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#1201231 Windows10 BSOD WHEA

Posted by g__day on 31 March 2018 - 08:23 PM

Asked on Whirlppol forums - they are quite good.  They ran thru my dump file - concurred it was hardware related bug, said the idle CPU voltages seem low - suggested I update my motherboard BIOS and see if a new BIOS better manages these new CPUs.  Did so and no crashes for two weeks :)

#1198121 Gigabyte X299 Aorus 7- how to get the memory to 300 MHz?

Posted by g__day on 30 November 2017 - 04:24 PM

About 20 times faster than before - it was definitely CPU bound before :)

#1197702 iNeed to upgrade - which Intel socket 2066 motherboard?

Posted by g__day on 11 November 2017 - 11:19 PM

Just imagine days when CPU cores are light switched - ten times the speed of electron travel, minimial heat multi cores galore.  Expect to see it in our lifetimes!

#1197692 iNeed to upgrade - which Intel socket 2066 motherboard?

Posted by g__day on 11 November 2017 - 04:19 PM

Wouldn't that be something!  Totally agree that a socket change could happen in a year or two.  Once you swap from Desktop to Server CPU Xeon Platinum vs AMD Eypc seems rather stunning - AMD are really taking it to them

#1197566 iNeed to upgrade - which Intel socket 2066 motherboard?

Posted by g__day on 10 November 2017 - 08:19 PM

Actually no forgive any of my bad manners or frustration as I can see you were really trying to help and you are dead right AMD is great value for money right now - and despite all my research there are a lot of unknowns in my proposed workflow.


I am hedging towards Intel doing very big comeback to AMD's bold foray in the next year - which is total speculation on my part.  I am really stunned that no one in the world seems to know with a large budget how to best allocate spend for my purpose.  There are literally tens of thousand of amateur astronomers who regularly image, let alone the image processimg software developers and no one can give me a definite answer on where to best spend my cash.  For a pretty shrewd group that is an amazing position to be in.


Had I unlimted funds I would probably simply splurg on a top core count I9 - but funds limited your advice is right in the money.  I am in neither position so trying to hedge - an you could be dead right my money in the short term might be way better spend on the more parallel Threadripper!

#1197071 Pondering morph a HP Z620 workstation into a work / gaming rig

Posted by g__day on 20 October 2017 - 11:54 AM

Sigh - imagine being wealthy enough to afford both paths - get one of each and benchmark.  Or if there was a dual Threadripper workstation motherboard...

#1196987 Pondering morph a HP Z620 workstation into a work / gaming rig

Posted by g__day on 17 October 2017 - 08:52 PM

Short answer Nich is no.  Just 1) always wanted a dual CPU rig - for over a decade now but prioritised $$$ elsewhere 2) Workstation quality gear is dirt cheap now and figure it will be built like a tank reliability wise 3) the CPU themselves are about $350 each - a barebone system 2 * E5-2603 with 8GB RAM is around USD $527.


I don't see it would be easy to get 20- 24 physical cores with existing Intel equipment (and certainly not in these price points).  Until I have this rig it will be hard to know how well it performs on its intended workload.  I know my I7 4 core 3.5 GHz CPUs tend to be over 50% faster on a simple astrophotography stack and register benchmark (my old beast vs my son's 1 year old gear).  So a 4 minute job on my PC might take 2 - 2.5 minutes on my Son's more modern rigs (as a very minimal test).  I will be very interested to see if the target rig would be a factor of five to ten times faster.  Six times the number of cores with faster memeory lanes should make a big difference.  If I could do my current simple test (10 - 20 images)  in under a minute then really big tests involving hundreds of images may be a real possibility.  I swapped from cooled infra red modded Canon's to cooled colour and mono dedicated astronomy cameras with surperbly low noise - so they should capture in 2 minutes what the Canon might take 12 mintues - meaning I will have now six times the data to process (far more for the mono camera - which might have 4 to 7 filters to combine).

#1192752 This week I went solar :)

Posted by g__day on 24 June 2017 - 11:44 AM

What this report doesn't economically model would be the rise of micro grids or community based storage.


Storage will probably make economic compelling sense at a micro grid level - imagine a block of flats where there is large solar and storage on the roof - the costs could be spread against each individual unit's usage over time.


Storage to me is economically a reaction to over priced production - gouge pricing.  As a technology if it falls below $800 per kWh stored it starts to show decent returns - the Tesla Powerwall2 amongst others is close to this point now.  Some systems in the USA go up to 18 kWh stored an - with 25 years warrantied life and a maximum sustained output of 12 kW - that is rather impressive!

#1188514 Pondering a workstation build to process astro images + occassionally play games

Posted by g__day on 09 February 2017 - 08:07 PM

Mac Dude - on the storage side I would say you got that build right - pretty much what I was considering!

#1171462 Another parent kills a home invader

Posted by g__day on 03 April 2016 - 08:30 PM

I showed a 2nd dan karate black belt on the weekend how to slip a punch and take down an attacker with just two fingers - using a wrist technique, the same with a huge weight lifter the other week - showing how using two fingers (left hand pinky inside the elbow - right hand pinky on the wrist - shift their elbows backwards using soft hand and your body movement - which can take someone's balance away easily - then all their strength is meaningless - but that is in a well lit dojo with an inquiring, novice audience.  I have done more than double my time in aikido than karate - but I still wonder if I was jumped in my own house in the dark by an attacker - would they get a soft aikido or a hard karate response if I really didn't have any warning.  I think if I was in a confined space versus an open room the answer may be different - if I had just a moment to relax rather than respond I hope a soft response would by projected.


I worry more about what I might do to a stranger than what they will do to me generally - just the way my head works!

#1171281 Another parent kills a home invader

Posted by g__day on 01 April 2016 - 12:40 AM

I find the law a bit hard to follow in many conflict situations.  Its hard to determine a reasonable response if you are frightened, its dark and you have an imminent and close threat with unknown intent, capabilities, friends or weapons.  I am sure in that situation most folk would be flooded by adrenaline - which I don't expect aids clear thinking - only direct flight or fight action.  If conflict starts the last thing you wish to lose is the initiative.  I am sure if you said I stepped back but they came at me, I was in fear of my life, its was dark and really scary etc.. those facts will weigh in to mean a substantive initial response is seen as justified and reasonable.  But in a crisis situation I am sure reason is the last thing anyone is relying on.


If the conflict truly de-escalates than I would assume the police would take a dim view of anything a person does that re-ignites the situation.  If they are still coming at you I would view you have a certain right to respond and protect yourself.  Now most folks probably aren't BJJ black belts who could most likely safely choke someone out (with the right hold that takes about 5 seconds - by cutting the arteries blood flow to the head - it has nothing to do with stopping them from breathing).  How is a lay person, surprised in their own home, supposed to weigh a balanced response?  If you are surprised a kick to the groin or knee cap is the mostly likely way to instantly incapacitate and attacker in a none fatal manner.  if you can't see or respond gracefully to a dangerous situation then hard, fast take down is most likely the best chance of minimising your chance of being hurt.


The way the law is structured if an assailant died in your own home - I would guess in the USA anyone could simply place a knife in their hands and say they grabbed a knife and I thought I would be killed.  I knew folks in the USA that always had one spare, illegal gun - that they said they would place on the victims body if they had to shoot an intruder.


My bottom line is I think the law and folks rights need to be made a lot more familiar to folks - before the situation arises.  Folks should know when to step down and what they need to establish before they feel compelled to respond in a way that could take a life.  Pretty hard to do when you are surprised in the dead of night in your own home.

#1161207 The night my father died.

Posted by g__day on 29 September 2015 - 12:42 PM

Well done, very, very well done - and thanks for sharing!

#1161204 Final Cheers To OBA

Posted by g__day on 29 September 2015 - 12:30 PM

That is very sad news, my condolences to you and your family - he will be greatly missed!

#1159758 What's on your mind?

Posted by g__day on 25 August 2015 - 04:44 PM

What's on my mind - just under two days to the start of the  Shodokan Aikido World Championships held this year at the Gold Coast, and I am competing for Australia!  Okay with that said with fifteen serious countries competing there is zero chance of me being anywhere near the top ten, but hey its a chance of a lifetime so why not!  It will be interesting to see how our club goes and particularly a mate of mine who's been the Australian champion since 2006 by a very long shot.

#1159598 Windows 7 - Windows Update tries to automatically install Windows 10 today?

Posted by g__day on 21 August 2015 - 10:48 PM

So after reading about the latest vulnerabilities in IE I wasn't surprised Windows wanted to deploy updates - until I went into them and found essential update #1 was update Windows 7 to Windows 10 - I mean WTF!!!


If I hadn't had Windows Updates set to inform only - WIndows 7 would just have been zapped.  Not cool Microsoft.  I may have elected to have the option to upgrade, but unless I press the button I don't want you to go modifying my preferred operating system that drastically.


Blown away by that one!