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In Topic: when will the war start ?

Yesterday, 09:01 PM

In Topic: Phones (not mobile) in cars

Yesterday, 12:09 PM

i expect we may end up with an extended interim period before cars go fully driverless where the 'driver' is there in a supervisory capacity with the option of manual override — a bit like pilots with auto-pilot.  


to that end, i would like to see fancy HUDs be the next thing.  imagine an intelligent overlay showing road boundaries and tracking moving hazards.


then, you could kick back and watch a DVD :)

In Topic: What's on your mind?

Yesterday, 09:35 AM

well theyre all tooled up with ordnance, so maybe they are all about popping into close range and getting the drop on a frontal assault?  kinda makes sense, especially if they produce enough of them to deploy them in overwhelming numbers.

In Topic: Cuphead

22 October 2017 - 11:01 AM

never heard of it, but it looks amazing!


also, looks annoying as hell to play.  way too frenetic from the get go, and in that maddening context jive/swing/bebop (or whatever it is) would drive me to ragequit in no time.


BUT gotta applaud the art direction.  kudos to anything with a such a well realised concept.  its like Steamboat Willie went platform.  all the animations not only nail the wacky early animation aesthetic, but there must be a lot of work under the hood managing the timings within in different screen boundaries and getting collision detection to play nice and the animation transitions so silky smooth.   what an achievement!  even if i have no desire to play it.

In Topic: Blade Runner 2049

21 October 2017 - 11:47 AM

'the BR cityscape is not what I had pictured at all for cyberspace'.  i think you meant The Sprawl or Chiba City there.


as for the matrix of cyberspace, i always found it confusingly (but necessarily) abstract and really hard to visualise.  key point was that people could 'jack in' and interact remotely in real time through a conceptual medium more sophisticated and far less audiovisually literal than multimedia as we know it, but yeah, although my quote above hints at the tech being democratised enough to be widely used for stuff like education and maybe even incidental frivolity, i dont remember the social angle ever being hinted at.