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In Topic: Poverty PC 'upgrade'

Yesterday, 06:17 PM

With high res textures, more memory, and slower clocks would actually be my go to, I'd stick with the 4GB 1050ti personally.
Depends if you want 'high settings' on AA\AF\Lighting\Shadows, or on Textures. Personally, for me, its textures.

Sounds good, but at what point to you hand over 40% performance for the extra GB?


1080p up through 4K it's always 40%+ faster acording to above link.

Also games like DOOM wont even run on max settings without 4GB GPU RAM.

But would it run fast enough on a 1050Ti anyway at max settings to matter? 1440p it runs at 30fps.
According to above linked review the 3GB ran the DOOM test, even at 4K it still surpasses the 1050Ti. At 1440p it's 20fps (66%) faster!

1TB SSD is so cheap now, I honestly think the $350ish you spend on them is good money.
You'll keep it for nearly life.

Just depends on priorities, plus how many games you have simultaneously installed.
Definitely it's a keep for life thing.

As for the mining boom; I honestly think you're wrong.
Not because the boom will finish, but because GPU mining will become so inefficient that ASIC miners will be the only power sensible option.
Or, since we've recently managed a new die-shrink, that better cards will take the mining crown, and people will upgrade.
Maybe not from the 1080ti's, they'll live on, but you'll probably start to see some 6GB 1060's or 1070's at least.

Well yes but then once the ASIC miners took over Bitcoin, ASIC resistant alt coins were made.
If new ASIC's come out for Ethereum etc new alt currencies will be made that only GPU's are good at running.
When you can code a new crypto currency faster than you can design and fabricate an ASIC for it, chances are generalised crypto computing on GPU's won't disappear any time soon.
Only mentioning the 1060 thing because the most popular alt coin on the most popular OS now isn't tenable, so the demand for the 3GB model should weaken. Theoretically.

Buying a 'cheap' card like a 1050ti to bide you over at least 12~18 months, is the smart move, and you'll be able to play most things on High Textures, and medium shadows.
Especially if the game supports VULKAN.

Totally agree however he'll have an even better experience in that 12-18 months if 1TB isn't completely necessary ;)
Just offering him options.

In Topic: AMD Zen

Yesterday, 03:12 PM

+200MHz clock bumps

Little disappointing.


However soldered IHS should help the OC crowd a bit.


It'll be better but not really worth upgrading to if already on Ryzen 1.


Zen2 will be when we see if it has legs or not.

In Topic: Poverty PC 'upgrade'

Yesterday, 03:02 PM

GTX 1060 3GB should be something to aim for.

With Windows mining now not fitting into 3GB these should start popping up on ebay etc. Retail prices should drop too.


Is 1TB SSD necessary?

If keeping the HDD in the system for cold storage, save some dosh and go with a 500GB unit and put the savings towards better GPU like the GTX 1060 3GB (and still have money left over). Which for gaming is ultimately your primary choke point.


You could spend years waiting for the mining boom to finish, who knows.

As is always the case with PC upgrades, buy the best with what you can afford now. You can spend eternity waiting for the next best/cheaper thing.

In Topic: Trinity International Computer systems

16 January 2018 - 05:20 AM

Do you write for Atomic PC Authority?

Sorry for late reply. Don't come here as often as I used to.


Yes. Have been freelancing for PCTA for a bit over a year now. :)

In Topic: Star Citizen / Squadrdon 42 - a real PC game

06 December 2017 - 11:52 AM

Is planet orbits a thing?

I recall they wanted to do that a while back but had to let it go cause of tech reasons.


The nerd in me wants it to happen.