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Need for speed mohawk?

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Flying cars? Here's the future now




And United breaks guitars and kills rabbits too now


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I have a new fangled Dell WYSE thin terminal (Windows 10) here. God it's so crippled, installing Chrome was pain (had to download the MSI on my PC to install from a USB stick)

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What the fuck is it with computer applications these days?  Somehow it's acceptable to have to wait a minute or more just for something to start, usually because it's doing some back to base bullshit.  ie, Logitech's Harmony remote programming software.

I have less trouble logging into netbanking, these wankers make you jump through their hoops just to run what should be a simple application that reprograms remote controls.


Using Microsoft products in China is an absolute clusterfuck at the moment because Microsoft insists absolutely everything needs to regularly phone home, and the government blocks access to Microsoft servers to censor OneDrive (Microsoft rightly refused to give it backdoor access).


You can pay for office, but you can't download it.  The download servers are blocked, and Microsoft blocks login attempts when using a VPN.  I needed to use torrents to get the install files.  Constant Windows and Office activation issues, because they can't phone home.  Constant prompts for updates that can't be downloaded.  Windows updates that fail because you can download them with a VPN, but the installation after restart hangs while trying to phone home.  Want to paste an image into PowerPoint and forgot to turn off your wifi? 30 second wait while it fails to contact servers.  Exactly why it needs to contact servers to paste an image? I have no fucking idea.


I'd be using Linux and Open Office if I could.  This constantly connected data mining shit is terrible from a user and privacy perspective.



Linux would be pretty useless with the Chinese firewalls block access to the Linux servers used by the distro. It means you're stuck with the install you have and can't patch it. Some Linux installers require Internet access as well.


There's Chinese approved linux but you don't know what those have in them.

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Mining giant Glencore paid '$0' in royalties to Northern Territory Government


Mining giant Glencore did not pay any royalties to the Northern Territory Government for its McArthur River Mine operation in 2015, a company report has revealed.

McArthur River Mine is one of the world's largest zinc deposits, situated near the community of Borroloola in the Northern Territory's Gulf country, 900 kilometres south-east of Darwin.
This is why we need a resource extraction tax.  Currently we tax sales profits, with the theory being that if zinc prices rise, the tax revenue will also rise.  In practice, the problem is that this system is easily subverted by transfer pricing, a tactic that is very difficult to legislate against.  
An extraction tax ensures Australia will always be rewarded when our wealth is extracted, and encourages mining companies to extract it as efficiently as possible.



All the mining companies do that ... while complaining they pay too much tax