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Ow my voice

Yesterday, 09:34 AM

So I probably have Laryngitis.

I have an ENT referral because it's an 'odd case'.


No hoarseness, none at all, but all the pain really only flares up when speaking.

Swallowing is "odd" but not hard. I think it's because my body EXPECTS pain.

Been ongoing for about 2 months now :(


Seen a GP 3 times; each time;

"Throat looks normal, other than a couple of small lumps that are usual with a sore throat".

Since I don't smoke or drink, chances of "Other" issues is unlikely, but I wish it would just go away :(

Though my GP did point something out.

"How many days have you been silent?"

"Err.... none, it's not THAT painful, its like Ive been at a party all night, combined with the weakest ever case of tonsilitis"

"Well, if you sprain an ankle it wont heal if you run on it. If your voice is sore, it wont heal if you keep speaking"


So here I am, on the tail end of 48hours silence.

Anyone who's met me, would know this is HELL. lol.


It's a BBQ night with mates tonight. And I won't be missing it, but I also will be sitting there in silence....

The horror.


If it's not gone by Monday, I'll break my silence and book that ENT. That'll mark 10 weeks, and it's just getting frustrating.


Bodies are stupid.

iCloud lock - Brainstorm with me

08 January 2018 - 07:20 PM

So work was handed a pile of iPads (ipad 3's I think?) and one of them is iCloud locked.

These are all our devices, purchased by us, but there is no way to know what staff member had this one.

I know their name starts with K, and @p......au

In other words, they used their domain email account, thank christ.


Now, before I go down the long path of trying all 400 staff whos name start with a K, does anyone have any ideas?


Im happy to open up and solder serial cables onto the board, or jump pins on the memory chip.

There are no limits, I just want it working again.


Really, all I need is the associated email address; then I can take ownership of it on my domain, 'forgot my password' and go from there.

But for some reason it only shows the first letter.



That does it! I'm out of luck.

04 January 2018 - 09:17 AM

Oh I'm so angry.

I can't believe I let something slip past me.


So after my little post yesterday I decided it was smart to go out.

NORMALLY my nights would be spent in front of the TV with my gumtree searches spread across the 8 monitors, on 45 second auto refreshes.


So I'm out,

Talked to someone I know, but don't like. (what a waste of time, hes just a jerk, lol)

Refresh gumtree on the phone...

and the exact car I wrote off.....

but the top of the line one....

is listed for sale....

$2k. Normally they're $14k!


Whats up....?


"Wont go into reverse"

Even if the gearbox is fucked, I have another one!


Catch? The ad is now 3 minutes old.

I don't think I've ever managed to buy anything from a gumtree ad that old. But I tried.

No Reply.

No Reply.

Ad Gone.



I drove to the address, and yep, car exists, parked on front lawn,

NOT a scam.

Rego check the licence plate...

Get the VIN from the rego check....

PPSR check.... not stolen, not written off, not financed....

But all the lights are off in the house.

Well, no point skulking around his yard after midnight with everyone asleep.

I drove home.


I hoped, I begged, I actually prayed, that it was because it was midnight and he didn't want to be swarmed with calls while he slept.

So I set an alarm at 5AM, 5.30, 6, 6.30, and checked gumtree every moment I could.

Also set up email alerts and set my emails to check every minute.

HOPING that he'd relist the ad in the morning.

And no, I get an SMS saying "Car sold".


I'm just so mad.

I'm faster than that.

I'm better than that!

This is the worst feeling.

I can't figure out how to 'fix' it.


Probably the most important aspect of my life, and I miss the one deal that could fix everything.

I think the universe decided I'm out of luck.

No more for me.


Hope everyone else has more luck today than me.

I'm going back to refreshing gumtree.

2018? So I found a list I wrote in 2008~9

03 January 2018 - 12:41 PM

I've been in a strange place for a while.

An uncontrollable desire to be alone, however while I'm alone, I constantly search for serendipitous company (then find it, and want to be alone, rinse and repeat).



I was cleaning up my HDD, as I just got an 8TB external to do offsite backups on (YAY, finally!) < clearly this is the important bit :P

And I stumbled across a txt file I wrote almost 10 years ago.


2009....I was going through a stressful time with my vision starting to be treated, not yet realizing that I was depressed (for the same reason).

I guess in a sentimental night, I'd written out a list of everyone important to me, and a quick note as to why they were.


Reading through it, they're all gone.

Not dead, but either betrayed me, left the country, broken up, or just became uncontactable.


I used to throw 110% of myself into friendships and even more into relationships, and I'd never noticed that 100% of those investments ended in net losses.

No wonder I stopped investing.

I'd never stopped and thought about why on earth I was having such a hard time feeling myself around people, and it's nice (well, bittersweet) to have some 'logic' behind it.


Nowadays I have plenty of 'friends' but almost 0 'family' if that makes sense.


And....I'm not sure what I'm going to do about it yet.... clearly it's a hard thing to change, but at least I'm aware now!

(txt files.... is there anything they can't do?)



Why am I telling you all this?

At0mic  -   That's why.

It's been a source of stability, friends, debate, education and so much more.

So thank you, to everyone, our evil admin, our gods, every mod, every member.

For all the late nights of iSketch, IRC rants, all the days of distraction instead of school work, all the years of learning, and all the memories of friendship.

You guys rock.


Here's to a better and more self aware new year for me!

Lets see if I can learn something this year :)

Jaycar are out of stock of Flux Capacitors.

11 December 2017 - 10:32 AM



Man thats disappointing......

I was going to purchase one!