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In Topic: And What Are You Listening To?

21 March 2017 - 06:47 PM

no video, but have a quiet listen - this is gorgeous !


didn't even know it was u2 - probably just as well or i would have been less inclined  :)

her versions of "last train to clarksville" and "shelter from the storm" are impressive too


In Topic: Making the world's biggest military even bigger, watch out China!

18 March 2017 - 12:21 PM

late february i wrote to another forum :


personally, my view is that trump's current plan is to start ww3 noting that america has historically always done well after world wars, and less so after lesser incursions - so first he reigns in money from foreign aid, because he doesn't want to assist foreigners spending it on defending themselves from his expansion

the "sensible" thing to do would be take on north korea, and after "success" there he will have a foothold to invade china, with the added bonus that kim jong-un may well sling his tactical nukes on the nearest obvious targets before they go down, taking the manufacturing giants of korea and japan out ofthe market, freeing up space for the 'mericans in what might be left

you heard it here first, only a month from april fools' day... i got malcolm turnbull's career path ascendancy accurately predicted over a decade before he got up, including knifing the incumbent before that was even the standard australian political promotion mechanism


there's not room on the planet for two leaders with the worst hair style


and today i read on the web :

"US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says it may be necessary to take pre-emptive military action against North Korea if the threat from their weapons program reaches a level that the United States believes requires action. "


and i would add that china lacks practical ability to hit the potus from where they're sitting, but he can hammer them without leaving trump towers

In Topic: South Australia to install new batteries!

14 March 2017 - 10:34 PM

 you'd have to understand SA politics, it never has much vision




apart from being the second electorate on the planet to allow female suffrage (after new zealand... eh !)

and decriminalising homosexuality before most other places, and "personal use" cannabis possession


it's got crap climate and minimal resources, but much more social conscience than the rest of the wide brown land


that said, it's a good place to be from, rather than to be going to  ;)

In Topic: South Australia to install new batteries!

14 March 2017 - 11:22 AM

today's news says they are going a hydro solution


In Topic: And What Are You Listening To?

12 March 2017 - 11:16 PM

went and saw these guys with mr 14 on friday night - it was really, really good :)