but still had this issue if I was tired.

I could focus, but I was still getting eye strain, which made 0 sense (until now).


I'm now wearing some 1.5 index glasses, the difference and clarity in the same prescription is phenomenal.

I paid $40 for grind lenses and frame, delivered (Over $600 locally!!) and I couldn't be happier.


Just thought it was information people should know.


1.5 lenses.

Stronger than Glass. As clear as any lens we can make (Including glass). Cheap.


And the Cons? ....are overplayed for marketing.

Heavier (I don't feel it), Thicker (1mm [less?] at -4ish), Delicate (I call bull, try and break a $2 pair of readers from the chemist), Scratches easier (possibly, but if you wear them during all waking hours, who cares).


Just my over enthusiastic FYI for the day :)

Automotive Paint Technologies

21 March 2018 - 11:15 AM

Anyone up to date?

The internet is full of, dickheads, wrong information, and misleading marketing.


Basic Acrylic, and normal 2k paint I understand.

But there are a few 'exotics' that I just can't nail down.


For example, I was talking to concept paints, asking how their clearcoat uses "2k technology" but is in a 1 part rattle can.

First, after talking to a chemist mate, he suggested there are a few hardeners that are activated by Oxygen exposure, and are packaged under Nitrogen.

Cool, I thought to myself, isocyanate free, and possible catalyzed (even if it is weaker than true 2k); so I jumped onto the work facebook account and asked the question.


There is no hardener.
It is a moisture cured product. It cures with moisture in the air.
The Super Gloss Clear is not as chemical resistant as full on Isocyanate based 2 pack.


So I'm guessing (and as far as I can tell, narrows it exclusively to) a moisture cured urethane.


(EDIT: It's not, its marketing bullshit, '2k technology' means '2k clarity', and yeah, it has that, but it's just a pure acrylic.

If you want a p aint that IS moisture cure urethane clear coat, look into everything KBS make, but mainly their Diamond Clear.)


Is anyone up to date on paint technologies?

Does this sound right?


How does this stuff hold up to chemical exposure?

and hardness compared to regular air-dry Acrylic?


I bought a can, because it said "2k technology"; I knew it wasn't true isocyanate 2pack, but I hoped it had a real hardener in it.

Apparently not.


Long shot on an IT forum, but anyone know about this shit more than I?

As a non social media user - Mansplaining

20 March 2018 - 04:01 PM

I don't use socials.

Thanks to this I often have the bliss of avoiding the "Lets attack X this week!"  (of which all genders, creeds, and races are guilty of doing).

Recently, shows like Tonightly (Tom Ballard) have brought this term to light....

Frankly, I'm a little confused how quite so much of this.... one sided shit, gets to be public.


I'm going to risk putting my neck out here, and risk saying something very wrong.

So feel free to ASK rather than ASSUME I mean something, if I make a boo boo.


First of all, am I right that this 'Mainsplaining' thing is a reaction from a minority (from both genders)?

At risk of severely inserting my foot into my mouth, (and well aware I'm grossly generalizing); does anyone else find it much more common for males to be the ones who research random shit, and (admittedly, annoyingly) educate others on it?

Of course many women can\do this too (I have quite a few in my friend circles! One has a 'secret' phd! lol); but it seems to not be the norm.

I'd wager 8/10 of my male friends could converse about topics they don't have any involvement in, but have researched 'just because'.

However probably only 4/10 of my female friends could do the same.


More curious to me though.

What do we think about there being a cause and effect relationship to the overly politically correct environment we've recently bred, and this new 'trend'?

A gut feeling (and this is where I could go from foot in mouth, to leg in mouth :P) is that, while heaven forbid males generalize  or criticize females as a whole gender; us males (including the good ones) have copped it for many years now.

Possibly, because of this, our nature of communication is getting inadvertently warped, and resulting in communication being ....hard, less direct.... more... calculated?

We feel like we need to explain ourselves, for fear of attack.


(EDIT: its actually quite apparent, by how many times I've felt the need to explain I am aware i'm generalizing, and that not everyone is like this, etc /edit)


I know, that for me personally, the difference in communication that feels socially expected when a female is involved in a predominantly male group, is very real.

For example, (once again, second foot at risk of being inserted here), generally males seem to 'shit talk' each other a lot more than females will. Be disgusted less. Be offended less.

No, no, I'm not suggesting every female is a delicate flower who can't handle that, I'm just saying it feels less common.


As a random example;

if I was sitting with a group of, say overweight friends (I'm a nerd, I have many :P), and we were all 'friendly teasing' each other about said weight, I'd think twice before ribbing any overweight females in the group.

Society has trained me that way.

I personally like a woman that the media would like to call 'chubby', but history, and media teaches us to be 'careful' with women.


It just feels like, thus far, we've seen a lot of "Hey, We're not some delicate flower!" followed by "How dare you tease her!" well... that's what we do to each other.... it's meant to be harmless; this isn't 'fair'!

Do you want it the same, or do we need to be careful?


In addition, it feels extremely common for female friends to want to sit you down and explain how feelings or relationships work. (and yes, that's a HUGE stereotype, but once again, just personal experience)

Is that the flip side? Women expecting that men feel differently than they think they do?


Once again, far from everyone, but we're playing with stereotypes here.

Always a flammable social cloth.


Anyway I'm rambling.


What I'm trying to say, is that it feels like 'mansplaining' has come about, because men are concerned (scared? abused? I don't know, i'm asking) about how to interact with women in this new world order.

Do we just pretend everything is equal, and assume they generally know about topics that women (stereotypically) don't?


Are my life experiences unique?

Or  have I totally missed the point?

What are the people complaining, trying to fix?


Is the whole mansplaining thing, about the guys who do it in a belittling manner?

Such as on topics you WOULD assume any gender with basic intelligence would know?


I may, as usual, just be missing the point :P