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Automotive Paint Technologies

21 March 2018 - 11:15 AM

Anyone up to date?

The internet is full of, dickheads, wrong information, and misleading marketing.


Basic Acrylic, and normal 2k paint I understand.

But there are a few 'exotics' that I just can't nail down.


For example, I was talking to concept paints, asking how their clearcoat uses "2k technology" but is in a 1 part rattle can.

First, after talking to a chemist mate, he suggested there are a few hardeners that are activated by Oxygen exposure, and are packaged under Nitrogen.

Cool, I thought to myself, isocyanate free, and possible catalyzed (even if it is weaker than true 2k); so I jumped onto the work facebook account and asked the question.


There is no hardener.
It is a moisture cured product. It cures with moisture in the air.
The Super Gloss Clear is not as chemical resistant as full on Isocyanate based 2 pack.


So I'm guessing (and as far as I can tell, narrows it exclusively to) a moisture cured urethane.


(EDIT: It's not, its marketing bullshit, '2k technology' means '2k clarity', and yeah, it has that, but it's just a pure acrylic.

If you want a p aint that IS moisture cure urethane clear coat, look into everything KBS make, but mainly their Diamond Clear.)


Is anyone up to date on paint technologies?

Does this sound right?


How does this stuff hold up to chemical exposure?

and hardness compared to regular air-dry Acrylic?


I bought a can, because it said "2k technology"; I knew it wasn't true isocyanate 2pack, but I hoped it had a real hardener in it.

Apparently not.


Long shot on an IT forum, but anyone know about this shit more than I?

As a non social media user - Mansplaining

20 March 2018 - 04:01 PM

I don't use socials.

Thanks to this I often have the bliss of avoiding the "Lets attack X this week!"  (of which all genders, creeds, and races are guilty of doing).

Recently, shows like Tonightly (Tom Ballard) have brought this term to light....

Frankly, I'm a little confused how quite so much of this.... one sided shit, gets to be public.


I'm going to risk putting my neck out here, and risk saying something very wrong.

So feel free to ASK rather than ASSUME I mean something, if I make a boo boo.


First of all, am I right that this 'Mainsplaining' thing is a reaction from a minority (from both genders)?

At risk of severely inserting my foot into my mouth, (and well aware I'm grossly generalizing); does anyone else find it much more common for males to be the ones who research random shit, and (admittedly, annoyingly) educate others on it?

Of course many women can\do this too (I have quite a few in my friend circles! One has a 'secret' phd! lol); but it seems to not be the norm.

I'd wager 8/10 of my male friends could converse about topics they don't have any involvement in, but have researched 'just because'.

However probably only 4/10 of my female friends could do the same.


More curious to me though.

What do we think about there being a cause and effect relationship to the overly politically correct environment we've recently bred, and this new 'trend'?

A gut feeling (and this is where I could go from foot in mouth, to leg in mouth :P) is that, while heaven forbid males generalize  or criticize females as a whole gender; us males (including the good ones) have copped it for many years now.

Possibly, because of this, our nature of communication is getting inadvertently warped, and resulting in communication being ....hard, less direct.... more... calculated?

We feel like we need to explain ourselves, for fear of attack.


(EDIT: its actually quite apparent, by how many times I've felt the need to explain I am aware i'm generalizing, and that not everyone is like this, etc /edit)


I know, that for me personally, the difference in communication that feels socially expected when a female is involved in a predominantly male group, is very real.

For example, (once again, second foot at risk of being inserted here), generally males seem to 'shit talk' each other a lot more than females will. Be disgusted less. Be offended less.

No, no, I'm not suggesting every female is a delicate flower who can't handle that, I'm just saying it feels less common.


As a random example;

if I was sitting with a group of, say overweight friends (I'm a nerd, I have many :P), and we were all 'friendly teasing' each other about said weight, I'd think twice before ribbing any overweight females in the group.

Society has trained me that way.

I personally like a woman that the media would like to call 'chubby', but history, and media teaches us to be 'careful' with women.


It just feels like, thus far, we've seen a lot of "Hey, We're not some delicate flower!" followed by "How dare you tease her!" well... that's what we do to each other.... it's meant to be harmless; this isn't 'fair'!

Do you want it the same, or do we need to be careful?


In addition, it feels extremely common for female friends to want to sit you down and explain how feelings or relationships work. (and yes, that's a HUGE stereotype, but once again, just personal experience)

Is that the flip side? Women expecting that men feel differently than they think they do?


Once again, far from everyone, but we're playing with stereotypes here.

Always a flammable social cloth.


Anyway I'm rambling.


What I'm trying to say, is that it feels like 'mansplaining' has come about, because men are concerned (scared? abused? I don't know, i'm asking) about how to interact with women in this new world order.

Do we just pretend everything is equal, and assume they generally know about topics that women (stereotypically) don't?


Are my life experiences unique?

Or  have I totally missed the point?

What are the people complaining, trying to fix?


Is the whole mansplaining thing, about the guys who do it in a belittling manner?

Such as on topics you WOULD assume any gender with basic intelligence would know?


I may, as usual, just be missing the point :P

Don't say 'crap'.

06 March 2018 - 05:03 PM


In an adult conversation (IT related), apparently saying "Wow, that's crap, you have every right to demand a resolution!" (agreeing with the person) will get you reported (by said person).


I doubt it'll go any further, but I've never been quite so surprised at someones offense!


For my own peace of mind, I actually went and did some research (queue the "Of course you did, MS" lol).

- A single use of 'crap' will keep a G rating. (Even if it's were PG, that's still age appropriate)

- Collins English Dictionary declassified it as vulgar many years ago  (claiming common vernacular as the cause; there's nb's all over the page about it).

- And quite frankly, it's just not a bad word! Crude, sure, but that's about all.


I even apologized profusely and sincerely the second they said they take offense.

Oh, and it was their 5th support call in 15 minutes

OH, and its internal clients, not external

...so it's not like I was initiating with more relaxed vocabulary.


I'm clearly not a saint in this, I said the word 'crap'. But taking that "up the ladder" rather than talking TO ME?!


I'm half annoyed, and half amused....

Food Poisoning - Wouldn't recommend it.

26 February 2018 - 10:16 AM

There's a first for everything!

I've never had that before!


Woke up yesterday, felt great!

Played a game of DOTA while drinking some water and suddenly... BAM!

Super tired...

Ridiculously tired....

Went back to bed, and woke up a few hours later with a slightly sore stomach.


Only threw up a few times, but the weakness was absolutely terrifying!

I LITERALLY couldn't hold my phone up.

Pain in the legs was enough to involuntarily yell out.

And I didn't have enough spare oxygen to speak more than a single word per breath.


I managed to keep down 2 Yakult and 2 Probiotic Yogurts throughout the last 24 hours, and I'm even at work today!

I mainly came in because we have our own office we keep at 25*C, so It should keep the fever at bay (and so far so good).


I had both pork and chicken the day before, so either could be the culprit.....



All I can tell you is that I wouldn't recommend it.

And the human body really needs a reliable 'throw up, so I fell great for 10 minutes' button. lol

Custom Case - Emulation Station

22 February 2018 - 03:54 PM

So I'll be sure to picture this thread up good and proper soon.

But for now, I need some advice :)


I found an old Gen2 i3 laptop,  with an AMD onboard GPU, brilliant.

For two reasons.

1. Its powerful enough to Emulate N64 (poor raspberry Pi 3)

2. Being AMD, it should be A-OK in Linux.


I'll either run Windows or Batocera Linux.


Anyway I stripped this badboy down to a motherboard.

Unlike the HP and Dell I tried before it, this is a TOSHIBA, and it's TOTALLY happy to run (and output to HDMI) as a bare motherboard (+CPU +Ram), and a custom power button.




So, now comes my dilemma.


What the hell do I case this thing in?

It's approximately the size of an A4 piece of paper, if you cut it square (so smaller than A4), and being a motherboard only with some heatpipes, it'd be kinda cool to keep it thin.

So I was thinking maybe 2 sheet metal plates (with a layer of Vinyl\Rubber to stop shorting, but we won't see that from outside), with a spacer between them?

Perhaps an alloy tube cut up?


I was considering using a broken N64 case, but finding a broken N64 seems harder than it should be :P


Anyone have any ideas for cool case designs?