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don't want to make you paranoid, but...

08 July 2018 - 12:09 PM

"The Australian Government is expanding My Health Record for all Australians in 2018.

By the end of 2018, a My Health Record will be created for every Australian unless they choose not to have one."


up till november, the program will have been opt in


then :

Minister makes Rules that apply opt-out model nationally (to begin on a date to be prescribed)
Minister makes notifiable instrument before September 2018 prescribing date Part 3 of Rules commences – opt out begins on that date
Opt-out period Begins on 16 July 2018
3 months
Opt-out period Ends on 15 October 2018
4 week Reconciliation Period
My Health Records created for all eligible individuals who did not opt-out on 13 November 2018

what does this mean for citizens ?


if you don't say no, you said yes - that seems about right, like it works for sexual assault... oh, wait... that isn't how that works these days



still, if the government wants to fuck you, better bend over



the feds have spent a lot of money on setting this up, and the public uptake was, to be generous, colder than lukewarm


so rather than admit it was less than a great idea, make it 100% popular by default




what are the consequences ?


here's the positive spin :



it has some obvious benefits, although as the "customer" can refuse to have some information uploaded, the record will as a result be less than reliable for health care providers - think : HIV status, drug dependency, STI, mental illness



here's the clause that makes me worry, which will affect everyone that hasn't consciously said no before the cut off date of 15 october this year, because after that, "you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave" :


What happens when you cancel a My Health Record?

When you cancel your record, it means that:

  • Healthcare providers will not be able to upload documents to the record, or access the record - even in an emergency.
  • You, or your representative can only access the record by making a request to us.
  • Once your record is cancelled, it will be retained for a period of 30 years after your death or, if the date of death is unknown, for a period of 130 years after the date of your birth.
  • Your My Health Record may be accessed by us for the purposes of maintenance, audit and other purposes required or authorised by law.


especially the underlined bits


wow ! just, wow....


i note the feds haven't made a lot of noise about the pending change in opt in status (but maybe my lack of tv and radio intake has left me uninformed)

is there any general information being put out ?



will this include laws yet unimagined ?  i'd love to believe their intent is benign, but mr potato head makes me paranoid




so, the choice is yours


in a benevolent world populated by rainbows and unicorns, the concept has great promise


but in a less perfect world, that promise has about as much reliability as "i won't come in your mouth"






consider yourselves informed; what you do about the information is your choice, but there is a window, and it will be closed like the ones in an airconditioned government building, before summer


this might be worth subscription :  https://www.myhealth.../howtos/opt-out

when will the war start ?

12 August 2017 - 11:45 AM

so, with all the posturing, and the face off between the two worst hair styles in the northern hemisphere, nay, the world, what better place than on an atomic forum to predict who blinks first ?



technically, that would seem to be more likely trump, as his comb over is far more inclined to blow into his eyes than kim's bob


i looked for the thread where i predicted this, and sure enough, back in march i wrote:


personally, my view is that trump's current plan is to start ww3 noting that america has historically always done well after world wars, and less so after lesser incursions - so first he reigns in money from foreign aid, because he doesn't want to assist foreigners spending it on defending themselves from his expansion

the "sensible" thing to do would be take on north korea, and after "success" there he will have a foothold to invade china, with the added bonus that kim jong-un may well sling his tactical nukes on the nearest obvious targets before they go down, taking the manufacturing giants of korea and japan out ofthe market, freeing up space for the 'mericans in what might be left

you heard it here first, only a month from april fools' day... i got malcolm turnbull's career path ascendancy accurately predicted over a decade before he got up, including knifing the incumbent before that was even the standard australian political promotion mechanism


there's not room on the planet for two leaders with the worst hair style



hope i'm wrong, but somewhat unsettlingly,  my middle name is nostradamus...



i have seen the future, and we're all dead