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In Topic: What type of gamer are you? (Research Study)

01 July 2017 - 09:32 AM

Mine were really spot on too.


I got Reclusive Tactician and Mayhem Mystic

In Topic: 'Goodbye, brave man'

01 July 2017 - 09:16 AM



So innocent until proven guilty is taboo around here then?


So, while I don't identify as catholic (my mother is however), and have little time for most of the papist stuff, I must admit to actually having a liking for the current pope and his public attitudes so far.


Inclusiveness to gays, humility, shunning of the trappings of popedom etc.  He seems to be a good egg.


Pell./.. who the fruck knows.  He's always been a behind the scenes mover and shaker.  I have no real understanding of his views or what kind of agenda he would push.  I also have no real knowledge of his sexual proclivities.


He will either come to justice and be tried and proven innocent.  Or guilty.  Either way, the stigma will linger around him for a long time.


Until then... he'll supposedly answer to a higher authority eventually.  Karma will out. *shrug*

In Topic: Spam of late

01 July 2017 - 09:05 AM

Sorry for my invisibleness guys.  I've been not only working 80+ hour weeks, but my password got fluxxxed and it took Nich 2 goes to reset it.


Probably because he is incompetent.


Or a nincompoop.


<3 Nich :)

In Topic: Physiotherapy

01 April 2017 - 09:19 AM

according to this doc, codeine and tramadol are both classified as narcotics


codeine is simply another part of the extract from poppies, like morphine, and indeed is usually synthesised from morphine as that's the easiest production; it is demethylated back to morphine to a variable degree in your liver; some people lack the requisite enzyme, and thus for them there is little joy to be had in taking it, unless you get off on constipation (which is a direct gut effect of oral ingestion, but also happens with injected opiates via the bloodstream)



they are all potentially addictive, and more so in anyone who has previously taken a liking to morphine 


however, the risk of addiction is actually pretty low... apart from endone !  that stuff is the oral re-imagining of pethidine in terms of potential for mischief, and gets handed out way too freely for very iffy reasons - most people with experience of use will be reticent to accept lesser suggestions - the response is like someone let you drive a formula one car, and next time you need a ride offers you a family sedan


Heh - I'm one of those that don't get joy outta codeine.  And then Opiates generally just make me nauseaus and constapated.  They help with pain, but I certainly don't get any highs outta them - except the pain relief high I guess (the "oh god the pain is gone and yayyayayayayaay and oh god now I feel like I'm gonna puke" one). :)


Endone is the devil.

In Topic: There are some things you should not tell your wife...

07 March 2017 - 09:32 AM

My sis is a nurse and deals with ice users at the hospital.


She hates it.  She's told stories of multiple burly security guards trying to hold them down so they can jab em with something to put them out.  She says that if they even suspect ice use they have to call the guards straight away to get someone in to help em out.


They don't feel pain.  They don't feel anything except rage.  And they can lash out big time with no provocation.


It's a terrifying substance.