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Today, 02:27 AM

I completed Netflix's House of Cards. Not an earth-shattering experience, " trippy " is the word that comes to mind with the last episode.

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Today, 02:21 AM


Been reading studies lately that have been pointing out that "social media" use makes people less social, more neurotic, and unhappier. And yet, people are addicted to it.

Technically, this site qualifies - as does Readdit, Imgur, and YouTube (all of which I use). But none of these demand my attention, unlike Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat (et al) seem to do of their users. Um...Yeah. Qualifier: By default, the three of them do send notice that I have a message. I have it turned off. Since I've never used the others, I have no idea if they can be silenced. Either way, I don't feel any different now than before using them.


I used to spend 3hours a day on the train, five days a week. Social media then was the newspaper. People would bring

books or paper work, or stare out the window. The last thing they would do is acknowledge or look at your face. I put it down to the bleakness of

the weather ;)

In Topic: What Did You Watch Lately ?

Yesterday, 08:09 PM



I remember watching China Beach regularly too - a big part of that show for me was the incorporation of the relevant era contemporary music into the scenes.

Yes same here. I have clear memories of the music and some of the beach scenes for some reason . But tbh, I think with this show I was hoping

to prolong  the Mash experience.

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Yesterday, 06:57 PM

The United CEO has basically come out and stated the obvious, that their policies and training were horribly outdated and flawed, and the whole situation was their fault.


In an attempt to prevent future issues, they will implement policies that would put customers first, seek to accommodate their passengers needs, by flying them on the next available flight, even if it's on another airline, or from another airport.

I mean, they basically failed their own employees here too, as they should never have been put in a position of having to drag a boarded customer off a plane, and they had no support from their managers to find any other solution.

Ineptness with a capitals all the way

They're now also offering up to $10,000 USD for passengers who volunteer to give up their seats.  


I'm guessing a bunch of boffins calculated the cost of litigation, brand damage, and reducing overbooking, and worked out that it's still cheaper to compensate passengers $10k when they've fucked up.    Whether it's ever actually offered or not will be the test that distinguishes this from bullshit brand repair, or consistent (for lack of a better word) corporate ethics.


In Topic: What Did You Watch Lately ?

Yesterday, 06:55 PM

Is that cos I fall for the ABC's shoddy re-run of Harry Morgan's death al the time ?

My older sis went to the US when Mash was running hot here. She brought me back one of their t-shirts. Drab olive green with the Mash logo.

I wore that thing till it fell to pieces,

Allan Arbus could make me cry when he was on it.