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Yesterday, 11:05 AM


Spain has been living with Moslems for a millenia, they spent like hundreds of years at war with the Moors.

Well, yes, only a very small stretch of water between Southern Spain And Northern Africa but they had been at peace for a long, long time, until the recent rubbish erupted and this does not seem to be African Muslims, immigrants from the ME it seems.





i thought i read the perps were morroccans - which is on the west coast (of africa), for the geographically challenged



which also has issues from the daesh, notably in northern mali

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Yesterday, 08:47 AM

jerry lewis... 91 and out


way, way out


(that's a reference to the movie i remember him for as a young child, where he played a gormless alien who had landed on earth - and i still remember him levitating, which i was determined to do, but only ever managed in lucid dreams)

and the disorderly orderly



his style of silliness is now out of vogue, but i suspect that jim carey has the same virus


r.i.p. funny man; that's a pretty good run

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19 August 2017 - 09:19 PM

the nationals have more foreign ministers than the liberal party

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16 August 2017 - 01:44 PM

i feel your pain


when we renovated the kitchen amd living room into open space, we installed low voltage downlighting in there, the study, the upstairs bedrooms, for the power saving / heat reduction - all with dimmers (which i really like instead of glaring night time light when it's late)


and of course, the bloody things strobe like a fucking disco intermittently due to the carrier current, which th sparky neglectedto warn me about, and then explained that there is little predictability about components behaving - sometimes tyhey are great, and in other houses, it's like they are calling time at the local (not that i've ever actually been in that situation, but i've seen it in the movies)


bleeding edge technology is hit and miss, as most tradies aren't that informed on current stuff

In Topic: how crap is this government ?

15 August 2017 - 09:00 PM

Philip Ruddock is running for Mayor of Hornsby :)



no problem with boats up in the hills