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#1189968 What Did You Watch Lately ?

Posted by Cybes on 16 March 2017 - 11:54 AM


Adam continues to tour WETA's Ghost In The Shell labs.  I have to agree with him on this one: NERDGASM!

#1189783 W.A going to the polls tomorrow

Posted by Cybes on 11 March 2017 - 03:54 PM

It might just be me being juvenile, but I can't help but think the aptness of Ms Cash's surname is near miraculous.


Almost as brilliant as the surname of the man who invented the Lithium Ion battery: Mr Goodenough.

#1189583 AMD Zen

Posted by Cybes on 07 March 2017 - 09:08 AM

he has some good points but his very one eyed



somebody that is still trying to justify it... epic fanboy


I said "interesting" - not "correct".  Personally, I wouldn't know one way or another, and would have to check in several places before drawing a conclusion.

#1189576 AMD Zen

Posted by Cybes on 07 March 2017 - 06:52 AM

Very interesting Cybes!


I sub'd to him as soon as I saw someone else link him here last year.  He's always interesting - even if I have to admit to having to listen to a couple of things twice to get past the accent. ;p

#1189574 AMD Zen

Posted by Cybes on 07 March 2017 - 02:14 AM

#1189507 What's on your mind?

Posted by Cybes on 04 March 2017 - 12:31 PM

Cats are as you said animals out of control, all kittens should be spaded.when they are old enough and you can't miss with the shovel.No seriously they all should be desexed
unless you are a breeder.

If you buy a pedigreed cat (from a breeder, obviously) it will be spayed when you take delivery. At least in SA.

I've always had cats - I find their independence far preferable to a dog's slavishness. However, if you let your moggy out to prowl unsupervised, much as it may like it, you're being an irresponsible fuckwit: it will kill things; and they have no road sense at all. (ie: be prepared to have a flat cat if you live near a main road)

#1189310 What Did You Watch Lately ?

Posted by Cybes on 28 February 2017 - 04:21 PM


I'm wow'd just at how hyped Adam is. ;)

#1189221 how crap is this government ?

Posted by Cybes on 26 February 2017 - 05:37 PM

It's never had a real trial because simply from "back of the envelope" calculations that TW proposed earlier, you can tell that it just won't fly.


And yet, it's having one now.


Just quickly, 3 clips and minutes (total) from Dr Charles Murray (a libertarian, you'll note) to intro the concept:

Introduction to the concept:

A discouragment from working?:

Can the US* afford it?:


*And here you might have a case - I haven't seen a similar argument for Aus.


And if you want an in-depth discussion, try this one (one hour):


#1189103 how crap is this government ?

Posted by Cybes on 23 February 2017 - 09:05 PM

IMO I don't think specific days have any relevance or benefit

"however I do believe we are designed to be active during the day so there needs to be some compensation for working overnight."

Modification of premise: "...we are generally 'designed'..." but not all of us. And those individuals who would be better suited for night work than day need not be compensated for it - indeed, they should probably be compensated for working during the day!

"On top of that I think there needs to be compensation above a set number of hours per day and again for the number of hours per week. There also needs to be a ceiling and this would vary based on the roll."


Also agreed, and I never intended otherwise.  Which is why I made the stipulation that loadings should be on number of hours worked rather than when those hours were.


"Yeah, it needs a lot of work..."


Well, yeah.  I'm having a discussion, not advancing policy for the new Cybes' Federal Party. ;p

#1189044 Telstra NBN slow upload speed

Posted by Cybes on 23 February 2017 - 12:34 AM

http://www.cloudping.info/ - Pings various servers all 'round the globe to give you a better idea what your real-world performance is going to be like.

BTW: Chances are excellent that Telstra is lying its arse off, no matter what they tell you. If they said the rain is wet, I'd want to go check.

#1188870 New monitor discussion

Posted by Cybes on 19 February 2017 - 10:52 PM

"only" a 970, he says.


That card was released for serious gamers, and not that long ago either.  You won't be happy with it at 4K, but anything less and you're zooming.

#1188866 What's on your mind?

Posted by Cybes on 19 February 2017 - 09:23 PM

First link was shit, sorry

My god that man is a disaster.

#1188662 What's on your mind?

Posted by Cybes on 13 February 2017 - 06:47 PM

Saw Dr about blood results...was just a locum unfamiliar with my history. Which was the expected outcome, but obviously a good one, too!

Bullet dodged! :)

#1188425 Ever driven a Lamborghini before?

Posted by Cybes on 08 February 2017 - 10:44 AM

Yeah, disregard the "How it's made" side of things, as yes it's a pretty shitty production. It was more to show you a little bit about the car itself.


As I said, that part I love.  Precision engineering gives my inner perfectionist a brain boner.

#1188412 Ever driven a Lamborghini before?

Posted by Cybes on 08 February 2017 - 09:27 AM

This goes for over 20 minutes, if you have the time it's well worth the watch.


I am wildly conflicted...  I love watching the process, and that production is the most annoying thing I have seen this morning.  Honestly, who do they think is their target audience - elementary school children?  'a liquid called cutting fluid"..."a component called the cylinder head"  And yet they're happy to use large words that elementary kids wouldn't know.  FFS!

(Edit for clarification.)




Thanks for the clip, twinny.  Bile is almost as bracing as coffee. ;p