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Australian Nintendo Switch - $382

16 March 2017 - 11:11 AM

We all assume its aussie stock because

- Ships from melbourne

- States Australian Warranty

- DickSmith is a listed authorized Australian switch seller




No I havent been replaced by a spammer, I'm just letting friends know.



Doubt the console is going to get much below this any time soon.

Snatch one while you can!






AAAAAAAAND sold out.

Thanks for playing!


I hope someone had a chance to snatch that up too. I'll have more people to smash online in super smash bros once its released if you did :P

Twitch:Power Rangers are being streamed free

15 March 2017 - 09:13 AM


All 800+ episodes.


It's funny, it's still on season 1 or 2-ish, which actually explains a lot.


I often turn the TV on the second I get home, and often power rangers (something new) is on; and I always think "Wow, this is actually pretty decent".

Not as in, I'm going to get into it and watch it all, but as in, if I had kids, I'd happily watch it with them.


However, this early season re-watch explains why I get odd looks from people when I say power rangers isn't so bad.

Because it USED to be. My god.


But boy am I having fun having something silly on the 3rd monitor at work to laugh at between jobs.



Thank you Hospitals! (Sincerely)

07 March 2017 - 01:24 PM

So I took a friend with some 'worrying' pain to the Hospital last night.

Basically existing (somewhat diagnosed) painless symptoms, moved onto painful symptoms within a week... random...

I decided a bit of a drive was in order, and went all the way to the PA outside Brisbane;

It's bloody great, my father has had a lot done there.


I know it hardly matters, but BOY what a good experience overall !!!!!


We were seen within two hours roughly, we had a VERY knowledgeable junior doctor (who told us he was 'junior' right away), who consulted with the Attending a few times with any concerns.

I was impressed when he would admit right away "I'm not sure, I'm still Junior, let me go ask my superior".

We had bloodwork taken and back within about 2 hours also.


Sure, it all adds up to 5+ hours at the hospital; but really, with the alternative being pay someone, then wait a few days for pathology to come back, and possibly need more scans anyway.....can't complain.


Turns out the pain is to be expected but no one warned my friend when symptoms first showed up.

At no point were we treated as if we were silly for 'worrying' about it, and after bloods came back to assure that the pain isn't a likely cause for concern, just discomfort.

So that's a relief.


I'm always the 'responsible one', none of my friends would look after themselves without me :P


About the only thing I intend to write in about, as a suggestion, is to hire "Comforters".

Like wardsmen, but Junior staff who's job it is to bring pillows, blankets, non-restricted pain killers, water, snacks, and so forth.

They had "Nurses" doing all that, and in a hospital, I'm sure people are aware a "Nurse" is as much a Doctor, as the Doctor is (just less University I guess).


Straight A's to the PA hospital.

If they can shorten wait times even slightly (4 hours instead of 5), and have basic needs covered, you're an A+.

Keep it up!


Anyone else have a "recommended healthcare place" around the country?

ECC ram

27 February 2017 - 09:33 AM

So I'm pretty happy,


My little server went from 2GB of ram to 8GB of ram last night, so I can finally make a ZFS pool for my data (reliably).

With ECC off, we're 24 hour memtest perfect.

I'll give it an 8 hour with ECC on tonight, and if it passes, it's back into commission!


My question is this;


When setting ECC settings on consumer motherboards, (and some servers) you get "ECC level" as an option, and it looks pretty much like this:




What level should I be enabling?

If I turn "Basic" on, it enables "ECC Enable" but all the scrubs remain off.

Is this still ECC-ing my data?

If I take it to 'max' the scrubs all turn on, and are done quite regularly.


There's 4 levels with various mishmash of 'enabled' and 'disabled' throughout.

While I've googled the terms and know the fundamentals of what they do, there's no clear cut answer on what's best for a home server.

It's probably because I don't know off the top of my head what path data takes on a board\between caches, so I dont know where and what is important.


Thanks fellas (and dames!)

Bitrot, is it real?

22 February 2017 - 09:08 AM

So I've been researching HOW I want to store my data.

As per my other thread, So far, BTRFS has won (In RAID1, since it's the only reliable type).


What I'm having trouble deciphering is how concern over bit rot, and random flips, is:

a. Un-needed (due to firmware CRC etc)

b. Sensible

c. Somewhat Paranoid (this is where I'm comfortable)

d. Beyond Paranoid

e. Just pure bullshit.


I read about people fixing significant data on their ZFS pools from bitrot, and "yay thanks ZFS!" threads.
I see similar threads from SnapRAID users, having recovered data from old snapshots that were lost from corruption.


But these could fall into the whole "People report when things go wrong, not when they go right" mentality.


But then I read articles such as this (and there are MANY others, especially on Reddit):



Which make me feel like my "need for checksumming" falls into my 'D. or E." grouping above.


I ALSO read conflicting details on 'Linux Raid 5' and whether or not it corrects errors on the fly, since RAID5 needs a form of sum to calculate data if a disk is lost.

apparently some RAID systems do, and some don't? (checksumm on the fly) I can't find solid details.


Does anyone actually handle priceless data as a profession here, and might know more than one dude with a few months research does?

Keep in mind, most of mine isnt priceless; that which is, is backed up in triplicate, but the rest is still 'valuable'.



EDIT: Also, ECC ram is already present. and has had 48 hours of memtest with ECC enabled, and 48 hours with ECC disabled.