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Yesterday, 07:13 PM

The struggle to actually find a potato peeler that doesn't suck arse.  I've got an ergonomic one that isn't, and one of the 90 degree angle ones that I just hate.

I generally don't bother peeling spuds, except for mashing of course.

i cbf even peeling them for mash.

i recommend this: https://www.oxo.com/...s/swivel-peeler

i also used to have one of the y-shaped ones, cant remember the brand, but it was awesome. most of them do suck. needs to be resilient and have just the right curve, similar to a razor.

imo its generally worth going 'expensive' with something from Zyliss or Scandinavian brands that tend to have excellent steel.

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18 April 2018 - 12:40 PM

here's one of my modded micro quads - fpv and full acro capable - built from parts.. all up around $35 us   :D

i have questions.

have you made a thread about this stuff?

what modding did you perform on the quad pictured?

what is necessary to be "full acro capable"? i assume its beyond doing basic flips.

how the hell to fly FPV with a small quad anyway? ive only tried it with a couple that had shitty LCD displays on their radios and it was fookin hard! the camera focal lengths and tiny FOVs distorted everything.  proximity to nearby objects was anyones guess provided by some miracle they were actually in frame, and otherwise, i was lost without a stable horizon ie. in a sea of either ground or sky with hardly any frame of reference for altitude/attitude.  the mismatch between the screen image and eyeballing the quad was jarring.  i can fly okay (except that i still lose the plot when flying head-on towards myself), so i was really surprised. 


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14 April 2018 - 07:48 PM


As far as Lost in Space goes, ye Dr Smith is female. Won't comment any more on her because of spoilers.

Let's hope she is as irritatingly-slap-worthy and generally arse-kicking-worthy as the original dude. christ hardly a show went by when the urge to punch his face through the screen was so strong it nearly turned me off the show. I hated Dr Smith with a passion ;)


LOL yeah. probably my earliest experiences of hatred!  seriously.  i was too young to follow the show but goddamnit that insufferable tit left an indelible mark. i was both deeply perplexed and revolted by the spectacle of an old person chucking infantile tantrums.
all of his ominous doomsaying over fucking nothing genuinely scared me.  why would an adult human being act this way? 


now that i look back on it, was he played for laughs?  was the character meant to be unlikeable in every way?

In Topic: What's on your mind?

13 April 2018 - 12:19 AM

yeah, i was including them since their 'packed on' date is effectively a roasting one.  plenty of beans are just fine without one, of course, but the inclusion of one is a pretty reliable indicator of standards.


i actually store my coffee in the freezer <gasp> which to many purists is a no no.  it is better never frozen, but by the time i am down to the last 1/4 of a batch, its much fresher than if it hadnt been.


as for milk, when i owned a machine i never bothered with the wand either, except for visitors.   too much rooting around for very little gain.  perfectly textured milk is nice, but anything a smidge either side of that is just labour-intensive ordinary hot milk or burnt milk.  these days, i only use an aeropress, and i also microwave my milk.  btw, if you agitate it vigorously (like in a mug with a lid) you can get something close enough to fool a lot of 'coffee people'.  but ordinarily i cbf.

In Topic: What's on your mind?

12 April 2018 - 10:50 PM

Agreed, Melbourne does indeed have a better average for both food and coffee, but to my moderately developed palate, Sydney has the best. Coffee Alchemy in Marrickville for beans and brew... nothing in Melbourne comes close

bah! i am not buying this :) any monkey with a modicum of tamping skill, high quality beans and a well maintained machine can get it done. both places have access to all of these.

the best coffee ive had is in Newtown, Sydney. more than anything else i put this down to density: of competing cafes, and discerning customers. accordingly, i deem the odds very high that Melbourne can top this, because i think its got more of both — i just havent been to the right place(s) yet.  anyway, when it comes down to those last few percentage points, who cares?  all great coffee is great.   


one weird habit i have when i get served truly great coffee is to never compliment the baristas if i know i will be sticking around.  its kind of a superstition because its happened too many times that ive jinxed a new place!  its like they start phoning it in.  but if i am passing through, i let it be known.


on the topic of cities...