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Phones (not mobile) in cars

Yesterday, 11:14 AM

So, I've been trying to find relevant legislation (and I'm sure it's different per state).

But Purely for the purpose of curiosity, I'm trying to find the laws on Car Phones.



For example, I know it's illegal to use a Mobile Phone in your car while driving.


I also know it's NOT illegal to use a CB radio (hence why all my mates and I fitted them for road trips).


What's the go with classic VIP level cars with literal phones built into the dashboard\center console.


Just genuinely curious.

Hugh Hefner gone, Thanks for all the......fun......

28 September 2017 - 01:51 PM


Whatever the cause of death is reported to be, I'm going to assume it was 'pleasant'.

RIP! I always thought you were the only dude in the public eye who managed to do that perfect balance of Creepy and Classy, Sleeze and Suave, however you want to put it.


RIP fella!



paste: always better than air?

27 September 2017 - 04:56 PM

I've had something bugging me for a while.

Take these two scenarios, which would cool better?


Lets say I have an IC (or in my case, a Transmitter amplifier)


Scenario 1:

- The chip is free to air

- Has forced air-flow over the top of the IC.


Scenario 2:

- The chip is covered in thermal paste, or ceramic (so it sets).

- The thermal paste has forced air flow over it.


I'm thinking in scenario 2, there's more thermal mass, so better cooling.... however.....

Where is the changeover?


Lets say, I had an IC, and I dunked it into a bucket of non-flowing thermal paste.

And I had a second identical IC, which I put a fan on, and it's exposed.

Where is the changeover point where 'Thick thermal paste' is more insulating, than it is aiding with cooling?


Or is this likely to never be met, because the thermal conductivity of Thermal paste is always better than air?

So as long as the paste had air flow, it's always better?

Risk of getting a 'hot spot' in the paste, with no flow? Or is thermal conductivity just too good in brand name paste.





Real world application?


The reason I ask, is because an RC hobby of mine is using some 5.8ghz video transmitters.

These things get hot.

Now, most of them are hiding behind anti-interference shields (metal plates).


I know an Air-Gap is the worst possible thing, as air itself insulates;

So in the case of VTX modules that are layered  PCB > Transmitter IC > AirGap > EMF Shield

I'm best to pop that shield off, fill the entire gap with non conductive thermal paste, and re-apply the shield.

But the question is, should I be shimming that gap, or can I just use 1mm thick of paste, and call it a day?


Twenty Two Minutes to type www.

13 September 2017 - 10:45 AM

I kid you not.


So I'm in a role that occasionally has to do old school desktop support.

No big deal, I'm OK at it, and usually enjoy it; it's a break from IP addresses and AD.


I found out yesterday people were sharing the account of someone who was away.

Nope! Not on! Locked that account out right away.

Told them, to let the user know, and have her call me when she's back from sick leave.


And so it begins. Some of these issues were user 1 (who is sick, and is meant to run the show at this location), and some are user2 the staff who had her account.

But I'll lump them together because... why not.



"I can't see my list any more!" (was a hyperlink on the old account, turns out)

Where is your list normally? Is it a program? a Website?

"The list is called Mozilla"

Well, that's a browser, is it in your favorites?

"No, I click a button called Mozilla and that's my list"


Turns out during their 5 years of employment, they never knew what a website was..... right.





"There are no programs on this login"

I assure you there are, it's a standard SOE (I obviously didn't use the term SOE or MOE).

"Well where is the Email button?"

It should be in the start menu, Under Microsoft Office

"I'm not an IT expert, what the hell is a start menu?"

*OK, 5 year, management level employee..... stay calm.....*

It's in the bottom left corner

"Nope, nothing there"


Took 10+ minutes to actually explain how to left click, and where to left click to open the start menu.

Windows 7, Themes Disabled, so it actually says "Start"!!!!!

a Non IT savvy Colleague actually pointed out, "How on earth have they been shutting down?"

Probably the power button.......



OK, next.

Can you go to a website for me? www.

"Where do I type that?"

*explains the address bar*

"I can't see it"

You know where you'd type google, or facebook.com or anything?

"No, I've never typed anything like that"

So, if you're home, how do you reach facebook?

"If I click on the news, there's a comment section to login to facebook, and that gets me in"

*Fuck..... sake.....*

So you've never typed a web address, or a site name?

"What's that?"

facebook.com, for example


*.......OK New approach.....*


THEN came the killer.....

I thought: Hmm, you know what? I'm over this... TeamViewer time!

We have corporate licenses, and a webpage with our names on it, to single click quick connect.


OK, I'll set this up for you, I'll just need to remote control. Open a Browser. Any of them, Chrome, Mozilla, or IE, whatever you normally click to surf the internet.

*queue literal 4 minute explanation of why she's going to open Mozilla, none of the reasons being technical*

So, is it open?

"Oh, I haven't clicked it yet"

OK, click it....

"It's loading. Sometimes when it's loading I just make it do it again and it works"

(no idea what she means) OK, no problem, let me know when it shows our home page.....

"OK, it's loaded"

Great, click the address bar

"The what?"

The bar where you'd type www. then a website

"I don't know where that is"

The long typing bar at the top of Mozilla

"I don't see one"

(this goes on for about 5 minutes)......

OK, cool, now type www.companyname.com.au

"OK...... Page not found"

Can you read out what you typed?


OK, no can you type exactly what I say, letter by letter?


*spells it out*

"It popped up with XYZ suggestion, so I just clicked that"

OK, no. Can you type.....

*deep breath*

Actually, Open Chrome, the site we're trying to get to is the home page.

"OK, I see it"

GREAT! see where it says ~~~~~.com.au?


Click, so you can type at the end of that, you want to add to whats already there...

"Yep, i have a blinking cursor"

Great! just add the term "itsupport" no spaces, one word, and push enter.

"It says page not found".

*tests to be 110% sure it's up*

OK, reboot the PC, and use it as is. When you get a chance to come into head office, I'll set it up for you.


These threads probably aren't as funny\frustrating to others, but sometimes I just need a vent, and I'm sure someone enjoys my pain :P

I need some Office365 help

07 September 2017 - 10:47 AM

Can anyone shed some light on this for me please?

I'm about to put my fucking head through a wall.


So, we have a corporate Office365 account; cool.


We make a new user. Great.

We pay their monthly fee, Done!

We get an email telling us their login details.


We install the software (Outlook being the most critical).

The software shows the correct username\account is 'logged in', and that they're a "Business" o365 account holder.

Office however, is NOT activated, and is stuck in View Only mode.

You click 'Activate' and nothing happens.

It will not activate under the user login or the Local admin login.

Reboots don't help.


I spent 6 hours yesterday on the phone to microsoft support, who can't solve this.


I've tried reinstalls.


Using the same process, we have about a 10% success rate, where the software just successfully activates, and there's no drama.


Is there a decent Crack around, for this Office 2016?

It's not pirated, we're paying for it, I can screen cap our payment window and prove the user has a paid for o365 account.

It's just clear the activation process is faulty, and it's costing us thousands in lost productivity.



It even shows as ACTIVATED in the Office365 Admin Center!

Shows the PC name, and yep, correct.

The local machine can't do anything though. "View Only" unactivated.