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In Topic: iNeed to upgrade - which Intel socket 2066 motherboard?

19 November 2017 - 10:33 AM

Kind of an interesting analysis in several ways - especially what it says about me!


  1. Although in the past I have switched between AMD and Intel as it suits my gaming needs - when it comes to non gaming I seem to lean to Intel - not sure why my bias
  2. Although I have forked out maybe close to $30K for all my astronomy gear - building a rig to better handle astronomy workloads has me trying to allocate under $6K to a decent, future expandable rig - where as maybe $5K would be ideal for AMD and $7K for Intel.  So ignoring value and looking at fit for purpose can't say why I didn't simply go for a 12 or 14 core I9 today for an extra $1K to $1.5K and just say hang the expense.  Most likely because it's too much cash that can go elsewhere and I simply don't do astrophotography often enough to warrant the financial commitment of a bigger machine today.

I was really interested to see how well older CPUs heavily overclocked do in games.  It makes me wonder how much of that is games not yet fully optimised for multi core CPUs.  The Intel path means my budget is gouged on CPU and Motherboard pricing versus AMD - if folk can justify that - you can expand the system you want fairly easily.  Wonder in a years time what CPUs will look like?

In Topic: iNeed to upgrade - which Intel socket 2066 motherboard?

13 November 2017 - 11:23 PM

That certainly isn't a bad build spec - when you downgrade the CPU - the motherboard gets considerably cheaper - you can get by with a smaller PSU, cooler, case and retain much of what I want to do.  Equally moving up from the 7820 to the I9 - costs you $500 for two extra cores, extra PCIE lanes and cache.  Not really justified in my case.  I will probably only add in 2-3 SSDs and 3-4 HDDs  once I confirm whether one or more of them are failing.


Which leads me to - is there any really good software to tell if a Seagate HDD is occassionally prone to fail?

In Topic: iNeed to upgrade - which Intel socket 2066 motherboard?

12 November 2017 - 11:07 PM

Oh that could be brilliant - dark skies to die for!


If you even did 15 - 30 second shots on a tripod there would not be noticeable star trails!

In Topic: iNeed to upgrade - which Intel socket 2066 motherboard?

12 November 2017 - 09:38 PM

Guys Hot damn those videos were great to watch - thank you!  Never realised that Registering appears more single threaded and stacking multi threaded.  ALso seeing you play with the Luminance levels after stacking and how fast it redrew was impressive to watch - that is at least twice as fast as mine!


M42 - Oriin Nebulae had about I think while I was watching the registering process about 120 stars detected - so a global cluster like Omega Cluster - where stars number in the high thousands up to 15,000 will be a pain methinks!


Interesting to watch memory, CPU amd I/O - that was really a treat thanks so much Dasa!  I have put a request in to joing the Deep Sky Stacker group on Facebook - I want to ask them some questions on speed of processing tips and PC gear recommended!

In Topic: iNeed to upgrade - which Intel socket 2066 motherboard?

12 November 2017 - 12:26 PM

So I just tried once again for fun... on NGC 5137 - with 16 shots ranging in duration from 60 seconds to about 10 minutes.  This subject has about 17,000 stars in it - so its a headache for DSS.  DSS took about an hour simply to register all the star fields - then of course my PC crashed before it stacked the shots.  My core temps were up around 71 degrees = wow! CPU usage even with a deep virus scan running in the background was only 70%???  and I/O wasn't that high either???  so this is only 160MB of data to process - I didn't include any darks, bias, flat files etc - just to keep it simple as possible.


Warrants more investigation later today!