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In Topic: Well hello PCPP peeps

Yesterday, 09:47 PM


Your name is nowhere to be seen as the instigator of a thread ... talk about being a whiny-old-blowhard ! :P~





...how about a bingo thread?


I was thinking I might go to my grave free of the experience of either bingo or poker machines. But, by all means, if a bingo thread floats your boat ... :)

In Topic: how crap is this government ?

Yesterday, 09:10 PM



So the Libs can accept donations from Huang cos yo know they haven't knocked foreign donations on the head yet, and well also the money got used for bills etc to keep the Libs afloat. Where as Dastyari used it to pay bills whilst he was enroute of pollie bizness.

See the difference ? :\

I think Dastyari has been a major fool to think he could play fast and loose in his habits, but ffs The Libs /Coalition have been pouring the source on waaay to thick. Seems they got what they wanted cos Dastyari has resigned. And that's a poor ( if any )

effort shown by Shorten and Co. to protect their own team.

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Yesterday, 08:53 PM



What be the favourite first choice of movie for the re-opening of cinemas in Saudi Arabia ?


Driving Miss Daisy.



I thought it might be thelma and louise.


Haha. I thought the musical Jesus Christ Super Star.

In Topic: Well hello PCPP peeps

Yesterday, 08:47 PM

an infusion of new blood will always be welcome

it feels like a geriatric ward in here sometimes.  i mean, consider the 3 most active threads of recent times, where we:-

- spew out random rambling thoughts
- moan about the government
- keep track of who died


 Have a look at the first page you old coot ! Your name is nowhere to be seen as the instigator of a thread ... talk about being a whiny-old-blowhard ! :P~ <<< "geriatic ward "?!?  we don't smell anything like it ... yet


Like M_S I think it's rather cool that atomic stays the course, iirc there was some concern that atomic would be consumed by PCPP. Kudos to the forums here that do the work. The Green Room can take no bows here, it's been tumbleweed territory for toooo long.

Could really use some new threads here ;)

In Topic: My leg and the last 2 months

Yesterday, 08:28 PM

I guess if I'd been stronger about this I would have asked the other day exactly what the surgery was for ... instead I assumed the nasty. You are well on the way to one hell of a scrap book !