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In Topic: When will I ever make the switch? (Never?)

20 August 2016 - 11:18 AM

While I'm not surprised that linux isn't the best choice for some of you. I am quite surprised by the complaints about drivers, I now find the driver situation on Linux much better than for Windows.


I'm using Arch Linux on two machines and Mythbuntu 16.4 on the media center at home.

I can't remember the last time I even thought about drivers on linux, though admittedly I don't buy bleeding edge Motherboards or Graphics cards.

In fact my Canon flatbed scanner which hasn't worked under Windows since 64bit arrived, 'works out of the box' under linux. As do my TV tuner cards and every other device I own, every diver I have needed for years has been compiled into the kernel by default. The only driver I've needed to install manually in quite a few years was the Brother printer driver. (I suppose there is always an exception to prove every rule.)


On the upside, what I love about linux is :

  • the lack of 'tag along crapware' trying to install itself when you install software
  • the consistency of distro repositories and especially the pacman package manager on Arch
  • the smaller target linux based OS's present to malware
  • not needing to concern myself with licences and serials
  • the OS and all the software I need is freeware
  • the Open Source and Free Software communities
  • no Windows Registry

That last is important, I prefer human readable text configuration files that I can understand and edit with confidence.


As for Docker - It probably has a place in some limited way but there are problems with that approach also.  I prefer distro specific packages maintained for that distro by package maintainers.

Here's some reading http://kmkeen.com/ma...tter/index.html

In Topic: Nexus device Android updates

20 August 2016 - 09:03 AM

Hi Jeruselem, The current version for Nexus Player is 6.0.1 as at 20/08/16.

Looks like you're up to date.


Source: https://developers.g...id/nexus/images