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Yesterday, 10:32 PM

I don't know. Maybe Friday's are just too much for you Mac Dude. The very first post I made about this was re the link which spoke of the law not passing ... you know. the mandatory minimum sentence law.  the one I gave a big "Fuck you !" to the Tassie Labor guys . Like I said in another thread. you really don't pay attention to what anyone says.

In Topic: how crap is this government ?

Yesterday, 08:02 PM



MPs get a pay rise ... like they actually "work" for it

Well of course they get a pay rise. Have to pay for that third or fourth property just acquired ...

I don't really care about how many hours they put in or not. If a person can't live on $200,000.00 there is something seriously damned wrong with them.



" The pay of a junior federal politician will rise to more than $203,000 a year from July 1, after the Remuneration Tribunal announced the 2 per cent pay rise for federal parliamentarians and senior public servants.

Politicians will also secure a tax cut once the Government's deficit levy on Australia's highest income earners is lifted on July 1, which will lower the marginal tax rate to 47 per cent.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's pay packet will increase from $517,504 to $527,852, and Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce will take home $416,191.

This all comes as hundreds of thousands of workers prepare to have their Sunday penalty rates cut, prompting criticism from unions.


Senior public servants will also receive a significant pay increase with the head of the Prime Minister's department, Martin Parkinson, to take home $878,000 a year.

Many public servants have not had a pay increase since 2013 due to protracted enterprise bargaining, with the pay of immigration officers set to be determined by the Fair Work Commission "

In Topic: how crap is this government ?

Yesterday, 07:37 PM



The State Government accused Labor of using its balance of power to defeat the bill."

What bloody balance of power?


15 Liberals, 7 ALP, 3 Greens in the lower house.

2 Liberals 3 ALP and 10 independents in the upper house. And I will tell you now most of those independents are at least as conservative as the liberal party, so they are not a bunch of socialist lefty commos.

I don't see no fucking balance of power there, Typical Liberal bullshit where if they can't ram any old shit through it's always someone else's bloody fault.

The failure of their bill is 100% down to the Liberals not explaining why it is needed and what it is supposed to fix apart from a knee jerk reaction on how we should lock up certain people and throw away the key.

Removing the independence of the judiciary is always a slippery slope you have to be careful of.


Hah  fake news strikes again ;P


" Removing the independence of the judiciary is always a slippery slope you have to be careful of. "


Contemporary history shows judges and the system to have been decidedly dodgy at times. I don't expect Mandatory minimum sentence for child fuckers / assaulters to

automatically fix a problem that is spread so insidiously within all walks of our ' civilised ' life. I do sort of expect people to treat convicted child fuckers /assaulters as the worst of criminals. And for the life of me I don't understand why those that voted against the mandatory minimum for this could not realise the absolute difference of this change.

Our ' civilised ' world says minors cannot be held accountable due to the ( I hope ) obvious . So for me the "slippery slope " you mention aliali does not apply.

A criminal assault against a minor is in a category allllll on it's own. To my way of thinking that's where the mandatory minimum sentence works as it should.

A slight deviation but still very pertinent to the mind set of 'adults' that do criminal damage to minors ...There is no good way to kill your child ... but for those arsewipes that have left their kid in a car to slowly die of heat, and then cry personal issues that caused the death of their kid, I say no question jail them and make them sterile at least.


We have to fix our foundations to be truly civilised. And our minors are our 'civilised' future

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Yesterday, 06:50 PM


Happy Birthday to you (walt)
Squashed tomatoes and stew
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Ewww Crap ! ;)

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22 June 2017 - 10:11 PM

hhaha Outcast_Aussie :) I'll pass it on .