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Secure Erase an Android Device?

09 August 2017 - 11:21 AM

Hello everyone, Just some advice if you'd be so kind :)

I'll bold my question, if you'd like to skip the backstory.


So my friend and I both own TCL-Blackberry KeyONE's (and both love them to death).

This phone had its teething issues with build quality, but she was unlucky enough to hit a once-off problem!

The USB-C connector shorted out internally and melted the end of the phone.

Well damn!



Since we're lucky enough to have consumer laws that let us just swap the phone, Question is:


How do we securely wipe an Android phone?


BBOS10 had a "5 pass wipe" option, but I can't find anything in Android.


Are there apps?


Being Android Nougat, I heard about "the whole phone is Encrypted"....?

.... does this mean a factory reset makes it unrecoverable ANYWAY?


What's the go here?


Thanks guys!


Paying for photobucket

24 July 2017 - 09:32 AM

So as I'm sure a lot of you have realized, Photobucket broke the internet.


As an example, here's someones car build thread:



Those who aren't in the loop, rather than adding a quota or a warning, or random ad-load to link pictures, they've replaced ALL linked pictures with a 'ransom note', and there's no way to see them. At all.

The instructions say to visit the pictures directly, but even copying the URL, and opening them in a new browser (so only one DNS hit, and it's theirs) still loads the block picture.

Not only this, but they're asking $400 a year! (and I'm pretty darn sure that's USD)


Even worse, the 'error' is misleading, I've reset at the 1st of the month and the quota is still 100%, and reading the page, there is NO QUOTA, it's always 100%, they just 'locked the internet down'.


I decided to stir the pot a little....

I already know the answer, but I've emailed support asking how do I pay?

I own none of these photos, I just want to view the educational threads of information.

I'm willing to pay!

Now how does this work?


Preeeety sure the answer is 'the hoster has to pay', but at the least maybe I'll open their eyes to something that hadn't considered..


and really? $400? Eugh.


I'd pay a $10 a month subscription as a VIEWER to see all the broken pages; especially if they put in some algorithm to try and keep images from breaking in the first place.

New car time (also, ow)

04 July 2017 - 09:47 AM

So, I was in my first accident.

Luckily, no other cars or property involved.

Just me, a tree, and a mountain.


Cars a write off, 110%.

Had Insurance (even though its bullshit small)

And luckily I got a nice cop on the scene who believed me, and yes, I was honest with him.


Those mountains are known for hooning, so I was stressing HARD over being accused of breaking the speed limit or 'trying something'.

Go back 5 years, and it'd probably have been the cause. I'm well past that time in my life now.



I was literally doing 10 under, which clearly wasn't enough under, and the back end just spun on a fairly easy right hander.


The officer said;

"Everyone says that..... but I believe you."

I thanked him, as I was being honest; but had to ask 'why'..... I mean.....we were in a hoon hot spot, and my car was 4m down a cliff face.....

"If you were doing any more than you claim, you wouldn't be standing here talking to us".

Yeah, makes sense.


Bruised and small cuts everywhere, but alive, and they think my recent gastric surgery scars didn't bust at all internally, so yay, i guess.


As I explained to the ambulance folks;

I've grown a lot in the last 5 or so years. I'm easily past the invincible teen years (which you all had to endure, lol)

These days, Normally I'd say 'Lesson Learned!', own the fuck-up, and practice\prevent in the future.

And I guess there's always room to go slower, so I learned that, no argument there... but I don't even get a story out of it!

There was no Race, no Drifting, no 'Fully Sik Handbrakies' or something.

Just a right hander that threw the rear.


I'm going to put my money on lift off oversteer;

so I think I'm going to book my third 'skid control' day, and see if I can avoid these sort of mistakes in the future.


I guess the lesson learned from this one, is that Accidents can happen any time, even when you're not actually 'being an idiot'!

That, and Insurance is worth every cent.

I only get 3k for my 10k car, but apparently that's its value (jerks).


Time to hit Gumtree!


Question is;

Do I replace what I just lost, or do I go for a cheap Luxury car I can VIP-spec.....


Accord Euros are getting to the $3k range, could be fun.... bit of Luxury for a change....

"The Australia Tax" on electronics...

07 June 2017 - 11:08 AM

So for the first time in probably 10 years, I'm excited about buying something.

Everything else has been 'Needed' or 'Sort of fun' or I've purchased the one that "Is good enough, but not the best" to save some money.


Now, the TCL KeyOne is about to be released here.



It's a thing of dreams. Every review is positive, every user is happy, and best of all, it's selling out everywhere it's been released, it's THAT popular.

Finally, less ' boring glass slabs'.

It's taking all of my will not to rant, and jump in joy about something actually innovative again.


Anyway; my soul sunk a little when I heard the price point is going to be $899 at JbHiFi (likely the only retailer).

Direct currency conversion should have had it about $720; and everyone was expecting "The Australia Tax" to take that to $799.


But..... $899.  I mean, maybe they just know their audience, because I'll be lined up on launch day to buy one even if it was $2k, but it still feels like a slap in the face.


Is it a wholesaler problem?

Retailer gouging?


Who's to blame for this constant over-pricing of devices here?

Fingerprint sensors; Secure?

24 May 2017 - 01:08 PM

Just a quick one.


I've read lots of articles, some are from paranoid people who claim that "If you store your fingerprint, now "THEY" have it!


Others, seem to claim that no fingerprint is stored.

And that it is in fact a metric that looks for POINTS on a fingerprint.

These points can be used to confirm the fingerprint is the same as the stored one, but couldn't be used to reconstruct a "fake fingerprint"


As I am a little paranoid, I'd prefer not to have a full scan of my fingerprints anywhere that could be 'hacked' or compromised, so I'm curious.