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Full Version: Astronimical awesomeness
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The last 3 weeks of Astronomy Pix of the Day have produced a bumper crop of fascinating images. Let's start with our nearest neighbours, the planets of our own solar system. (Click the links in the descriptions to go to the original APOD pages for more details and links to other great stuff.)

Here's Saturn's rings acting like a gigantic sundial.

Next we have the southern polar ice cap of Mars as it starts to melt in the Martian spring, just like our Earth's polar caps...except this is frozen carbon dioxide instead of water. (This is now my current desktop wallpaper!)

Then we have Messenger's first solar day circling Mercury. While our solar day is 24 hours, Mercury's is 176 days. (Follow the links in the article to see some other fantastic pictures coming back from Messenger. I'm finding them just as good as those coming from Opportunity on Mars.)

For those folks who prefer their Pretties to be a little further afield, here's NGC 7635, the Bubble Nebula, with some lovely false colours added.

This spiral galaxy looks peaceful and serene, except for the blinding violence of the supernova going off right next door.

The Pleiades star cluster is very pretty, and actually one of the more visible sights in the night time sky.

If you're tastes are decidedly terrestrial, maybe this photo of the Aurora Borealis will appeal. (This was taken relatively close to where I grew up. :)

...or maybe this one instead.

Lastly, ever wondered what it would be like to fly over the Earth? Thanks to the magic of the ISS and YouTube, you can experience it for yourself.

Phew! That was quite a journey. I think I'll stop and rest while I enjoy the sunrise over the River Plate in Argentina.

Awesome, thanks for sharing. I love pics like these, but can never be bothered seeking them out!
Wicked post! Thanks mate :D
Harmonic Cacophony
I think my eyes orgasmed.
Mars with an atmosphere and oceans

Hey, those are really cool! Thanks for sharing.
Some pretty damn sweet pics, Z.

Hey wingnut, are those Celestia caps?
Just revisited this thread and thought what about updating the pic of the day automatically as your wallpaper?
So a quick googley google and came across this
Not working on today's pic as it is a video rather than a picture but worth a try.
i too am an apod whore and have several hundred images on rotation as my desktop

earth observatory is also well worth a daily look, with space weather making up my trifecta
QUOTE (p0is(+)n @ Oct 12 2011, 08:51 PM) *
Awesome, thanks for sharing. I love pics like these, but can never be bothered seeking them out!

+1 to that.
Thanks Zzozzach
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