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File level Encryption? I'm doing this the hard way....

20 April 2017 - 01:55 PM

So I just set up a ZFS file server.

5x3TB disks in a RaidZ2, yes it should be 6 for 'max performance' but I'm one user. I wanted the double parity.




Right now at home, my PC is copying my 'data' drive into an encrypted VeraCrypt archive (TrueCrypt).

These are fixed size (mine is 1TB), and I realized that I'm missing out on the features of ZFS by keeping my files in a container. like that.


What was appealing, was that I can 'mount' the VeraCrypt archive and it's just "another hdd" to my windows system.....

This sounded great, until I realised I derped on something I do every day; mapping shared folders to drive letters.....aren't I clever.


So, I can make a 'Data' share on my ZFS and map it, great... what this DOESN'T help with, is encryption.

a Cryptographic Archive still has the advantage that once it's mounted, it's "all unencrypted" to the end user.... but the down side that ZFS can only checksum the one file (the container) which isn't ideal.


So I got to thinking; What do those "Crypto Locker" viruses use? They encrypt on a per-file basis.

On top of that, is there a 'tool' that I can run, that lets me decrypt them on the fly?


File names aren't specifically 'secret', I just don't want the data readable in the event of a breach. I have things like contact lists (in plain text) and such.


What would be nice, would be something that encrypts all the files, on a per file basis, but has a system tray type tool that decrypts on the fly, passively, so the computer never knows.


For example:

JPEG is encrypted.

JPEG is stored on ZFS server (network share)

I Open GIMP on my local server, and want to edit the JPEG.

I navigate the network share to find the JPEG, and open it.

The 'Tool' (system tray?) notices that file access, and feeds a decrypted stream to GIMP.


Meanwhile a hacker gets into my share WITHOUT the 'tool' and password.

Steals my JPEG.

And it's junk.



Anything like this even remotely exist?

Adult ADD

10 April 2017 - 09:18 AM

Anyone got it?

A friend suggested I look into it.


I find myself needing to be mentally stimulated every minute of the day.

I get 'head nod' drowsy nearly instantly if the topic isn't challenging to my mind (which makes socializing SUPER hard).

I can't keep my mind on one project and complete any of them anymore, I have about 10+ projects 'half done'.

And worst of all, my usually great memory is shot. Long term is still great, but I can forget the phone call details I had 2 minutes ago.

And the list could go on and on.


It all started when I was physically unable to focus anymore (Vision being too bad), but it's just slowly getting more annoying.


It's just frustrating and I'll probably go see a GP, but I thought I'd ask if anyone knows anything about it.


30 March 2017 - 08:56 AM

I hope everyone in QLD is doing OK. Down my end it's just very wet, 150mm in 3 hours.

Just after midday we're going to see a sudden 450mm 'downpour' so DAMN


QPS twitter is going haywire, asking people to please be allowed to go home and such. (of course my housemate who works at Repco is being denied.... bullshit really)


All schools are closed.


Hectic times. Stay dry as best you can people!






Australian Nintendo Switch - $382

16 March 2017 - 11:11 AM

We all assume its aussie stock because

- Ships from melbourne

- States Australian Warranty

- DickSmith is a listed authorized Australian switch seller




No I havent been replaced by a spammer, I'm just letting friends know.



Doubt the console is going to get much below this any time soon.

Snatch one while you can!






AAAAAAAAND sold out.

Thanks for playing!


I hope someone had a chance to snatch that up too. I'll have more people to smash online in super smash bros once its released if you did :P

Twitch:Power Rangers are being streamed free

15 March 2017 - 09:13 AM


All 800+ episodes.


It's funny, it's still on season 1 or 2-ish, which actually explains a lot.


I often turn the TV on the second I get home, and often power rangers (something new) is on; and I always think "Wow, this is actually pretty decent".

Not as in, I'm going to get into it and watch it all, but as in, if I had kids, I'd happily watch it with them.


However, this early season re-watch explains why I get odd looks from people when I say power rangers isn't so bad.

Because it USED to be. My god.


But boy am I having fun having something silly on the 3rd monitor at work to laugh at between jobs.