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In Topic: 5770 to 7770 GHz Edition

14 May 2016 - 10:33 AM

Thanks Dasa.

I had been toying with the idea of dropping an R9 card in (380X or 390) as I can carry that over to my new rig once I get the $$ to do a new build.

Did some synthetic tests this morning, Furmark and Futuremark.

I just used the last Catalyst drivers available for the 5770 so I was comparing apples to apples, I didn't mess with the system upgrading to the new Crimson drivers for the 7770, it would be interesting to see if that improves performance, but for now I'll leave it be.

Furmark showed the 5770 as a much better performer in that test, albeit running a little warmer, but the Futuremark test was the complete opposite.

Fire Strike was not playable by any means, with 16fps being the best of either card.


5770 - 850MHz Core, Memory 1125MHz
1,740 IN Fire Strike (V1.1)
Graphics score         1,810
Graphics test 1        8.78 FPS
Graphics test 2        7.14 FPS
Physics score          5,129
Physics test           16.28 FPS
Combined score         763
Combined test          3.55 FPS

7770 - 1000MHz Core, Memory 1125MHz
2,642 IN Fire Strike (V1.1)
Graphics score         3,025
Graphics test 1        14.24 FPS
Graphics test 2        12.22 FPS
Physics score          4,016
Physics test           12.75 FPS
Combined score         1,073
Combined test          4.99 FPS


It's interesting to see the architecture of the 5770 handles the physics test much better than the 7770.

Guess I'll have to put some time aside and do some more benching with updated drivers on the 7770 and also with the CPU O/C'ed.


Can't upload screenshots for some reason, but Furmark had the 5770 @ 1013 points, 16fps; the 7770 @ 892 points, 14fps.

In Topic: 5770 to 7770 GHz Edition

13 May 2016 - 11:19 PM

Cheers Rybags.

Pretty much everything I had thought.  Just couldn't be arsed running Futuremark (getting old and impatient these days) and tbh, this rig is still playing pretty much everything a-ok.


Guess I'll have to exert a little elbow grease and do that swap ...