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#1111695 My 9/11 thread.

Posted by The Fuzz damn you! on 16 October 2013 - 08:20 PM in The Green Room

[22:17] Malachi> shit
[22:17] Malachi> friggin plane flew right over my house
[22:17] Wormy> lolz
[22:17] Malachi> about 5 cm away
[22:17] funnelbc> beeezas are old skool
[22:17] Shelby> that happens to me all the time
[22:17] Wormy> 5cm?!?!?!?!?
[22:17] funnelbc> lol very good longtime sparkeler
[22:17] _Praetorian_> hmmm
[22:17] Malachi> im no where near an airport
[22:17] Shelby> i am!
[22:17] mael> 1cm=100m
[22:17] accessdenied> hehe. not as bad as my house. I'm on the flight path for the care flight helicopter. and unfortunately I'm not far from the hospital. That means I get it when it is LOW!!!
[22:17] Flouncy> go the metal bird, should be grateful for a close look
[22:18] Malachi> HOLY SHIT
[22:18] Malachi> THE LIGHTS DIMMED
[22:18] Shelby> bull shit
[22:18] Malachi> ah well
[22:18] Malachi> it was worth a try
[22:18] mael> you are full of what your name suggests
[22:18] Wormy> its amazing what a sydneyvs melb thing can end up as? helicoptors and planes near houses ;D
[22:18] Shelby> lol
[22:18] Malachi> but a plane DID fly over real close
[22:18] funnelbc> so how about that bloody ansett ey>?
[22:18] Pom> wormy we are so over that..
[22:18] Pom> get with the times ;)
[22:18] Wormy> lol
[22:18] * accessdenied gets kangaroos on front lawn all the time.. sydney ppl get aircraft..
[22:18] Shelby> yes..and you sat at you computer as it crashed ... pfft
[22:18] salemite> probably just sounded like it Malachi :)
[22:18] Malachi> Malachi? I'm full of Revenge Angel?
[22:18] Wormy> ill try
[22:19] Wormy> ;)
[22:19] Malachi> no....i could see it


[22:57] Zephyr33> yeah, i heard that ducaTi's are much better....
[22:57] ProSleep> hmmm
[22:57] funnelbc> ducadi... worst built!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????? EXCUSE ME?
[22:57] Flouncy> black ducatis?
[22:58] *** BobTheMonkey (Bob@ Quit (Killed (NickOP (Kill requested by BobMonkey))_)
[22:58] *** BobMonkey is now known as BobTheMonkey
[22:58] Chancellor> wabz: van der Wal has made a patch to the VNC 3.3.3 Java Viewer Source Distribution, that allows the viewer to connect through a firewall using an HTTP proxy. This patch is available at
[22:58] funnelbc> according toi whom
[22:58] headlesst> Ducatis are shit
[22:58] Phr33x> I would drive past your place Gram...but that would be stalking
[22:58] ProSleep> did a plane just crash into the WTC building?
[22:58] Mozza> nope, black morris miners w00t along @ high speed
[22:58] BobTheMonkey> howdy
[22:58] sm0k3> ducatti is not the worst built!
[22:58] ProSleep> anyone heard something about that?
[22:58] Shelby> pro: yep
[22:58] Chancellor> i have found it!!!
[22:58] Flouncy> hey dibbs
[22:58] Gramyre> lol Phr33x
[22:58] ProSleep> oh right
[22:58] accessdenied> pro: yup...
[22:58] funnelbc> yes there are black ducatis. but why do you think they call it ducati red?
[22:58] _Praetorian_> Phr33x, that never stopped you before
[22:58] ProSleep> so it gets onto CNN
[22:58] funnelbc> cos is cranks!
[22:58] accessdenied> what type of plane though?
[22:58] headlesst> and the space station is white, cause you couldn't see it other wise....it'd be spining too fast
[22:58] ProSleep> but NONE of the .au sources
[22:58] Phr33x> heh
[22:58] Flouncy> desmodonmic, it''l happen to gears one day..
[22:59] headlesst> Ducatti, are shit bikes for yuppies
[22:59] Shelby> I should put CNN on, on Foxtel
[22:59] Flouncy> sp
[22:59] Flouncy> or something
[22:59] sm0k3> wo0t even with a geforce2mx/400 i'll notice improvement in performance with detonator4?????????????
[22:59] headlesst> And they ride like crap
[22:59] ProSleep> ducatti are for wogs
[22:59] * funnelbc stabs headlesst
[22:59] Phr33x> you can't say WOG
[23:00] Flouncy> nope, d/l bob, meaning to test then install, just - havent yet...
[23:00] ProSleep> woot
[23:00] sm0k3> i'll 3dmark2000 (personal favorite)
[23:01] Flouncy> howz it compare?
[23:01] ProSleep> poor new york
[23:01] funnelbc> downloading... gunna benchmark and test my pc morrow
[23:01] dibble> _13http://www.cnn.com/
[23:01] ProSleep> dibble: it isn't that interesting
[23:01] dibble> sure
[23:01] AIRSWING> Does ne one have a copy of 3d mark 2001???????????????????????
[23:01] dibble> yeah me
[23:01] ProSleep> AIRSWING: download it yourself
[23:01] Phr33x> yes thanks
[23:01] sm0k3> www.madonion.com does airswing
[23:01] headlesst> I didn't have 3dmark 2000 on my computer or I'd use it
[23:01] *** {SQuiRe} (atomic@vw-2995.centercom.com.au) has joined #atomicmpc
[23:01] headlesst> I do AIRSWING
[23:01] sm0k3> 3dmark2000 owns over 3dmark2001
[23:01] Gramyre> wow...all go to channel 14 fioctel people
[23:01] sm0k3> cos it gives me higher score :)
[23:02] Gramyre> plane crashed into workld trade centre
[23:02] Phr33x> _3sm0k3: __I agree
[23:02] sm0k3> flouncy: i hear a 5% increase in performance instead of 50%.. that wasa typo on the site :)
[23:02] Mozza> 2000 sux
[23:02] Gramyre> amazing
[23:02] *** AuS_Rhino (ausrhino@vw26345.optusnet.com.au) has joined #atomicmpc
[23:02] headlesst> 3dm2000 own on GF2
[23:02] dibble> gramy we know http://www.cnn.com/
[23:02] Gramyre> foxtel
[23:02] headlesst> 2001 for gf3
[23:02] accessdenied> what type of bloody plane?????
[23:02] funnelbc> depends on what card you have smoke
[23:02] accessdenied> domestic..
[23:02] *** d34dp00l (AIRSWING1@vw-12499.optushome.com.au) has joined #atomicmpc
[23:02] ProSleep> yer
[23:02] ProSleep> passenger
[23:02] Gramyre> the top of the world trade centre tower is a disaster
[23:02] dibble> im waiting for the full story on cnn.com
[23:02] sm0k3> funnelbc: i have gef2mx/400
[23:02] accessdenied> but what type?
[23:02] ProSleep> couldn't have been a big one
[23:02] dibble> dun say
[23:02] * @Flouncy turns the world into california and hands out roller blades like vread at a refugee camp
[23:02] dibble> it jsut happened
[23:02] ProSleep> otherwise plane would be sticking out
[23:02] d34dp00l> ummm what did it say when i got disconnected?
[23:03] *** Prae[sleep] (praetorian@vw-24799.speednet.com.au) has joined #atomicmpc
[23:03] *** Yendor (k3@vw-22594.bigpond.net.au) Quit (Read error to Yendor: Connection reset by peer_)
[23:03] ProSleep> w00t
[23:03] ProSleep> just heard about it on the BBC
[23:03] funnelbc> snoke, you wont get a massive boost out of it then
[23:03] *** merlinator- (w0rd@vw-15464.optusnet.com.au) has joined #AtomicMPC
[23:03] Gramyre> shit look at that!~
The South Tower has just been hit by the second plane.
[23:03] *** Mozza is now known as Mozza[cs]
[23:03] Flouncy> bread. or fish
[23:03] *** merlinator- (w0rd@vw-15464.optusnet.com.au) has left #AtomicMPC
[23:03] *** _Praetorian_ (praetorian@vw-24799.speednet.com.au) Quit (Read error to _Praetorian_: Connection reset by peer_)
[23:03] Gramyre> major explosions
[23:03] headlesst> mark2001 only shines on a gf3
[23:03] Gramyre> another plane just flew IN!!!
[23:03] accessdenied> grammy...
[23:03] Gramyre> holy fuck!!
[23:03] Gramyre> its terros\rists
[23:03] Mozza[cs]> ?? Gramyre ??
[23:03] ProSleep> wtf
[23:03] Gramyre> its suicide attacks
[23:03] dibble> wonder if it was a s11 conspiracy
[23:03] accessdenied> didn't someone make a comment earlier about a plane flying just over their house?
[23:03] ProSleep> Gramyre: you are on drugs
[23:03] Gramyre> OMG
[23:03] ProSleep> it is not
[23:03] sm0k3> s11? wot
[23:04] *** funnelbc is now known as funnel|redthoer
[23:04] Gramyre> another plane has just flown into the OTHER tower
[23:04] *** Taz13[sick] is now known as BretHitmanHart
[23:04] *** funnel|redthoer is now known as funnelredtheory
[23:04] Phr33x> _0,1_7Away: __0_bbs _14,1--=_15[_0a_t__7o_0_mi_c _s_c_r_ip_t_ v_7_15]_14=--
[23:04] Prae[sleep]> shit this is bad
[23:04] *** BretHitmanHart is now known as Taz13
[23:04] Gramyre> OMG
[23:04] Shelby> Fuck...a second plane in the second towaer!!!!!!!!!111
[23:04] Shelby> fuck
[23:04] ProSleep> bs
[23:04] Gramyre> OMG OMG
[23:04] dibble> FUCK
[23:04] sm0k3> wots this graymre??????
[23:04] *** Shelby is now known as Shelby|CNN
[23:04] sm0k3> WOT ARE YOU ON ABOUT?
[23:04] dibble> really
[23:04] headlesst> lol
[23:04] Mozza[cs]> Gramyre lying?
[23:04] dibble> really gramy
[23:04] sm0k3> oh
[23:04] ProSleep> you people are fucked in the head
[23:04] Gramyre> 2 planes have flown into the world trade centre
[23:04] * Gramyre is NOT lying
[23:04] *** AIRSWING (AIRSWING1@vw-12499.optushome.com.au) Quit (Read error to AIRSWING: Connection reset by peer_)
[23:04] Mozza[cs]> ok
[23:04] dibble> Na u are lyeing
[23:04] Gramyre> go to foxtel
[23:04] Gramyre> or CNN
[23:04] Mozza[cs]> ok
[23:04] headlesst> Terrists?
[23:04] sm0k3> www.cnn.com?
[23:04] AuS_Rhino> no it is true
[23:05] * Gramyre freaks!
[23:05] AuS_Rhino> true wot Gramyre is saying
[23:05] headlesst> We'll have to put out CT skills to use
[23:05] Gramyre> i just watched the fucking thing
[23:05] d34dp00l> who was AIRSWING and what was he doing here???
[23:05] ProSleep> bleh
[23:05] Shelby|CNN> Grams: same
[23:05] ProSleep> now nice it is i can't see any of this
[23:05] Shelby|CNN> that's screwed
[23:05] sm0k3> get the SAS in there!!!
[23:05] ProSleep> Shelby|CNN: are you taping the replays?
[23:05] accessdenied> cnn isn't responding well. must be SOOOOO many ppl logging onto it....
[23:05] Shelby|CNN> thank god it happened in the moring...less ppl injured
[23:05] *** Taz13 is now known as BretHtmanHart
[23:05] Shelby|CNN> Pro: no
[23:05] ProSleep> tape it :)
[23:05] d34dp00l> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa im having and identity crisis
[23:05] sm0k3> MPEG IT!
[23:05] Gramyre> they are replaying it
[23:05] *** d34dp00l is now known as AIRSWING
[23:06] headlesst> What type of Planes?
[23:06] Gramyre> its a JET
[23:06] accessdenied> headless: domestic jet...
[23:06] Gramyre> fuck me DEAD
[23:06] ProSleep> ffs
[23:06] headlesst> Luke a 767?
[23:06] {SQuiRe}> shit this has broke news in evey mirc room
[23:06] *** Hix|MarioKartGB is now known as Hixxy
[23:06] Mozza[cs]> www.cnn.com bogged
[23:06] ProSleep> CNN is fucked up
[23:06] ProSleep> heh
[23:06] ProSleep> yer moz
[23:06] Gramyre> massive casualties
[23:06] Hixxy> 2 planes!!!
[23:06] accessdenied> 2 planes...
[23:06] accessdenied> 2nd tower...
[23:06] ProSleep> I've got BBC live now
[23:06] AuS_Rhino> so it should
[23:06] Shelby|CNN> 6 killed 1000 injured
[23:06] Hixxy> into the second building
[23:06] headlesst> :(
[23:06] Shelby|CNN> fuck
[23:06] * Gramyre shivers
[23:06] sm0k3> wot are you all on about? a terrorist attack in america?
[23:06] Gramyre> this is terrib;e
[23:07] Gramyre> yes
[23:07] Mozza[cs]> whats the site ProSleep?
[23:07] Gramyre> sm0k3
[23:07] ProSleep> Mozza[cs]: www.abc.net.au/newsradio
[23:07] headlesst> Yuris Revenge?
[23:07] AuS_Rhino> a plane has flown into the trade towers in america
[23:07] Mozza[cs]> fanks
[23:07] ProSleep> 1026AM in melbourne
[23:07] {SQuiRe}> yea i hurd soemthign about that to
[23:07] Gramyre> 2 planes
[23:07] accessdenied> did u see that on the tv just then...
[23:07] sm0k3> lol yuri's revenge :)
[23:07] {SQuiRe}> terrorist attack
[23:07] sm0k3> ahhaha
[23:07] accessdenied> it showed the 2nd plane...
[23:07] sm0k3> omg
[23:07] *** Reeve (middle_ear@vw-10772.asiaonline.net) Quit (Exit: _)
[23:08] *** BretHtmanHart is now known as Taz13
[23:08] Taz13> Damn terrosrists
[23:08] Taz13> Channle 10
[23:09] dibble> so gramy is it true 2 planes?
[23:09] sm0k3> im checkin abc.net.au
[23:09] accessdenied> yup
[23:09] accessdenied> 2 planes..
[23:10] accessdenied> 2nd one they have footage of..
[23:10] sm0k3> footage?
[23:10] accessdenied> yup...
[23:10] sm0k3> u got cable or something? :(
[23:10] accessdenied> I watched it happen.
[23:10] accessdenied> here we go
[23:10] Pom> chan 10 NOW
[23:10] accessdenied> in one side out the other...
[23:11] accessdenied> cnn.com has just about crashed..
[23:11] accessdenied> it can't handle the number of logons..
[23:11] Taz13> Jesus Christ..
[23:11] Taz13> "Let's not speculate"
[23:11] Taz13> As if two planes are gonna collide into the World Trading Centre...
[23:11] Taz13> Of course it's terrorists
[23:11] Taz13> der...
[23:12] Pom> I bet it's a protest against John Howard & the boat ppl :)
[23:12] accessdenied> "It's such a visible object"... hmmm.. really.(Sarcasm mode on)
[23:12] Shelby|CNN> access: yep
[23:12] Gramyre> one in each tower
[23:12] ProSleep> cnn is completely down
[23:12] ProSleep> eeeek
[23:12] {SQuiRe}> or the points wore bleeding incoperdent
[23:12] AuS_Rhino> go that right
[23:12] ProSleep> sure it is terrorists?
[23:12] Gramyre> yes
[23:12] ProSleep> dang
[23:12] funnelredtheory> I now have concluse proof from NASA that red makes you go faster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[23:12] Gramyre> 2 planes is no accident
[23:12] ProSleep> right
[23:12] Shelby|CNN> Grams: so true
[23:12] headlesst> lol
[23:12] ProSleep> bbc has confirmed the second plane
[23:12] AuS_Rhino> fuckin Ansett pullin a big stunt i bet
[23:12] Shelby|CNN> twin engine jet liner
[23:12] funnelredtheory> is flouncy alive?
[23:12] headlesst> Face it Black is Faster
[23:12] Flouncy> black is fastest
[23:12] Shelby|CNN> Aus: not funny
[23:12] headlesst> What would NASA know
[23:12] {SQuiRe}> lol
[23:12] funnelredtheory> flo can i send you my conclusive red theory proof?
[23:12] Modz> somthing is happening in the us
[23:12] Gramyre> 737-800 is the guess on the news
[23:12] Shelby|CNN> Pro: we confirmed the second plane when we saw it on TV
[23:12] funnelredtheory> its a small jpeg
[23:12] ProSleep> aww
[23:12] Modz> there is explosions all opvber the place
[23:12] ProSleep> i didn't see it though :0
[23:12] Shelby|CNN> Grams: u on 14?
[23:12] ProSleep> are you taping it now?
[23:12] Gramyre> yes
[23:12] Hixxy> its terorism!!! i tell you!


[23:55] AuS_Rhino> some say a Govt helicopter was circling then went down from view then BANG!!!
[23:55] fnp|news> they're evacuating Washington now!!
[23:55] accessdenied> confirmed that the aircraft that hit is the hijacked aircraft...
[23:55] fnp|news> the entire city!
[23:55] Shelby|CNN> yep
[23:55] * Gramyre wonders what a large american comany like IBM is going to do tomorrow
[23:55] funnelbc> _9attention _1lets have a moment of silence for the dead
[23:56] kremlyn> They want to "persecute the perpetrators". Someone tell them the perpetrators are DEAD.
[23:56] * Gramyre thinks securioty at work wil be titght
[23:56] fnp|news> fucking oath ey
[23:56] * Gramyre nods
[23:56] mAJ0R> same here
[23:56] sicarius|news> _3kremlyn: __the people who ordered it wouldn't be dead
[23:56] mAJ0R> im gonna be tired as , and ive got shitloads to do :/
[23:56] fnp|news> whitehouse will be bombed any minute now.....
[23:56] Modz> Me too lol
[23:56] Melthar> the dude on abc is going off.. they keep showing him multiple monitors..
[23:56] kremlyn> fnp: No fucking way.
[23:56] wabz-sleep> "In Another attack, the Australia Bogan Legion (ABL) has claimed responsibility for attacking the Opera house with beer cans"
[23:56] sicarius|news> .me thinks nobody will be in or out of america for a week!
[23:56] mAJ0R> rotfl
[23:57] Shelby|CNN> no way fnp
[23:57] kremlyn> fnp: The whitehouse won't be bombed, all planes have been grounded.
[23:57] Modz> not gonna happen Fart
[23:57] Shelby|CNN> wabz: shut the fuck up
[23:57] kremlyn> Noone has the balls to bomb the Whitehouse.
[23:57] sicarius|news> _3wabz-sleep: __that aint even funny
[23:57] AuS_Rhino> Secret Service have recieved a tip off that an attack on the Whitehouse is coming
[23:57] fnp|news> wanna bet?
[23:57] * sm0k3 wants to know wot the statement is from bush!!!
[23:57] Modz> that place is tighter than a NUNS ASSHOLE
[23:57] kremlyn> Aus: That for real?
[23:57] Modz> security is huge
[23:57] AuS_Rhino> not from the sky
[23:57] Hixxy|news> whitehouse or a bridge..
[23:57] Shelby|CNN> serious??
[23:57] AuS_Rhino> heard it on Channel 2
[23:57] kremlyn> Aus: Is that for real?
[23:57] kremlyn> HOLY FUCK
[23:57] *** life101 (life101@vw-23056.bigpond.net.au) has joined #atomicmpc
[23:57] fnp|news> someone bombs the Trade Centers and Pentagon, they'll just kamikaze right on to the White House or die trying so long as they take out someone
[23:57] Shelby|CNN> fucking hell.......
[23:57] AuS_Rhino> evacuating right now
[23:58] sicarius|news> white house could be bombed - pentagon wasn't an airiel attack - it was a planted bomb - if the same has been done to the white house it could go next
[23:58] AuS_Rhino> was reports of a jet flying over head
[23:58] accessdenied> footage of pentagon close up...
[23:58] Modz> well they have ordered all aircraft in the US
[23:58] Shelby|CNN> they have mentione that on CNN yet Aus
[23:58] Modz> to land !
[23:58] kremlyn> Pentagon was a plane I thought
[23:58] *** Siridar (siridar@vw28102.iprimus.net.au) has joined #atomicmpc
[23:58] Modz> at the nearest airport !
[23:58] _Praetorian_> the faa has ordered no planes to take out
[23:58] Modz> to land
[23:58] Modz> there are now
[23:58] kremlyn> ok, brb...
[23:58] * fnp|news swears
[23:58] Modz> 35 intercepters
[23:58] Modz> !!!
[23:58] Modz> in the air
[23:59] Modz> patroling the US
[23:59] Pom> Krem.. they don't know about the pentagon.. just that there was an explosion at the heliport next to the pentagon
[23:59] *** mAJ0R (slfjlksj@vw-9343.optusnet.com.au) Quit (Read error to mAJ0R: Connection reset by peer_)
[23:59] Shelby|CNN> fuck

The South Tower, 2nd to be hit, has just collapsed

[23:59] fnp|news> look at that smoke.....
[23:59] Gramyre> eyewitnesses say it was a plane that went into the pentagon
[23:59] WoK|FoxNews> the pentagon is up in flames
[23:59] Modz> it was a plane grmaas
[23:59] Shelby|CNN> yep
[23:59] sm0k3> no shit! :(
[23:59] Modz> confirmed
[23:59] accessdenied> what the hell just happened at wtc...
[23:59] Siridar> what happened?
[23:59] accessdenied> something has collapsed..
[23:59] sm0k3> wots collapsed!?
[23:59] Gramyre> Siridar turn on the TV
[23:59] Gramyre> u can see
[23:59] sicarius|news> 3 kamikaze planes now?
[23:59] Modz> man this is HUGE 35 aircraft in the air is a big deal !
[23:59] accessdenied> one tc has collapsed..
[23:59] WoK|FoxNews> another I witness said he saw a military helicopter fly over the pentagon before the explosion
[23:59] Pom> the building is down maybe?
[23:59] sicarius|news> fuck!
[23:59] Shelby|CNN> fuck...another explosion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[23:59] WoK|FoxNews> I = eye
[23:59] accessdenied> one building collapsing..
[23:59] AuS_Rhino> the tower has just been bombed
[00:00] sm0k3> Where!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[00:00] Gramyre> OMG!!!
[00:00] sm0k3> Where!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[00:00] sm0k3> Where!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[00:00] Shelby|CNN> CNN BUILDING
[00:00] Shelby|CNN> FUCK!!! 2NC TOWER
[00:00] *** mAJ0R (slfjlksj@vw9343.optusnet.com.au) has joined #atomicmpc
[00:00] Modz> One bulding
[00:00] Gramyre> the 2nd tower is GONE
[00:00] Modz> just collapsed
[00:00] fnp|news> holy crap
[00:00] mAJ0R> WAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!??????????
[00:00] fnp|news> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[00:00] _Praetorian_> collasped
[00:00] accessdenied> 2nd tower has completely collapsed...
[00:00] funnelbc> the building hass collapesed
[00:00] Shelby|CNN> not gone...but majorly fucked
[00:00] mAJ0R> IT COLLAPSED???????????
[00:00] Modz> The whole lot !
[00:00] Melthar> holy fuck
[00:00] * Gramyre starts to cruy
[00:00] Modz> gone
[00:00] accessdenied> it collapsed onto itself...
[00:00] sicarius|news> _ WORLD TRADE CENTRE #@ JUST COMPLETELY COLAPSED!!!!!!!!!!!!
[00:00] _Praetorian_> OH MY FUCKING LORD
[00:00] Gramyre> oh god
[00:00] fnp|news> _HOLY FUCKING MOTHER OF GOD>...................
[00:00] mAJ0R> omg
[00:00] mAJ0R> i feel sick
[00:00] Shelby|CNN> FUCK!!!!!!!!
[00:00] * Shelby|CNN is to
[00:00] Modz> the whole losy
[00:00] accessdenied> southern tower...
[00:00] fnp|news> jesus
[00:00] * Melthar gives Gramyre a comforting hug
[00:00] Modz> sothern tower
[00:00] AuS_Rhino> the hole building is gone
[00:00] fnp|news> no way
[00:00] TheOneWhoIsMany> the whole bulfing
[00:00] accessdenied> nothing left..
[00:00] Modz> collapsed
[00:00] fnp|news> this is shit man
[00:00] Zephyr33> ok, i'm expecting something else to happen in another 30mins...
[00:00] mAJ0R> omfg
[00:00] fnp|news> this is just wrong
[00:00] Zephyr33> classic terrorist doctrine
[00:01] sicarius|news> _ SOUTHERN TOWER COLLAPSED - SECOND TO BE ATTACKED!!!!!!!!!
[00:01] Modz> there is Dust
[00:01] _Praetorian_> exacuate the empire state building
[00:01] AuS_Rhino> I feel sick
[00:01] Modz> covering the city
[00:01] Zephyr33> 9:00 am... plane crash 1
[00:01] kremlyn> FUCK
[00:01] fnp|news> cra[
[00:01] Shelby|CNN> They don't know if it collapsed or not
[00:01] Zephyr33> 9:30 plane crash 2
[00:01] fnp|news> SHIT NO
[00:01] Zephyr33> oops, 9:30... pentagon
[00:01] Shelby|CNN> could have been another explosion
[00:01] Melthar> it's collapsed..
[00:01] sicarius|news> _3Shelby|CNN: __it isn't there any more - unless it can go invisible it collapsed
[00:01] accessdenied> confirmed collapsed..
[00:01] AuS_Rhino> I would say collapsed due to the plane hitting it
[00:01] Melthar> it's gone..
[00:01] Gramyre> n0o one could survive that
[00:01] accessdenied> video footage...
[00:01] Zephyr33> 10:00am trande tower #2 goes down...
[00:01] accessdenied> no tower left...
[00:01] Modz> I have seen it
[00:01] kremlyn> HOLY SHIT :((
[00:01] Shelby|CNN> who knows...fucking hell :(:(:(
[00:01] accessdenied> here it goes...
[00:01] fnp|news> there are gonna be THOUSANDS of casuaties :{
[00:01] Gramyre> it just self destructed
[00:02] accessdenied> you can see it go all the way down...
[00:02] Shelby|CNN> Washington DC is on major standby
[00:02] Modz> good night new yorks skyline !
[00:02] Zephyr33> no way... it doesn't take half an hour of sitting there, then collapse like that....
[00:02] fnp|news> oh my god
[00:02] Zephyr33> must have been something more to it....
[00:02] accessdenied> it just did...
[00:02] sicarius|news> _everyone watch channel 9 - they seem to have best coverage
[00:02] Modz> they have been for ages Shelby
[00:02] funnelbc> shit they just showed the second tower collapsed
[00:02] accessdenied> the roof collapsed onto itself and the rest just went down...
[00:02] Zephyr33> abc has CNN live on too....
[00:02] fnp|news> maybe one of the plane wrecks blew up.....
[00:02] Shelby|CNN> tower collapsed...confirmed
[00:02] fnp|news> SHIT!!!
[00:02] Gramyre> it just imploded
[00:02] Hixxy|news> wow
[00:02] Shelby|CNN> Seres tower in Chicago has been evacutated
[00:02] fnp|news> The Sears Tower in Chicago!!!!!!!!!!!
[00:02] fnp|news> evacuated
[00:02] accessdenied> crap...
[00:02] WoK|FoxNews> reports have come in that people have been seen falling out of that second building
[00:02] Modz> jeesus
[00:02] Shelby|CNN> yep!
[00:02] accessdenied> this is bad...
[00:02] Hixxy|news> all the major towers are being evacuated..
[00:02] Modz> man
[00:02] funnelbc> omg this is massive
[00:02] sicarius|news> evacuations dont mean shit unless they get bombed
[00:02] Modz> 3 floors of the tower
[00:03] Modz> were dudes
[00:03] Modz> i have to work with !
[00:03] Shelby|CNN> holy fucking christ
[00:03] Modz> i dunno what towe they are in
[00:03] fnp|news> fuck all of New York is covered in smoke!
[00:03] BobTheMonkey> i know
[00:03] Modz> i just spoke to steve
[00:03] fnp|news> i'm actually shaking here......
[00:03] Shelby|CNN> pom: yah
[00:03] Modz> man
[00:03] Modz> this is seriously
[00:03] Modz> ficked up !
[00:03] fnp|news> you said it dude
[00:03] WoK|FoxNews> that first building is still pumping out smoke
[00:03] BobTheMonkey> im talking to my friend that lives in NY and he just herd the building fall down\
[00:03] fnp|news> the first one is gonna go...............
[00:03] fnp|news> SHIT
[00:03] fnp|news> explosion!
[00:03] Pom> they are even evacuating towers in chicago
[00:03] fnp|news> another one!
[00:04] accessdenied> explosion?
[00:04] fnp|news> yeah
[00:04] Modz> thete must of been a bomb
[00:04] Gramyre> the hospitals will not be able to cope
[00:04] _Praetorian_> _0,1_7Away: __0_try to sleep - too scared _14,1--=_15[_0a_t__7o_0_mi_c _s_c_r_ip_t_ v_7_15]_14=--
[00:04] funnelbc> shit this is sooooooooo massive
[00:04] sicarius|news> it looks like the entire area around the fallen building is on fire!
[00:04] * accessdenied can't sleep... this is worse than bad...
[00:04] Shelby|CNN> I juist cant believe it..they showed the second explosion...these seems like something out of a movie.
[00:04] fnp|news> man this is just so fucked up
[00:04] fnp|news> its not right
[00:04] sm0k3> NO SHIT
[00:04] fnp|news> its like Independence Day
[00:04] sm0k3> :(
[00:04] funnelbc> this is massive. like so massive
[00:04] fnp|news> fark


[00:28] * wabz-sleep can feel a ban coming up but this is funny+++ http://www.cmdrkeen.net/bicketybam.jpg
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[00:28] Modz> Bill Clinton
[00:28] oomph> state left vunerable
[00:28] Modz> is in port douglus
[00:28] Modz> plane on standby
[00:28] digital1> every psycho in america will do his bit to make this worse now not only terrorists
[00:28] Modz> to evacuate bill slinton
[00:28] Gramyre> wabz-sleep stop being a total fuckwirt
[00:28] madhatter03> this is total chaos
[00:28] Gramyre> this is the biggest thing in your life
[00:28] teryarky> fuck wabz off
[00:28] funnel|amerABC> Icon[News] - Car Bomb has just exploded outside the The State Building Not Far from the Pentagon
[00:28] madhatter03> everyone rush to the tv's
[00:28] Gramyre> and u r fucking around
[00:28] madhatter03> them come back in an hours
[00:28] madhatter03> hour even
[00:28] meph> first towers top is gone
[00:28] teryarky> this is the worst thing to ever happen in our lives
[00:28] Modz> they have both gone
[00:29] Gramyre> other tower just went
[00:29] meph> all of it?
[00:29] teryarky> this is more than serious shit
[00:29] Modz> noth towers
[00:29] teryarky> this is dangerous
[00:29] Modz> gone
[00:29] sicarius|news> _3Modz: __no point - he cant get back into America - it has been sealed off fromt he world
[00:29] Modz> all down
[00:29] Gramyre> omg omg
[00:29] Hixxy|news> phoar!!
[00:29] _Praetorian_> http://news.cnet.com....html?tag=mn_hd
[00:29] Gramyre> god help them all
[00:29] Pom> ]2nd tower is going down
[00:29] mAJ0R> OMFG
[00:29] mAJ0R> !
[00:29] Modz> it is downb
[00:29] WoK|FoxNews> car bomb has gone off
[00:29] accessdenied> 2nd tower is down...
[00:29] mAJ0R> ALL BUILDINGS DOWN!???????
[00:29] oomph> shhhhhiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttt
[00:29] mAJ0R> its is
[00:29] Modz> car bomb where \
[00:29] Modz> ?
[00:29] mAJ0R> its donw
[00:29] Gramyre> theyve gone
[00:29] BobTheMonkey> !!!!!!!!!!!
[00:29] mAJ0R> its down
[00:29] mAJ0R> its down
[00:29] digital1> i just hope ill be alive to tell my kids abou this
[00:29] funnel|amerABC> second
[00:29] funnel|amerABC> down
[00:29] oomph> sucide
[00:29] funnel|amerABC> down
[00:29] funnel|amerABC> down
[00:29] Melthar> a "Declaration of War on Terrorists by the United STates"... useful...
[00:29] oomph> WW3 upon us
[00:29] funnel|amerABC> SHIT
[00:29] funnel|amerABC> BOTH
[00:29] DeeMan2K> the other side? Shit!
[00:29] Melthar> second tower Down!
[00:29] teryarky> SECOND TOWER DOWN
[00:29] funnel|amerABC> omg
[00:29] funnel|amerABC> both
[00:29] funnel|amerABC> !
[00:30] oomph> GODS
[00:30] mAJ0R> fuck see that guy gun the ute to get out of the way
[00:30] _Praetorian_> second tower gone
[00:30] Ekhong> FUCK
[00:30] mAJ0R> ground shot
[00:30] teryarky> no more trade centre
[00:30] Gramyre> horrific
[00:30] Hixxy|news> _0,1_9Away: __0_All your buildings are belong to us _14,1--=_15[_0a_t__9o_0_mi_c _s_c_r_ip_t_ v_9_15]_14=--
[00:30] Ekhong> there goes the second tower
[00:30] digital1> fuck
[00:30] oomph> shit
[00:30] BobTheMonkey> there is a jumbo jet on its way
[00:30] _Praetorian_> 110 storues x 2 down
[00:30] teryarky> oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck
[00:30] Ekhong> man this is so sad
[00:30] BobTheMonkey> that has been hijacked
[00:30] Ekhong> want to cry
[00:30] sicarius|news> _BOTH TOWERS - 120 STORIES EACH - HAVE COLAPSED - FUCK!!!!!
[00:30] WoK|FoxNews> car bomb attack on capital hill
[00:30] teryarky> another plane!!!
[00:30] funnel|amerABC> shit a brick
[00:30] oomph> tower down
[00:30] DeeMan2K> FUUUCK!
[00:30] Pom> OMFG... check the skyline now
[00:30] mAJ0R> have a look at the smoke
[00:30] *** fart_n_piss (fart_n_pis@vw-10658.uu.net) Quit (Write error to fart_n_piss, closing link_)
[00:30] mAJ0R> that is un beleivable
[00:30] Modz> man
[00:30] Modz> it does not even look like NYC anymore
[00:30] BobTheMonkey> there is a jumbo jet on its way
[00:30] Modz> !
[00:30] meph> all planes are grounded
[00:30] Gramyre> bob?
[00:30] teryarky> wher e i cant see another plane?
[00:31] madhatter03> kidding?
[00:31] oomph> car bomb confirmed
[00:31] madhatter03> there is another plane?
[00:31] sicarius|news> WTC is what gives NY its look - not any more
[00:31] oomph> another plane
[00:31] digital1> its like all them dumb action movies when they fuck up ny but its real... SCARY SHIT
[00:31] Pom> 767 hit the first tower.. 2nd plane was a 737
[00:31] funnel|amerABC> shit this massive
[00:31] mAJ0R> 737???
[00:31] oomph> shit
[00:31] mAJ0R> thats sill a fairly big plane
[00:31] Gramyre> im in shock
[00:31] teryarky> is this real, is thist some large nightmare
[00:31] mAJ0R> 130 odd tonne
[00:31] oomph> bomb confirmed
[00:31] accessdenied> here it goes.. 2nd tower...
[00:31] teryarky> im shaking
[00:31] Pom> First plane was an American Airlines flight from boston to LA
[00:31] teryarky> i am scared
[00:31] mAJ0R> passanger jet????
[00:31] teryarky> this is sscariest shit ive ever seen
[00:31] mAJ0R> passanger jet????
[00:31] Pom> teryarky.. this isn't anything to be afraid off
[00:31] teryarky> yes
[00:31] madhatter03> flight 11
[00:32] DeeMan2K> 50ppl
[00:32] oomph> capital hill bombed
[00:32] madhatter03> think they said capacity for 130 ppl
[00:32] Modz> unconfirmed report
[00:32] digital1> Fuck Violence
[00:32] teryarky> all apssengers taken out
[00:32] Modz> of another air hijacking
[00:32] Modz> and another
[00:32] funnel|amerABC> violence is shit
[00:32] oomph> 60 90 all the same dead
[00:32] WoK|FoxNews> I said that ages agon oomph
[00:32] digital1> so stupid and sensless
[00:32] Modz> car bomb
[00:32] mAJ0R> omg see that small bit fall?
[00:32] WoK|FoxNews> agon = ago
[00:32] madhatter03> someone is making a big statement
[00:32] mAJ0R> that held up for a while
[00:32] oomph> who cares
[00:32] _Praetorian_> _1993 - world centre attacked then, 8 years on, again
[00:32] oomph> shit
[00:32] madhatter03> do u think they will attack as soon as they find out?
[00:32] teryarky> i just saw the 2nd tower go
The North Tower, first to be hit, has just collapsed.
[00:32] madhatter03> the us i mean
[00:32] teryarky> its unbelievablke
[00:32] teryarky> total chaos
[00:33] WoK|FoxNews> that second building crash was so cool
[00:33] Hixxy|news> _0,1_9Back from: __0_All your buildings are belong to us _9Time away: __0_2mins 57secs _14,1--=_15[_0a_t__9o_0_mi_c _s_c_r_ip_t_ v_9_15]_14=--
[00:33] meph> prae, was it destroyed?
[00:33] WoK|FoxNews> it just imploded
[00:33] Pom> _Praetorian_.. wasn't a BUsh in power then too :)
[00:33] teryarky> itw as no cool!
[00:33] funnel|amerABC> totally unbelievable
[00:33] teryarky> i dumb fuck
[00:33] teryarky> imagine how many ppl are dead
[00:33] accessdenied> complete collapse...
[00:33] teryarky> wok fox news u dumb ass
[00:33] madhatter03> both towers gone
[00:33] sicarius|news> NY is covered in dust and debree!
[00:33] Shelby|CNN> HOLY FUCK
[00:33] oomph> another plain couple minute before
[00:33] BobTheMonkey> `op
[00:33] oomph> shit plane
[00:33] BobTheMonkey> `op
[00:33] teryarky> NY doesnt look the same
[00:33] digital1> i think we should have a minute of silence
[00:33] *** ChanOP sets mode: +o BobTheMonkey
[00:33] _Praetorian_> pom, probarly a bush
[00:33] accessdenied> New york is being evacuated.
[00:33] *** BobTheMonkey sets mode: +m
[00:33] BobTheMonkey> ok moments silence for the people that have lost there lives people
[00:34] *** BobTheMonkey sets mode: -m
[00:34] Ekhong> Man is this the start of Jihad?
[00:34] mAJ0R> a third building is now dodgy apparently
[00:34] oomph> shit
[00:34] BobTheMonkey> :(
[00:34] oomph> SHIT
[00:34] Flame|Away> fuck
[00:34] mAJ0R> from the 2nd collapse
[00:34] Flame|Away> we are so fucked
[00:34] digital1> how can they still play the commercials ??????