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Multi monitor slide show

12 January 2017 - 02:30 PM

Been asked to look at setting up a system where a slide show can be displayed across 6 monitors or TVs all controlled from one PC.

So set up is

A total of 6 screens, 5 at around 40 to 42" and one 60" to 72" arranged around 3 walls with the big screen on one wall by itself so it can also be used to demonstrate windows things in training courses.
Now it gets complex.
The boss would also like to run a "slide show" of local artists products, photos and local attractions across all screens.

But it's not that simple (it never is) the boss wants it so that screen one displays image 1, image 1 then moves to screen two and image 2 is then displayed on screen one. Image 1 then moves to screen three followed by image 2 moving to screen two and screen one now displays image 3. Images progress around the screens until they finish and then go back in to the rotation (assuming more than six images in the slide show).

So a slide show progressing in sequence around all screens.

Also need to be able to stop the slide show to use monitor six (the 60in plus one) for windows training.

Budget is 10K all up including monitors, computer, wall mounts and of course my labour.


So anyone got ideas on how to do this sort of stuff? Suggested software and hardware? Running six displays off one PC is going to be the first hurdle IMO.