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Yesterday, 10:55 PM

Well. all I can say, is that if I were a good friend of Hilary, it would be top of my list to organise an intervention for her. She needs to be sat down and spoken to very straightly about how her present behaviour is not at all helpful to the Democratic Party and it's future success.


On a personal level, yes she has as much right to talk about her life if people want to hear it, but as the person who lost the election to the current president her continued vocal dislike of the winner is pitiful and frankly embarrassing to watch. She kept saying that she didn't score well in the voting with white women, but gave no clear reason as to why that was so.


If she was the one responsible for her wardrobe, she needs to fire herself.

You don't choose a garment that needs to stay buttoned up, not when you intend to spend the time seated. It undermined her attempt at a cool and collected appearance. Especially when her movement made the garment rise up and threaten to conceal the neck piece she chose... though that really didn't need to be there either.

The above critique on her clothing might sound unnecessary, but it's really all about presentation. If you want to wear a suit, do it up if standing and unbutton if seated ... it's common sense.

Pretty much.  It's like she deserved the job because "entitlement".

Sometimes she seems like America's answer to Kevin Rudd.

Lordy Rybags :P ... surely you meant to say Tony Abbott.

In Topic: What Did You Watch Lately ?

Yesterday, 08:03 PM

Any one going to watch Sarah and Hilary's chat on 4Corners ? I'm disturbed by the matching hair styles and I've only seen a 'teaser'.

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Yesterday, 08:00 PM


It's very dark inside now. the sky is rumbling, I can feel the shuddering up through my chair. rain has just begun :)




Hah!. We had some lightning and rain late last night. Then this arvo  the rumblings - like a giant's hungry stomach - began, followed by an hour or so of downfall. After the dry we've been having it's bloody wonderful stuff :) ... feels sooo good here .

In Topic: Woo! Star trek Discovery! (spoilers, probably)

Yesterday, 07:55 PM

Well, given that guy's video critique I'd say he felt the allegory was anything but subtle ... as to the rest of your comment, I agree. however if the producers of ST:D don't keep in mind what has already occurred in Discovery's future, they be looking for a short life.


Off topic : it seems prequels are the fad. I do know of one that's viewing now that imo, is bloody great. Already it shows the fine thread of connection to it's well known future... see the other thread tho ;)

In Topic: Woo! Star trek Discovery! (spoilers, probably)

Yesterday, 05:28 PM

" ...will the Klingons necessarily be comic book 'bad guys' or is the universe being created more morally complicated?  i would like to give the writers the benefit of the doubt, and after two episodes see no reason not to.  here's hoping."


What will it matter though ? ST:D is a prequel right ? ...given I think you've viewed lots of the sequels, you know what thee future holds :P

I'm a bit curious why, in the two part 'prologue' of the season, or rather the second ep,


Lol, who knows ? but your post made me grin