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In Topic: Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

Yesterday, 11:25 PM

I got myself a new chair:


for $113 off ebay:



A video by Tech YES City on youtube was where I was alerted to this chair:

That looks so awesome. Shame I am of the 6'4 variety. :(




On the bright(er) side, you get to be comfortable for the next decade.  Give or take.


True :) The current units lasted 18 years, if we get the same again that wont be bad.


You can always sell a kidney to pay for the electricity.

In Topic: mATX Ryzen Recommendations

Yesterday, 10:56 PM

Yeah I've had a few DOA boards from Gigabyte in the past. I've never trusted them after that.


MSI has always served me well... they live a long time but can be quirky. ASRock make generally dependable stuff and I've had good experiences... but they're much of a muchness.


What about this white MSI board? It has DisplayPort and USB Type-C


If small is your thing... Gigabyte do an ITX AM4 board... it's tiny!!!


AM4 is an entire new platform, I can't see how any CPU so far released shouldn't work with the earliest Bios incarnations.

The updates are generally incremental improvements to improve stability, better memory speed etc etc.

I agree. Board was likely DOA.

In Topic: Multi monitor slide show

Yesterday, 04:22 PM

Would like to daisy chain with DP Nich but finding TVs with DP 1.2 and two ports to allow daisy chaining is proving problematic, but it would be ideal.

With your budget... I don't think that's a luxury you can afford. 

In Topic: Star Citizen / Squadrdon 42 - a real PC game

Yesterday, 02:08 PM


Haha... I'm not sure my system could even run it mate. Besides which, I don't want to try incase I get addicted to it.


I'm on a 3yo i7 laptop - very much not a gaming rig.  It's still barely usable. ;)  A bit more graphics power than the nVidia GT 745M would be nice.


The addiction factor might be a fair cop, though.


I'm a big fan of the Chris Roberts games in the past. I still play Freelancer! So I don't want to get involved with this game and become addicted.

In Topic: AMD Zen

Yesterday, 12:29 PM

nother look at memory performance on ryzen

they actually got 4x16g running 2933c18 stable using asus b350 prime a $150 mb and show that it improves performance by up to 4% in bf1 vs 2x8g at the same speed


funny thing is witcher 3 which gains the most from running 2x8g 3200 vs 2133 actually loses performance from 4x16g which doesn't really add up unless the gains are from having over 16g ram not a speed difference from 4 double sided dimms

4 double sided dimms should be faster but its possible sub timings had to be significantly relaxed to make it stable to the point where its actually slower



From what I've seen it's almost negligible... the scaling of Ryzen with faster RAM. I'd say that games still aren't optimized for the platform and that decision really lies in the hands of the developer whether they do or not.