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Sony NW-A45 Walkman & Sony Noise-Cancelling headphones

24 June 2018 - 02:56 PM

I recently bought one of these: https://www.sony.com...n/nw-a40-series


and am looking at buying either these: https://www.sony.com...phones/wh-h900n


or these: https://www.sony.com...ones/wh-1000xm2


Of course, they all require charging. Via USB. Either desktop or laptop. I only have a desktop.

Which is fine when I'm at home, obviously.


But I want to know if I can charge them using the wall adapter that I use for my phone?

Or even better, can I use the power bank I carry with me?


Now, I did ask Sony first. But they gave me the helpful answer of, basically- you can, but we don't recommend it. But they didn't say why. And I certainly don't know enough about electronics to understand.


Can anyone at least enlighten me as  to why it would be a bad idea?




Trinity International Computer systems

06 November 2017 - 07:39 PM

Has anyone had dealings with these guys? I'm not willing to attempt building myself (the shame!).




I know these guys have been around for years, which is a good sign. Also, PC & Tech Authority magazine feature one of their systems each month in their System News and Market Watch.

But personal feedback from an atomican would be most appreciated if there is any to be had.