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i5-4690 vs i7-2600k for virtualisation

23 July 2015 - 08:12 AM

I've recently obtained an i7-2600k with an asrock extreme4-m z77, and was wondering if that would be an improvement over the i5-4690 with msi b85-43 i have currently. Both would be running with 16gb RAM and a bequiet dark rock 2. The pc is used for gaming (mostly DotA and UT4) and virtualisation (ubuntu testing VMs and a buildd for tanglu).


So would putting the older chip in be worthwhile since it can OC and has hyperthreading

Xfce 4.12 released

01 March 2015 - 01:43 PM

Xfce has had it's first release in about 2 years, 4.12. This has enough changes to warrant multiple releases, but the manpower/willpower to release anything has been lacking. The upstream release notes are at http://xfce.org/abou...post=1425081600


This will be in xubuntu 15.04 this week, and possibly a PPA for 14.04 sometime in the future.