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In Topic: War is brewing in Asia

Yesterday, 09:54 PM



why invade a country when you can buy it incrementally ?


and if they do decide to invade, it won't be too hard seeing they already run the port facilities

In Topic: War is brewing in Asia

Yesterday, 08:35 PM

the koreans would be extremely foolish to bomb darwin while china still has 98 years left to run on their lease

In Topic: This is why the world of humans is becomming a nastier place ... In my honest...

26 April 2017 - 10:44 AM

i don't quite understand "the cost of no shows" given that if you hold a ticket and don't reschedule, you lose the price of the ticket


so realistically, the airline gets to load less baggage (passenger +/- luggage), and thus the fuel cost of transporting the load is less, but they get paid for supplying the opportunity to travel anyway



if the airline overbooks, they reap the non-refundable non-starters, and the ones who show up, so on my estimation if they overbook 10% then they get 110% of the full plane fare for nor disadvantage to the vendor, or risk if they can simply "de-plane" over booked cattle



the obvious solution would be to offer upgrades to those who would agree to wait for the next (less full) flight, or partial refund - the time rich, $ poor traveller might happily take a morning off to be offered a free airtrain ticket back to town with entry to the latest art exhibition while their luggage is safely minded, or be given a free room with netflix to have a powernap till lift off


in light of overbooking, no wonder stand by is not a thing - back in the day it was still feckin expensive compared to pre-booking well in advance; before the interweb you'd have to go to a travel agent to get a seat

In Topic: Vivaldi browser

22 April 2017 - 08:04 PM

i use waterfox, but i also use a logitech mx revolution mouse, so the numerous tweaks available using setpoint allow me to do most of the shiz gestures would allow, and also use a bespoke set in t'bird for mail, for the same benefits


my most compelling "feature" is an adblocker, and chrome when it forst came out i found was too try-hard in the layout, which annoyed me


mouse buttons are way more convenient than gestures imho

In Topic: Happy Easter!

17 April 2017 - 02:06 PM

flew my 1.6m powered glider and had over 20 minutes thermalling on the first battery's run (2 minutes total motor power)


made hamburgers with ham instead of the meat pattie - rather nice


scoffed some chocolate :: mmmmmmmmmmmmm !


time for another flat white  :)