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In Topic: Star Citizen / Squadrdon 42 - a real PC game

Yesterday, 12:05 PM

Alpha 3.0 has just pushed to the PTU. That's the Player Test Universe, in case you were wondering. They're expecting to go make that the official universe before Christmas.

In Topic: NBN - Is it too expensive?

23 November 2017 - 10:25 AM

"So who would sit at home watching a pixelated image when you can have a clear picture with a DVD?"..."
I love that this store exists.


But I live in a town with a decently large Blockbuster Video.

There's still a Blockbuster over here in Mt Gambier, too. I have no idea how good the traffic is, but the place appears to be thriving. The NBN, such as it is, seems to be available at Netflix-friendly speeds in most places here.

In Topic: "As official as it gets" Atomic Meet - 17 years young! Date-3 Feb 18

19 November 2017 - 03:37 PM


This odd folding motion is a bow. It's a hard manoeuvre to pull off whilst sitting down. ;)

... just found my backed up hard drives ... are you kidding me I won the nekked comp 10 years ago.
A DECADE!!!!! FKNWUT!!!!?!?!??!

I know, hard to fathom isn't it? I still have CDs and DVDs burned with entries for the last comp. (Stop looking at me like that! I was helping curate it, and the files got swept up in the timed backups.)

In Topic: What Did You Watch Lately ?

18 November 2017 - 11:54 AM

In Topic: And What Are You Listening To?

17 November 2017 - 08:38 AM

Aha! Never got much into them

TBH, I can kinda sympathise. I really love a few of their tunes - sometimes. Amy herself seems to be delightful and very talented lady, otoh.