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when will the war start ?

12 August 2017 - 11:45 AM

so, with all the posturing, and the face off between the two worst hair styles in the northern hemisphere, nay, the world, what better place than on an atomic forum to predict who blinks first ?



technically, that would seem to be more likely trump, as his comb over is far more inclined to blow into his eyes than kim's bob


i looked for the thread where i predicted this, and sure enough, back in march i wrote:


personally, my view is that trump's current plan is to start ww3 noting that america has historically always done well after world wars, and less so after lesser incursions - so first he reigns in money from foreign aid, because he doesn't want to assist foreigners spending it on defending themselves from his expansion

the "sensible" thing to do would be take on north korea, and after "success" there he will have a foothold to invade china, with the added bonus that kim jong-un may well sling his tactical nukes on the nearest obvious targets before they go down, taking the manufacturing giants of korea and japan out ofthe market, freeing up space for the 'mericans in what might be left

you heard it here first, only a month from april fools' day... i got malcolm turnbull's career path ascendancy accurately predicted over a decade before he got up, including knifing the incumbent before that was even the standard australian political promotion mechanism


there's not room on the planet for two leaders with the worst hair style



hope i'm wrong, but somewhat unsettlingly,  my middle name is nostradamus...



i have seen the future, and we're all dead

i see dead people

01 July 2017 - 10:13 AM

every new corpse tends to get their own brief thread, and then they sink down the listings like so much dust to the bottom of the vacuum bag of collected human existence


so i've decided maybe we need a consolidated thread where each new loss can be mourned, but they all get another chance for consideration with each new addition to the thread, and like a communal cemetery for the entire planet's icons of our younger days, they gain vicarious immortality and repeated exposure whenever someone else comes to the party (as it were)


so, today's nomination isn't a major player, but those of significant vintage will remember don rickles


he was commonly seen giving shit to celebrities in roasts, but my best memory is him as the conniving player in kelly's heroes - crapgame, the quartermaster who co-ordinated the supplies they needed to set out for the gold, and joined their platoon


...and the voice of mr. potato head in toy story   - what better pedigree for a guy who got famous at roasts ?



vale mr. rickles; you represent a politically incorrect, simpler world, and you will remain part of the background noise of my youth

vale, batman

11 June 2017 - 11:03 AM

pow ! zap !!


adam west is no more


wholly dead, batman !


and while i am being irreverent about the loss, i am rather touched by his death more than i would have initially thought



a bit like prince, only less musically inclined, these are people who represent the background scenery and music of my life, and each one of them going not only rubs my own mortality with an abrasive intensity, but they are memes from an age when memes didn't even have a name



that such a completely high camp farce is still instantly known by anyone of "a certain vintage" is a ticket to immortality for a man who by all accounts was a really nice guy, and well loved




r.i.p. , william west anderson  :(

gtx 760 overclock

06 March 2017 - 11:19 PM

i had written a long rave about tweaking the video settings, but i fucked up a keystroke and deleted it all... i hate that


long story short, i thought the elpida vram was crap in my giga gtx 760 (and most other situations), until i bumped my main ram's vdimm to help the ares handle the high clocks i demanded  : 2133 with latencies at 10-12-12-31 - it's meant to do 2400 at 11-13-13-31, but rated to do it with 1.65v, and my marginally less speed (the highest the sandy is capable of comfortably doing) was at stock 1.5v, which i gently nudged to 1.54, the smallest increment the bios would allow


previously gaming would crash the driver, but not bluescreen ... but occasionally black screen, and i thought the vram was the culprit, as keeping it almost stock was much less inclined to do so; rig specs below, and the impetus to overclock was the upgrade to u2515h from the previous u2410 which was pretty schmick at stock for the 760, but the move from 1920x1200 to 1440p is a major increase in required grunt


i5-2500k 4.2ghz @1.225v / megahalems / gigabyte z77-d3h / samsung 850 evo msata 250 / 2x8gb G.Skill ares @ 2133 / asus xonar d2 + klipsch promedia ultra 2.0 + ath ad700 / Lian Li PC-A17B & corsair hx750i & noctua fans / gigabyte gtx760 oc windforce / dell u2515h


wow, did i underestimate the elpida... it's clocking like samsung despite gpuz telling me it is eplida


check out them numbers :  https://www.techpowe...z/details/n8xmv


the gpu is pretty much maxed, but the vram hasn't had any issue despite jumping ion increments of 50 - 100 to here, and i sorta just stopped because i doubt more bandwidth will actually add benefit at this stupidly big number



i'm impressed... all this is at stock volts for the card, as i haven't managed to understand the possibility of using the guru software to add 8% volts "safely" to the card


feel free to admire my e-peen; is there any great joy to be had in making vram even faster ? i know more on the core is good, but currently it boosts in gaming to measure just shy of 1400 ! and it does 1401 according to ungine heaven benchmark...  beast !!

headlines we won't see

21 February 2017 - 06:11 PM

maybe ms 22 has been sending me too many articles from the onion, but this sprang to mind earlier today :


"plane load of golfers hits group of buildings and makes a hole in one"