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Today, 04:00 PM

Ooo now there's a visual :)

A visual, eh? Nah. Here's a visual: "champignons in a turtleneck". ;)

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Yesterday, 10:01 PM

I'm sorry you have the single digit temps, but I'm pretty sure you have the necessaries to keep warm ...

Thanks, and "Yes, mostly". Getting up to go potty in the wee hours is...unpleasant - despite ducted heating. So much shrinkage a dude has to spend minutes trying to find it! ;p

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Yesterday, 07:24 PM

Last days of autumn and here today has been well,pleasant.




Single-digit temps and pissing rain here.  Except for a few moments of 10-12 and miserable, at or just after noon.  I imagine it's worse in Tasmania.

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Yesterday, 02:26 PM

Look where Adelaide airport is though, might as well be in the CBD.


NOW.  Cities grow.  And worse, they grow in the direction of cheap land - which is what the stuff near airports is.

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Yesterday, 01:55 PM

I doubt we get enough air freight to make rail worthwhile though for general public transport it's a good idea.

Air freight not as versatile as by sea, in that case it can go straight from the dock onto a truck.


I did actually mean for people, if one of the Eastern capitals ever gets their shit together enough to build a proper high-speed link.  Apart from airforce bases, you're almost never going to see air freight massive enough to warrant rail cargo.