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#1196009 AMD RX Vega announcement.

Posted by SceptreCore on 12 September 2017 - 10:51 AM

must say im kinda envious i haven't had a amd system since opteron 170 with bh-5 & x1900xtx cf
hurry up and bench it :)

But that would have been an ATI card then, not AMD.



Well I sold my GTX 1070 for $4 more than what I paid for it (thanks miners).  Bought the RX 56 and it was $18 more than what I sold the GTX 1070.  Basically, Im doing another side upgrade so I can play with new stuff.  RX 56 has been great even with crap drivers.  Most things were about the same performance as my OC 1070 while running stock.  


I decided to go ahead and flash the card as I was not able to get over 1500mhz on the core and the HBM2 ram didn't like anything over 800mhz.  I used the air version bios of RX 64 not the liquid.  It took without any issues.  Now when I run turbo mode it clock around 1560mhz and the ram is 945mhz.  I've been able to OC into the 1600mhz range but not sure its limits but know that 1700mhz is a no go.  If I can figure out the limits, I might try to flash to the liquid version as it gives even more watts available but need to test for current heat and the fan profiles to keep it under 80c.  


Really a neat card and cant believe I have an all AMD system again... Super happy about that!

Good on you for supporting AMD.. but personally I would have stuck with the 1070, as it's quieter, cooler, and uses less power... my two cents.

#1195929 Oh, I missed it.... I'm a Titan!

Posted by SceptreCore on 10 September 2017 - 12:02 AM



Still got me to beat ;)


Well done tho!  It's seriously an achievement that you can contribute to this place 20,000 times and still not be kicked out.  And we love you for it.



You're just spam though Chaos. :P


I think Chaos.Lady deserves the same congrats she gave Master_Scythe. Probably more so given she has over 79000 posts. To my knowledge I don't think her membership has been seriously tempted with a BanHammer


That is just 78000 posts of her telling people off though..



#1195792 Ryzen: Built Another one!

Posted by SceptreCore on 07 September 2017 - 02:59 PM


I love your support for AMD... but those games all run better on Intel's CPU's. Did you consider an i5 7600?


That's arguable.

Well, no it's not.... on those games, sure;

The catch is that those games won't bottleneck on AMD, They'll all smash 100+FPS on a 1050ti, despite the SLIGHT lead to Intel.


Where as, on games that are heavily multi-threaded (PUBG, Battlefield1, Tomb Raider, etc), the Ryzen is easily on par (sometimes with a slight lead).


AMD also has the advantages of:

Socket 1151 is MUCH older. I'd expect there to be a new socket in the near future.

The Intel is more expensive (about, $20, so 10%; and it's not 10% faster).

It can't be overclocked in the future.

It has more threads for multitasking.

AM4 motherboards are WAY cheaper.



I do understand that Intel (currently) does better in games;

But it's only by 5% on average, the tech is early, Vulkan is young, and the AM4 socket is here to stay, giving a future upgrade path.

Also! The lead only seems to show in DX games.


Besides, the CPU cooler alone is worth it :P

Screws not push pins, my savior!


Well all of what you said is true... I guess I get a bit taken in by numbers represented on a graph. Cursed marketing ploys!!


The best advantage of all is of course the upgradeability with future drop in Zen products.

#1195059 AMD RX Vega announcement.

Posted by SceptreCore on 18 August 2017 - 05:34 PM

Damn miners are gonna steal your Vega cards SceptreCore!

Lol... I'm not interested in buying one. I just want to see AMD build up a bit of capital and spark some competition in the market.

#1194834 Windows 10 Pro crash - BSOD DPC - suddenly and consistently after months of b...

Posted by SceptreCore on 12 August 2017 - 01:24 PM

If you go through the logs in event viewer, you can find the error description and we can try and narrow it down.

Alternatively... BlueScreenView is a free app for extrapolating BSOD error information



#1194807 AMD Zen

Posted by SceptreCore on 11 August 2017 - 11:04 PM

I found this funny:




#1194710 AMD Zen

Posted by SceptreCore on 09 August 2017 - 11:27 AM

So another BIOS patch for Ryzen users ...

Maybe... or possibly a patch for linux? 


Also... tomorrow is the end of the Threadripper embargo. Are we all excited?

Also... I'm please about these results:


#1194579 AMD Zen

Posted by SceptreCore on 04 August 2017 - 09:55 PM

AMD confirm the L3 cache levels of Threadripper 1950X and 1920X (See PC Case Gear too)


And the 1950X gets to 5.2GHz on all 16 cores under LN2

#1193843 AMD Zen

Posted by SceptreCore on 30 July 2017 - 08:58 PM

I've had mixed results from the Bulldozer based excavator core APU's. The Desktop version is fine, the mobile part is woeful... but for some reason OEM's love/d them.


Their APUs are underwhelming and the other big turnoff is that they're on a different socket format.

At least with an i3 you've got the upgrade path right there - just put a quad core in it's place though like you say, it's questionable logic buying an i3 to begin with.  If you're doing an office drone, you'd probably be better off just using a Pentium.

Thankfully Ryzen APU's will be AM4 socket compatible as well as adapted for mobile package.


AMD has confirmed a 4 core/8 thread "Raven Ridge" APU coming. So we could expect Ryzen 5 performance with some added Vega graphics... not bad hey? They're rumoured to also have some core tweaks that Zen 2 will come with. So maybe a 1-5% performance gain conservatively speaking?

#1193814 AMD Zen

Posted by SceptreCore on 29 July 2017 - 07:14 PM

I doubt amd will allow us to unlock the disabled cores on those ryzen 3s though.


Chances are they're low binned dies with a higher proportion of nonworking cores on a particular wafer.

So, you'd probably have a certain %age that are just tosssed due to total fail, then ones with at least one faulty core.

Then others with marginal cores disabled, then probably the bulk of the wafer with all cores passed with some disabled simply for the sake of making up the numbers.


My guess is they're probably not even physically wired in fully so will be impossible to use.

According to reports some outlets have been getting, Ryzen has been yielding well so far. Mostly due in part to sacrificial Polaris GPU cleaning the 14nm pipe for Zen and Vega.


So I'd say there'd be a fair amount of core disabling, or at least will be in future when demand rises, but waiting to launch Ryzen 3 last is a good way to shift tossed parts that didn't make the 5 or 7 bin.


As to unlocking those cores, There's no way to know if AMD disabled them irrecoverably, or if they can be accessed by a future BIOS update. I would say it's unlikely though... I just don't think AMD is interested in taking that route again. My opinion.

I've totally taken over Dasa's page lol.

#1193712 Star Citizen / Squadrdon 42 - a real PC game

Posted by SceptreCore on 26 July 2017 - 10:53 PM

Truly, you need to give one of the free-fly weekends a shot. Given it's a *big* download though, you may want to hold off for 3.0 to drop.


Haha... I'm not sure my system could even run it mate. Besides which, I don't want to try incase I get addicted to it.

#1193474 AMD Zen

Posted by SceptreCore on 19 July 2017 - 11:19 AM

AMD Planning to Bundle in AIO Liquid Cooling with Ryzen Threadripper CPUs

#1193394 AMD Zen

Posted by SceptreCore on 16 July 2017 - 08:47 PM

Intel are throwing some serious shade at AMD:







Bit salty are we Intel? Glued together dies like Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad? Like AMD used to throw shade at you about hmm..?


But seriously? No ecosystem support? You have companies there like: IBM, Microsoft, MSI, Asus, Gigabyte, ASRock (twice), VMWare, Oracle, Cray... and many more whom AMD have partnerships and EcoSystem integration with. Intel threw in a couple more OEM's twice to make it look good... but unfortunately they've just made themselves look really stupid lol... and a little scared.


EDIT: Apparently "glued' is a an accepted industry term. Whether it applies in this case though is still unknown to me.. if only I could be bothered doing hours of reading/learning.

#1193339 AMD Zen

Posted by SceptreCore on 14 July 2017 - 05:34 PM

If Cinebench is your thing... Threadripper 1950X 16 core smashes the Core i9 10 core and it's the same price.


#1192842 Opinions are like arseholes,

Posted by SceptreCore on 27 June 2017 - 04:00 PM


It scares me too. And it also scares me that the two are put on the same level. The media has a lot to to answer for.. for a lot of things. But then again, the Media is corrupt and agenda driven. In my tin foil hat opinion. Which is why helps to do your own research into things and not take what they say at face value... but yes... people these days are looking to be told that their crazy ideas and opinions are valid, that they are included, and that they're welcome to watch a show long enough to get those advertising dollars. But what does that do? Well... that allows other crazies to stand up in the state forum and represent them and try to push, pull, sway, hinder, create legislation that has progressed little or has even gone backwards. The United States is a prime example.
Or am I just a whacko with that opinion?
Everyone is allowed to have an opinion... but not everyone's opinion has to be heard.

I don't blame the media as much as people in general. I think we get the media and politicians we deserve to an extent.

I think it's up to everyone to challenge not just the opinion of others, but our own opinions as well. Take them out and give them an airing, see if they still stand up :)

I posted the link in the OP previously, it's great to see people have a read of it this time. And challenge it.

Every day we hear more and more about interference in the political process, the generation of fake news and opinion by hackers. I think it's going to be harder to tell real from fake before it gets better.


1) I think that's true.. they pander to the demand


2) I agree


3) Yes, discussion on this subject is good


4) We do. The blame is being pointed to Russia, they influenced the US election, they tried to do the same with the French, and German elections, and the trend is likely to continue to other member states of the EU. There's something very dark happening in the world today. The new rise of nationalism in western democracy. Neo Nazi groups in Europe, and just deplorables in general globally becoming emboldened. Fake news and misinformation agenda drives, even against life and death matters like Global Warming. Refugee Crises, economic concerns... endless list of woe, etc.